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New page~ + 1.4 tomorrow

So, if you hover over the pets section a lot, you may notice the new Fake Pets page. These are just…items or summonable things that some people consider pets that aren’t actually pets either through their behavior or the fact that they are not permanent. I have seen people get confused, especially as some guides actually list some of these as pets despite not being pets.

Also, 1.4 is out tomorrow. There will be a maintenance tonight/early tomorrow morning and will last about 6 hours. Let’s hope it goes well. While I am excited… I’m also mixed about it 🙁 So much I still have to do… and who knows when I’ll get to do HM and experiment T~T

…though, I wonder if we can do Story mode TfB tomorrow then.

Changes in 1.4

So, this developer blog went up and it is full of all kinds of interesting class changes.

Shall go in order:

-Electro Dart and Cryo Grenade now have a 10-meter range.
-Electrocute and Force Stun now have a 10-meter range.

This…kind of stinks. Our stun is now only 10 meters…I mean, I guess we may be that close in PVE sometimes anyway when we need to stun, but it sucks for PVP.

-Overload and Force Wave have been redesigned. These abilities now knock back all targets within a 15-meter 120-degree cone in front of you. Furthermore, these abilities now knock back all potential targets instantly; they no longer wait for an animation note at the end of the ability animation.

so not good. I can’t aim at all so umm…chances of me hitting someone (which I already had a hard enough time being in range with a full circle) is pretty bad. Also incredibly useless when you are trying to get rid of someone behind you. Yay for at least being instant though but…

Also Resolve changes where if someone is stunned and someone else used it at the same time, it won’t count towards it as it didn’t actually stun the person.

Anyway, now class changes….
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To-do List for 1.4?

While whether 1.4 is a full thing or not, it has been more or less confirmed by various interviews that Terror From Beyond will be out in September. Which means if they do put it on the Public Test Server (I’d think so, but who knows), it’ll probably be sometime soon.

Considering I have yet to actually get any kind of To-Do List completed 100%, I expect this to also be a failure (which actually makes me incredibly upset), but I figured I’d at least try and make this get all set up along with an average of about how much each will cost…if anything.

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Recordings, Updates, and Helping @-@

So, firstly, nothing I really planned to record happened…but I did get further with Cellina and recorded most of that. Also helped out a friend with the last 3 quests for the event :3

Besides that, there was recently an interview that is stressing me out. Besides needing to hurry and gear up in general, I may need ot hurry up with PVP as well. Ignoring mods and stuff, I still need the Consular’s Exalted Gloves and Boots.

So, tidbits that caught my eyes:
-The new warzone is crazy. And involves both lots of killing (T___T) and objectives.
-New content won’t be available immediately for Free-to-Play users.
-No pay-to-win stuff.
-Nightmare Denova won’t be out until sometime after the new operation. The latter will be the next update.
-January is where they are aiming to have the next World Event. What they are hoping to do is a “anniversary” to Ilum’s open-world PVP. Apparently aliens may crash in and stuff may happen and it’ll give you a reason to go to Ilum besides dailies…if you do dailies (unlike me).
-New content every 6 weeks.
-New flashpoint in the works.
-Makeb is still bringing level increases.

So, it seems it’ll be the new operation… then HK-51/Belsavis-related then the new warzone and then probably the new space combat. I kind of expect Cathar not to come out until Free to Play–same with Makeb. And of course Nightmare Denova will be somewhere…


Unfortunately, I had no luck getting Lobelot from the crates. I ended up just buying it when I got close to 400 because not only could I afford it–but everything else I wanted too. I’m debating on the gun-bow-things, but I’d probably just give them to a companion.

But yes, the lovely Lobelot:

Moving on, 1.4 is scheduled for next month. I’m…kind of mixed–only because of all the EC HM drama and I feel kind of behind 🙁 Also a video of them showing off some stuff.

SWTOR Going Free to Play

I’m mixed I guess? I don’t really care that it’s going free to play–I’m going to still be subscribed to it. I’m just kind of annoyed because of all the naysayers and obnoxious people who would go on and on about it and now they get to sit back and laugh and it’s just stupid.

