Crates + Wonderousness

So, apparently the Czerka Crate-o-Matic has been going for crazy prices. Not only is one up for 250 million, but apparently one sold for 90 million. Dear god. I don’t know how I managed to get mine for a million.

Besides that, despite the Wonderous Egg being said not to exist, there’s still a few people going around saying they swore they saw one. While I can understand people mixing up the birds, which bird comes from which egg, and/or where each egg comes from, mixing up the words Unusual, Mysterious, and Wonderous is a bit harder.

I just wish more could be done about it. Unfortunately, nobody knows the names of people who sold them…or if they even sold and if they did, who bought them, it’s just a giant mess.

…and I’ll admit, part of me is still paranoid ._.

and now stuck PVPing @-@ but I hit 80 valor! Yay!

Pets and Packs

So, with another Data Dump comes a bit of info.

Besides the mention of the Life Day Pack which I expect to be the next Cartel Pack, there is a new pet mention:

The Crested Orokeet is most likely an Orokeet with a special ornament of some kind and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the box.

It’d be the first alternate version of a pet though so that will be interesting.

Unfortunately, the Cartel Market is down on the test server 🙁 so no trying it out… BUT THAT MAKES IT ALL THE MORE SUSPICIOUS…

Pictures and Rumors

So, I finally updated the trade page with pictures~ Yay :3

But now, onto rumors!

Current rumor is that if you beat NM EC within 2 hours, that is how you get the pet…and of course, rumors that it is the Wonderous Egg are still circulating. I kind of hope this isn’t true as I really am not fond of the rare pets… too many people who want them just to show off and boost their ego :/ But I guess we’ll have to see.

Moving on, I saw a nice gold tiara/circlet thingy… unfortunately, I couldn’t inspect them (every time I tried to, even though they were next to me, it kept showing my gear) and my screenshots were acting up after getting the pictures for the trade list… 🙁 Wish I could try and find it, but not much to go on.. and the person never responded to my whisper either 🙁

Wonderous Egg has never been out and nobody has one

Yep. I got a response, they went through the information and our answer:

So I passed everything on to our dev folk for investigation, I can confirm for you that no one has ever gotten the wondrous egg. My only guess can be that folks may have gotten it mixed up with the other egg (an easy mixup for sure). I also fear that the information you received from our CS agents appears to be incorrect, at least as far as we can tell, no one has ever gotten the egg nor has it been distributed in-game.

As for why it was mentioned in the Patch Notes… I’m guessing it just changed all the data on the eggs and they just wrote them all there as it was technically updated…even if not out yet. Afterall, the white crystal has been around for how long now? 😛 Just not actually achievable.

What I would like to know though…who thought this was a good rumor to start? And why did so many sites put up this information without any facts clarified? It’s…frustrating.

At least it’s finally over. However, rumors say it may be the pet in Nightmare Explosive Conflict.

(on a happier note, got my enhancements yay~ Unfortunately, down to 180K due to ripping stuff out. Sorry, but I worked too hard on my 26’s to just replace them 🙁 )


So, we have a few follow-ups to things…

1. The Cave – It totally slipped my mind to make a post besides just updating the cave post. I will continue to just put theories there, but for those who have missed it, a new clue was released:

Martin_smith: I wouldn’t worry about it right now
Martin_smith: read the words

This obviously brings up a few issues. Exactly what is being referred to with the second sentence–the red text itself (“You feel a strange and chilling presence.”) or the first thing he said?

Secondly, the first part alone… This could mean:
A. It’s something not in game right now
B. Just something that can’t be done right away

I’m going to quote one of my comments real quick in reference to B:

Another idea is just that it requires multiple people to have something so you wouldn’t be able to do it right away. Kind of furthers my wondering over the first high drop rate pet as you’d only be able to get 1 a week so it would be 16 weeks (4 months) of completing HM TfB before everyone would have one.

…that’d be so cruel though.

As Telanis pointed out, technically 16 people could just go in after and then, if 16 people finished, and it was a locked out instance, yes, any 16 can go. On the otherhand, if it wasn’t, you’d need to have a group together for that first boss and the mobs on the way to the second boss.

