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So, I’ve noticed a lot of new sign ups recently… and this may partially be due to cave-related things. Thus, I will take a moment to go over some things :3

I am a girl, I love the color pink, and I pretty much only play healers. My favorite two things in games are collecting things and exploring. I am also quite fond of puzzles.

Thus, 90% of this blog will be about pets, collecting other stuff, lore, exploration, and puzzles. The rest will be me ranting about repetition, credits/money, and raiding :3

This is not a traditional SWTOR blog. I don’t write about things just to let people know unless it’s because I’m personally excited about it. More often than not, I’ll put in my own commentary or thoughts.

The original purpose of this blog was to keep track of things for my own sake, but then people started finding it somehow and it’s gotten some attention for pets and puzzle solving.

Onto the cave matters, it’s still a huge mystery. I know an Orb was mentioned recently (not actually ingame, but in the data) which has spouted a lot of new theories. And with Dreadtooth going down on 5 stacks, it seems 7 stacks may need to be what we’ve been waiting to see. Of course, unless it’s a 100% drop in the first place, it doesn’t mean much. …really, I’ll just be sad I won’t get to test it out whenever someone finally gets those items 🙁 I’ve been keeping track of theories, but haven’t put the orb up yet as I want to look into that more first. I don’t remember seeing it when the Amulet was first added and if it was an item added later, it may actually be for later content.

Regardless, with Makeb coming in Spring and the 5 level increasement, I’m sure Dreadtooth will be down then, if not sooner. At the very least, it’s always nice to try and work together for the sake of puzzle solving :3


So, today was supposed to be fun and exciting and goal-getting, but it kind of hasn’t. Besides getting a bit of a late start (due to stressing), most people seemed to be upset with the expansion so my ideas of hopping on and happily talking away to guild mates about excitement over the expansion information was shot to heck in minutes as my heart shattered but people are still coming anyway

However, one nice thing happened today (plus, I finished my goal page!). Prongs surprised me with some mods 😀 And he even helped Mar-gon too! Yay! He’s supposed to help me figure out a bit with my healing and if it’d be better to switch down 5% Crit by switching my Magenta Crystal to a Power one and 3 Mettle Mods to Aptitude or to keep what I have now. Looking forward to what he says, although, I’d hate to have to change things again…


Rather than constantly giving full updates and then re-looking for posts, I think I’ll change the “When it comes to Collecting…” to just an Overall to Do List (of course, Codexes will still have it’s own page) which will just…make things easier overall.

Shall have to work on that when I get home <3 And go through everything. Also, I really need to see if anyone can make a Hazmat Force-Healer’s MK-3 Relay since I really doubt I’ll get lucky and see it drop… And well, I suppose I need a Hazmat Force-Healer’s MK-4 System as well… though, I’m 141 Black Hole Commendations away from affording it @-@

…blah, gear is a pain 🙁

Edit: Unfortunately, didn’t get to get started last night–just felt super super awful so I ended up just spending time off the game and watching some things (while on in a way for people to contact me if needed). Even though I felt really awful, I’m still frustrated by how easily people give up sometimes. Things don’t always have to be perfect for the possible to happen. I wish people would keep that in mind. :/

Pictures and Rumors

So, I finally updated the trade page with pictures~ Yay :3

But now, onto rumors!

Current rumor is that if you beat NM EC within 2 hours, that is how you get the pet…and of course, rumors that it is the Wonderous Egg are still circulating. I kind of hope this isn’t true as I really am not fond of the rare pets… too many people who want them just to show off and boost their ego :/ But I guess we’ll have to see.

Moving on, I saw a nice gold tiara/circlet thingy… unfortunately, I couldn’t inspect them (every time I tried to, even though they were next to me, it kept showing my gear) and my screenshots were acting up after getting the pictures for the trade list… 🙁 Wish I could try and find it, but not much to go on.. and the person never responded to my whisper either 🙁

Poll time.

Okay, as I continue to be indecisive about everything, another poll! But before you see that poll (actually, this entry isn’t that long so you will probably see it as you read this), let me explain. Recently, I was asked by another website on the forums if they could use my Pet Guide and put it with images and stuff. I gave them permission and realized that maybe I should link some images into the Pet Guide on the forums (and here, obviously). If so, I’d make the names of each pet clickable to a picture. Speaking of pictures, I still need to try and figure out which are better for some and maybe switch some out… 🙁 I suck at deciding things. Can you tell? …I actually should figure out a good place to take pictures to begin with. Maybe my ship? Hmm..