I don’t think the game was doing that bad–I still saw a lot of people on and was having fun. I mean, Free to Play isn’t always bad–I’ve seen plenty of games do it well. On the otherhand, I’ve seen plenty of games get greedy too and seeing what EA did to some of my favorite facebook games (Pet Society T___T), I’m more than a bit nervous.

There is already one pet announced to be in the shop when it comes out–the Kowakian Monkey Lizard Pet:

Besides that, you can vote on a special reward for subscribers:

I voted for the Party Jawa which seems to be winning so hopefully it stays that way.

Anyway, items will be sold in the Cartel Market which will be coming this Fall.

Since I have the Collector’s Edition and have been subscribed since the game started, I will be getting a Heroes’ Banner (whatever that is) and a total of 2,450…possibly more depending on when exactly the Cartel Shop will be out as it’s 200 more from August onward.

Other Cartel Coin stuff are a Sith Meditation Throne and Lost Helm of Darth Nihilus, but I do not care about either so yeah.

Umm… I guess I really just don’t know how to feel. I don’t necessarily mind the game going free to play (like I said, I’ll continue to be a subscriber regardless), but I just…don’t want to hear certain people. I’m just kind of a bundle of mixed emotions right now and I really am not sure which to feel first.

I just hope prices are kept reasonable and not everything becomes Cash Shop only. I don’t mind buying pets, but I like being able to find pets too. I don’t want everything to suddenly be Cash Shop only. At least subscribers get coins every month though. That’s pretty nice.

1.3 this Tuesday (the 26th)

So, I am having a heart attack. And of course, now I don’t even have enough money for the Augment Kits because I went and spent some on the top and bottom of the Consular’s Exalted outfit (and pulling mods out) for my PVP set. I still need the rest, but since the top and bottom are most noticeable, those were my focus.

On top of that, my belt still isn’t ready. I still need the armoring and mod so hopefully not everyone will need anything (As I don’t want to take Rakata gear away from someone who needs it just to take the mod out). Not to mention I really pray the Advanced Resolve Armoring 25 drops as I can’t get it otherwise :/ (Yes, you can pull it from mods, but Armoring is bound to the type of equip and I don’t believe you can remove from the belt even if it drops)

We will be trying 16 man tonight–KP HM and normal! I really hope it goes well. This will be my second time doing 16-man (first time was with Vanquished in Denova, though, we didn’t do much).

Anyway, I’m just…beyond stressed. I still have 4 pets to go! I mean, I don’t expect to get the Wondrous Egg with no confirmation yet, but Taunling, M0-GUL Thrall Droid, and Midnight Rakling? And I will only be able to get 2 tries for M0-GUL Thrall Droid before Tuesday 🙁 I’ve been camping Gargath like crazy–heck, we defeated him twice today with no luck, and we will be trying him again tonight after the raid. Lost Island I guess I’ll have to try to do inbetween those 4 hours, but I’m just SO STRESSED. I do not have anywhere close to the money I wanted to have (about 2-2.5 million to go into 1.3 with), still need ship legacy stuff (6 million), have barely done any PVP (at least I have the commendations I needed ready to go)… darn it. T___T I’m so not looking forward to this. And I really wanted to get my PVP outfit done 🙁 or at least all the parts (as I’d wait to remove the mods until after 1.3) but that’s still 300K :/

Though, as long as I can at least get about 300K-400K more (a total of 700K-800K) (however, I’d prefer to get to 2.5 million. Or maybe at least 1.5-2 million), I should be okay with Augment Kits and have some money for supplies/crafting and repairs (which I will also need to pay during this raid and thus, thus my credit amount will become even smaller and I am so stressed T__T) which will hopefully help…. for now, I better go back to slicing :/ I’m going to need those stupid rare things to make that last Augment I need. >< Even if I won't be able to get any of the new Legacy stuff really 🙁 also, if someone asks a question, people shouldn't assume the details and give a snappy/obnoxious response back. I don't know, maybe I just like answering questions, but it always bothers me when people respond so annoyed. :/ I mean, seriously. (and maybe now I feel pretty down/depressed so thanks for the mood killer)

Making myself poor as I continue to stress myself out

So, due to a conversation with another guildmate of mine, I have been thinking a lot about gear. There are no orange ear pieces or implants, but there are orange belts and bracers. And when it comes down to it, I’d like to add augment kits to items I will permanently have–especially as the last thing I am is made of money.