Going on to the next follow-ups… The Wonderous Egg and Lobelode from a Dev:

To the Lobelode and the Wonderous Egg, the answer is that these two pets are not yet distributed in-game. I think this may have been a case of the community getting mis-informed by data mining.

I responded back with my concerns on the Wonderous Egg and why I had asked (The Lobelode doesn’t surprise me much, but it is nice to have that confirmed) and he asked for some links where I had been told about the Wonderous Egg and seen the information. Hoping for a response back as that is something he will definitely try and get more information on as it’s a very…odd situation.

Regardless, hopefully this means the fully confirmed answers aren’t far off and we’ll know soon. I will be moving the Lobelode off the Pet List for now.

and to end this, I wish I had 900K-1.2 million to get some Adept Enhancement 27’s 🙁


The Wonderous Egg Bug Report was officially sent to the Development team. I think this means it really was a bug, but I’m honestly not positive. Essentially told they can’t say and to just keep an eye on the patch notes…so for now, let’s just hope for a fix soon :/

In the meantime, I went and took a whole new set of pictures. The ship has awesome lighting. Seriously. I will be updating the check list and detailed guide tonight with the images 🙂 So just…keep an eye out I suppose :3

Edit: All up!

Previews: Continue reading

HM EC Progress and Bunnies

So, the HM EC run tonight went well 🙂 We got to the tanks and got them to 52% and 59% on our second go, but then one person had to head to bed so we stopped there. Hoping to try again this weekend. I’m happy it went well–they were all so excited. And considering our tank was a random pick-up person with no experience… :3 He was really good.

Besides that, a friend has essentially noted me as Bunnies due to an answer he gave about their healer tonight. 😛

Also still watching some streams for more ideas on the Cave Mystery, but nothing yet 🙁

As for the Orochick Mystery, the bug report ticket was sent to developers/wherever bugs go, but whether it really is a bug and/or is being worked on is yet to be known and I’m hoping I’ll get an answer back on that soon.

A Lead on the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg

So, if the person who let me use their story mode wasn’t awesome enough, they gave me a lead on the Wonderous/Wondrous egg. They told me where to ask some people and that they saw it drop about 3 months ago from Kephess on 16-man HM.

It seems most of our leads are pretty dated as to when it was seen, but if I can find someone with it…that will be a miracle in itself. And if the egg has not been seen since that many months ago, maybe that is a bug issue in itself.

Regardless, I will be making a character on their server and asking around. Wish me luck!

Edit: Unfortunately, the people they told me to ask weren’t as helpful :/ Only one person responded to me (who had only joined the previous day) and the only thing they told that person to tell me is “Go to Hoth and talk to Chief Johnson at the second base.” …I feel like I shouldn’t believe that. Regardless, I’ll probably try it even if it is a load of crud.

I will say though this is probably the biggest soul kicker though. I think I got my hopes up a bit too much.

Edit 2: unsurprisingly, there is nobody with that name on any of the bases on Hoth. Also checked Ilum–same results.

Rumors + Other Servers

So, the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg search has continued, unsurprisingly. As usual, most people are just kind of trolling or mixing the eggs up…or pointing to things that lack proof to begin with.

A Reddit Page was recently made to try and figure out more about it. There are two answers that could end up being helpful, but of course, one already ended as soon as it started and the other is pretty iffy too.

For now, I did make a Republic character on Canderous Ordo and got her to level 7. Tempted to do the same on the Imperial side, but doing it on one side was annoying enough and…well, both Hutta and Korriban aren’t much fun 🙁 Upon asking, I did not receive any information and there is not one currently on the GTN so… for now, just will try and stay hopeful.

However, I will say…asking doesn’t mean someone is lazy. Theories and ideas can be thought up through questions and confirmations…well, the more people trying, the quicker a confirmation can happen and more confirmations are always welcomed, right? Just… never think because someone is asking, they’re not trying anything themselves. That is just silly.