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Please be aware that despite a certain patch being out, there are NO GUARANTEES these pets can be gotten yet. That doesn’t mean I won’t try and look for them though. Normally if I put a Pet here, it means there is a reason it seems likely to be out. Most SWTOR Pets also have the tendency to be released in sets of 3. If a pet in one of these sets comes out, it will be crossed off. If all the species come out, it will just be removed.

1.2 Data Dump *

Unusual Egg – Orokeet
Mysterious Egg – Orosquab

Wonderous Egg – Orochick

*The odd thing is The Wonderous Egg was confirmed in patch notes, however, a Developer has officially confirmed the Wonderous Egg has actually yet to be released. The egg has been covered with rumors before they were finally declared false. Like the Lobelode, all other pets introduced in 1.2 have been released besides the Wonderous Egg/Orochick.


1.4 Data Dump

Manka Lynx: (#10 in Data Dump)
Arctic – See Not in Data Dump

Lylek: (#1 in Data Dump)

Flutterplume (#7 in Data Dump)



There has been a pet confirmed for Nightmare Explosive Conflict. Whether the pet was included in the 1.4 Data Dump (see above) or not is unknown right now.



Crested Orokeet


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