Thus, I began my search for an orange belt and bracers before realizing that the new Legacy vendors sold some. Which I then bought before I remembered how overpriced the prices were.

From there, many wrong mods and things were pulled out by accident.

And with that, any little bit of money I still had left was gone. 🙁 I suck at this so badly. I think I’ll go sulk in a corner now. I really wish I kept a few extra Advanced Resolve Armoring 25 and Advanced Mettle Mod 25A at the moment 🙁

New Pets and More Nests! + Other 1.3 stuff

Mini-pets have been added to the PvP items vendor.
So yes, more mini-pets. I’d be excited, but I haven’t even gotten all the ones in 1.2…and I still need one from 1.1 🙁 So I’m excited and stressing at the same time T__T Time to save up commendations… can I even hold that many? 🙁 (Edit: Thanks to an awesome guild mate of mine, I found out you can have up to 4K Ranked and 2K Normal. And plus, you can trade Normal for Ranked (At 30 for 10) so currently trading Normal for Ranked as Ranked Warzones will probably be a pain. Once I have the 2K, I’ll just need to get the extra 2K normal Warzone ones after I buy the first pet)

The pets are, as follows:
Ganniffarl – ???
Lawgriffarl – Requires Rank 70 Valor. Costs 1,000 Ranked Commendations and 2,000 Warzone Commendations. Gotten from the PVP Items Vendor.
Hagnoffarl – ???
Lobelisk – Requires Rank 70 Valor. Costs 1,000 Ranked Commendations and 2,000 Warzone Commendations. Gotten from the PVP Items Vendor.
Lobelode – ???
Lobelot – ???

And for those who have yet to get an Orokeet/Unusual Egg: “Additional spawn locations for the Orokeet Mini-pet egg have been added to Alderaan. Eggs can now also be found on Balmorra (Imperial) and Taris (Republic).

So yay for more locations 😀 I know a lot of people really want one and while prices have dropped (25K-50K lately), I know people prefer finding some.

Also, for those who may have considered it a pet, you will be happy to hear: “The Party Instigator and Galactic Party Bomb now function correctly and are available on the appropriate Social vendors.” and “The Rhythm Augmentation Droid now lasts for 5 minutes (up from 30 seconds).

I’m definitely excited for both as I had only gotten to enjoy my Galactic Party Bomb for a few minutes before what happened. Not to mention hearing music for more than 30 seconds is always nice 😛

Anyway, onto some 1.3 stuff:
1. You can get up to 30% more experience with experience boosters.
2. Companion increasements (What I’d spend on first) can go up 15%
3. Crafting criting can go up 3% (Second.)
4. It costs 25K to add the best Augment Slot…so I’d need like 14… so 350K.
5. Quicker speeder sooner is an extra 250K…considering this is per character, I really don’t care enough to spend that much.

Anyway, all GTN’s are now neutral. However, they are still set so I’d still like to get the Ship one…but it’s not as high a priority so I’d probably get the mailbox first (after the Repair Droid, of course).

…I really need to earn more credits.

Anyway, I just hope ways are found out about the other 4 pets. v-v And I hope there aren’t more than that. I could do without more surprises. Shall have to check out the PTS on my computer when I get home on Friday. While doing PVP on this laptop to gain as many commendations as possible.

I wish the Group finder could find World Boss groups too. As it is, I’ll probably do Karagga and Lost Island I guess…and still hope people for Gargath. But yes, I need to get pets off my list 🙁 To think…going from 4 (and people still don’t know how to get the Wondrous Egg v-v Of course, it’s possible it hasn’t dropped for anything yet too) to 10 sucks T__T At least I’ve already at 70 Valor… (71 I believe)

Finally, new Test Server titles: Strike Team Specialist and Strike Team Commander It will most likely not be sent until 1.3 is out on Live which kind of stinks are you won’t know when you earn it. I will probably use Roseria for Group Finding stuff (maybe get her leveled finally) if only because I’d rather not advance anywhere on Marilea (if she gets copied over) and rather just use Marilea to explore and browse for new pets.

