Dreadful Orb

The Dreadful Orb is an item that drops from the Dreadful Entity. It has a 24 hour cooldown after being used.

This small glass orb is engraved with indecipherable glyphs. It glows with a strange and unsettling light.

Due to the cooldown is the same as the amulet which was used to summon the Dreadful Entity in the first place, the Dreadful Orb is thought to keep secrets too.

When used, the item causes a mini version of the Anomalies in Terror from Beyond to appear on whoever is targeted. It can be used on enemies and allies.

Hints that have been given:
1. Just click it.


Things that have been tried:
1. Going into the Cave and using it.
2. Using it on Dreadtooth at 1 Stack.

Ideas to try:
1. Using it on Dreadtooth as a higher stack (possibly 10 again?)
2. Using it on Terror from Beyond’s Corpse
3. Using it on Terror from Beyond right before he dies.
4. Using it on Toth and/or Zorn
5. Use it on Dreadtooth shortly before he’s about to die (so he dies while it’s in use)
6. Using it on Primeval Destroyer
7. Using it on the Tank that engages Dreadtooth or one of the other bosses on the list.
8. Cast it on yourself and try to interact with the switches in the datacore room on the way to the 3rd boss.
9. Use it the datacores.
10. Use it on the Dreadful Entity.
11. Use it on the Dreadful Entity right before it dies.
12. Going from this user’s odd mail, may have to do with this. Script is here.
13. Using the Dreadful Amulet and then the orb.

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