Luring out a Taunlet

While I already addressed this in my overall guide, I figured I’d make a specific page for it too like the Orobirds. To start, you will need 2 items:

1. The NVSCCS (Non-Violent Small Creature Capture System)
2. Ice Scrabbler Jerky

To get the NVSCCS, you need to buy it from Lain-Ricie on Alderaan. You can find her in the Juran Mountains at X: 1870, Y: 1089. The NVSCCS costs 5,000 Credits each and can be stacked up to 5. You only need 1 to capture Taunlet.

To get the Ice Scrabbler Jerky, you either have to get lucky from Snowblind (who has a very small chance of dropping it) or buy it from a user who has Biochem as their crew skill and at least 300 in it or if you have Biochem at 300, make it yourself. Please realize they will not have the schematic to begin with, however, the schematic has a higher chance of dropping than the jerky itself so it may be easier to find the schematic/find someone with the schematic than the Jerky.

You can find the Schematic from:
1. The final bosses in Kaon Under Siege HM
2. Snowblind, one of the Hoth World Bosses.
3. Gargath, the other Hoth World Boss.
4. Primal Destroyer, the Belsavis World Boss.
5. You have 20% chance when Reverse Engineering Ice Scrabbler Jerky. You can not reverse engineer Jerky made from someone–only from Jerky that is looted.

To make Ice Scrabbler Jerky, besides needing the 300 in Biochem, you need:
1. 4x Cosmic Trace Particle – Grade 4 Biochem Compound
2. 4x Inert Virus – Grade 4 Biochem Sample
3. Ice Scrabbler Liver – Random drop from various mobs on Hoth and Ilum.
4. 2x Pickled Space Worm – Can be bought in the cantina on Balmorra and Hoth for 350 Credits each.
5. Ice Fern – Can be found and gathered by anyone on Hoth. Respawns every 30 minutes.
–Ice Fern Coordinates:
——X:-3085, Y:-1756
——X:897, Y:799
——X:-2823, Y:193
——X:-442, Y:81

So, you have the Ice Scrabbler Jerky and the NVSCCS. Now what? Well, you’re going to head to Hoth and go to the Senth Speeder to head to the Glacial Fissure area. You will be going down to the area where the volcanoes are and will be heading to X:834, Y:759. When you get there, there will be a little opening you can walk through. Before you enter, use your Ice Scrabbler Jerky and you will get a buff that lasts for an hour. Head in and you should see “A Wild Taunlet has Appeared!” and a Tauntaun (“Frightened Taunlet”) will appear at the end. Click it, use the NVSCCS (you will probably need to move closer to it) and your new Tauntaun, Taunlet, will be in your inventory 🙂 Just click it to have it be in your Pet List from now on and summon it to show it off :3

Random Tidbit: Tidbit: Unlike the Magenta Crystal, not all people with you in the party/ops are required to have the buff/Ice Scrabbler Jerky–it only spawns the Tauntaun, the NVSCCS is the only thing required to actually capture it so if one person has the buff on, they could let anyone within the hour get it (You may need to run out and back in though if the Tauntaun disappears) as long as the buff doesn’t disappear and they haven’t gotten their pet yet (so you’d have to get your pet last).


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