And found out the specifics so, quoting the official website:
Strike Team Specialist – In order to get this title, a player will need to complete four pieces of content (meaning Flashpoints, Hard Mode Flashpoints Tier 1/Tier 2 or Story Mode Operations) using the Group Finder tool in its default search setting on a single day OR eight pieces of content (using the Group Finder’s default setting) within seven days.
Strike Team Commander – In order to get this title, a player will need to complete four pieces of content in a single day AND eight pieces of content within seven days. Again, using the Group Finder tool’s default search setting.

So doing 8 in a day should get both…though, I may do 12 (4 on day and 8 another day) just to make sure. ..or possibly 2 days of 8 for 16 total.

As it is, you only have until the 16th :/ and I do not get home until the 8th v-v; so that’s kind of sucky. Still, close cut-off date. Guess 1.3 really isn’t far off.

SWTOR E3 2012

If you missed it, check it out here.


So, quick overview of what they said:
New Space Mission: Space Station Assault–definitely looks like a lot more moving around.
New Operation: Terror from Beyond (At least I’ve finished EC on normal?…but god this looks creepy)
New Companion: HK-51 Assassin Droid (Which has been known for a while)
New Level Cap and Combat Abilities. – I wish they stated what the new level cap will be @-@ Thankfully, it won’t really be grinding with the other new stuff.
New Warzone: Ancient Hypergates
New Planet: Makeb (BRONTO-SHIP)
New Race: Cathar
Harder version of Nightmare/Difficulty modes.

So excited for more story!

And this is apparently coming in July?! Dear god x___x oh phew, just the Level 15 thing. Rest will just be sometime this year.

Some interesting tidbits:
While only Cathar and HK-51 were confirmed specifically, they did say races and companions. Same goes with Ancient Hypergates as Warzones also was plural.

Also going to bring up this from Dulfy.

And from the little chat:
1:28 Dr. Ray Muzyka, Co-Founder of BioWare, is now on stage to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic.
1:28 ”Our goal is to provide a living service that’s always on.”
1:29 The Old Republic will be adding new PvP warzones to the game, along with more challenging group and high-level content, including a new version of Nightmare difficulty mode.
1:30 Group finder, ranked PvP, and character transfers are now available, and level caps have been increased for every class.
1:30 A new planet, Makeb, will introduce new storylines and more. There are also new companion characters and playable species coming soon.
1:31 Looks like one of the new companions is an Assassin Droid! Lots of sneak peeks in this trailer.

Things I’d like to get done before this happens:
1. Get Amidaia to level 50. (Preferably, I’d like to get Aurorra, Cellina, Miisha, and Zoara to level 50 as well, but I won’t have time for that if the date is correct and I don’t think I’ll have the 3 million for Miisha and Zoara anyway)
2. Get all of Amidaia’s companions to 10,000 affection. (Would include others too if I was getting them to level 50, but yeah)
3. Get the pets I still need (M0-GUL Thrall Droid, Midnight Rakling, Taunling, and Wondrous Egg/Orochick).
4. Get the Legacy Ship Unlocks I want T___T
5. Have a good amount of money saved up (and maybe rocket boots too)

I’d love to be more geared as well in preparation for the new Operation, but due to feelings mentioned in the last entry, I don’t know if I’m ready to go for EC some more (and Lost Island and I don’t get along too well either).

Ugh, I’m so excited but now I’m stressing T___T Too much to do!

However, I’ve noticed some people are either annoyed or saying how SWTOR has failed due to the “free to play until level 15” …except it’s been this way for months with the friend trials and free play weekends. And it’s not a bad thing! That lets people try the game and see if they like it. There’s many pay to play games I did not try because I didn’t want to pay to try them. And then when they would finally do a free trial, part of my dislike for the game would be I’d feel too far behind to catch up as I’m a collector. The fact that they are doing this early and giving people a chance to play the first two planets, see their story, and even do their first flashpoint is a great idea and it’s stupid to think that’s “ruining the game”–even if it’s going to be more opened.