Rather than constantly giving full updates and then re-looking for posts, I think I’ll change the “When it comes to Collecting…” to just an Overall to Do List (of course, Codexes will still have it’s own page) which will just…make things easier overall.

Shall have to work on that when I get home <3 And go through everything. Also, I really need to see if anyone can make a Hazmat Force-Healer’s MK-3 Relay since I really doubt I’ll get lucky and see it drop… And well, I suppose I need a Hazmat Force-Healer’s MK-4 System as well… though, I’m 141 Black Hole Commendations away from affording it @-@

…blah, gear is a pain 🙁

Edit: Unfortunately, didn’t get to get started last night–just felt super super awful so I ended up just spending time off the game and watching some things (while on in a way for people to contact me if needed). Even though I felt really awful, I’m still frustrated by how easily people give up sometimes. Things don’t always have to be perfect for the possible to happen. I wish people would keep that in mind. :/

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