ANYWAY… onto the poll:

Corellian Run Yesterday, The Shadowlands today

I get what “The Shadowlands” are in Star Wars lore (and my boyfriend is constantly reminding me)–unfortunately, I can not see that and think of that. Seriously, just call it the Tree Canopy or something then 😐

Moving on, I shall be watching carefully for the servers going back up. If your names are taken (which, thankfully, they should be going by whoever made them first…), whoever is on first obviously gets first shot at getting the change they want. So yes, you do have to be fast and yes, this means any names you tried to reserve yesterday will mean nothing. Also, all Legacy names will be reset (even if nobody has taken your name) due to the new system of them no longer being unique. This is your free reset so if you want to change your legacy name, THIS IS WHEN YOU WILL DO SO. Speaking of which, let’s bring up those poll results and… …seriously guys? 50/50? XP Okay, well, I guess since it is a tie, it’ll just have to go to the original name. ~*ORIGINAL NABERRIE AWAY*~

I already know Aurorra and Cellina are gone due to the High Population Server test. Here are some spellings I thought up… Vote on which you think is best? (and hopefully we won’t have a tie again):

(Obviously, no guarantee these names will not be taken but…)

Moving onto some of the brighter things… a lot of us will be playing together! YAY! Please do join the Pets Chat Channel, while an excellent source of your daily pet information, we also supply mystery solving, theory speculation, and completionist discussion.

(Note: We do have it on the Imperial side too! …I just don’t play that as much 🙁 )

(edit: and for those who have send some worried messages, yes, I am honestly still upset 🙁 this has essentially been me since the announcement. I’m doing my best to look on the positive side, but if you couldn’t tell…change and I don’t get along and Corellian Run meant a lot to me)

New Header

Yep. I did say I’d be getting a new header up sometime soon and Sakonma finished the art I commissioned sooooo 😀

So pretty <3 I'll probably keep this header for a long time or maybe do a random header with various pieces of artwork if I ever get more. Actually, that idea could work especially if I get art of my other characters. Speaking of which, as to why I do not have any art of my other characters... I don't want to get any art of them until I'm sure of what they'll be in and what they will be keeping so it's going to take a while. Like I definitely want to keep the shirt style Amidaia is wearing, but I did see a redder one and if I can find an orange version of that, well… Looking through databases isn’t super easy as a lot of icons are wrong sadly 🙁 And while her shirt and skirt will be good, as will her lightsaber,–it’s still a matter of gloves, boots, bracers, and etc.

Most of the other characters, while I have their tops thought out…nothing else yet (with a few exceptions like Zoara’s pants). And heck, Zoara still needs 1.5 million to be made. I also can’t really get any good pictures yet since most of them aren’t high enough to wear what I want them in 😛 And I wouldn’t want to confuse an artist so I’d rather wait until it’s all ready.

…not to mention I don’t have the money to commission that many pictures in the first place (because I have no art talent at all).


Well, I never thought I’d have to say this (on the otherhand, I never expected anyone to read this, let alone comment!), but do remember to try and be nice to one another :3 Arguing doesn’t help anyone and you can always say your points (and even disagree and explain why you do) without insulting someone! So umm…be nice and healthy debates are better than name-calling :3

I appreciate everyone trying to help however with my boyfriend’s stats :3 I know he really wants to get those all up and set.

Anyway, I haven’t done much SWTOR-y today due to not really sleeping well and then a long day at the parks. Regardless, I did make sure to log in and check my mail. I try to do that every day…even though nobody really sends me mail but you never know.

Regardless, in the midst of event worries (I really wish I knew when it’d start) and continuing to wonder about the Wonderous Egg (It has been confirmed at least someone has gotten one by Customer Service, but any time someone comes forth with any rumors or saying they know someone who has one, they just disappear. This is more than a little infuriating), I just…still keep wishing there were better ways to earn credits 🙁


After having Nightmares two nights in a row now, I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet that I am more than a little stressed. Most likely this whole situation and trying to still enjoy my trip while still feeling sad and frustrated = horrible dreams.

I probably need to take a break (though, whether I actually will…) from playing, or at least my Sage. Maybe my Sorcerer as well.

I just can’t deal with the drama. Especially as I don’t feel like anything was cared about or done. Before I continue, I shall put a Read More now as while this entry does do with the game–it’s more about me and my feelings instead of my feelings as I play the game. Continue reading