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With so many new pets recently and most being random drops, I figured it’d be worth it to try and see if maybe we could get a group together. Please realize as I’m only on the server Corellian Run, this can only be done for that server. However, feel free to make one for your server too 🙂

There is no limit for the group…well, actually, limit is 24 as I believe that’s the most there can be for an Ops group, but if more people want to join, there’s no reason there can’t be switch outs when people are done. Essentially, we will have a group that will try and get everyone on the list (In order of sign-ups to be fair) each pet if they do not have it yet. If you do not want the pets, but still want to help (or just want a specific one), that’s fine too 🙂 All we ask is that you help every person on the list get one–don’t get your pet and bail. That’s not nice 🙁 Similarly, if you don’t mind getting a pet last or later on after others, you can mention that as well.

If you are interested in joining, you may comment here, whisper me ingame at Marilea (Or Amidaia for the Imperial side…though, you’d be better off sending a mail), and/or join the Pets Channel I made by typing /cjoin Pets.

Things we will be doing:

  • Karagga’s Palace (8-Man, Normal and Hard or Nightmare Mode) – Drops the Gold Minimech (M0GUL-Thrall Droid)
  • Lost Island (4-Man, HM Only right now, though, we can test out Normal if people want to!) – Drops Midnight Rakling and Mysterious Egg
  • Gargath (Hoth World Boss. 6-8+ people preferred.) – Drops Taunling and Jerky Schematic
  • Snowblind (Hoth World Boss. Drops Jerky and Jerky Schematic (Must be Biochem to use. If there is a Biochem person who’d like to help with this Pet Quest, feel free to let us know :D). 6+ people preferred.)
  • Helping people get Taunlet (especially as everyone can get one in an ops group with just one piece of Jerky!) and other gear (Like the NVSCSS and MGSS/Grapple Gun)
  • Exploring Explosive Conflict, Quesh, and Eternity Vault in the search for rumors and things. Possibly checking out vendors. Exploring Taris, Balmorra, and Alderaan for new nests. Just doing her best to find new pets really.
  • + Anything else that may yield pets.

    *For stuff that requires less people, we’ll split into smaller groups or if it’s not guarded by lockouts, some people will do multiple runs (IE: If a normal flash point is successful, that can be repeated and Hard mode Flash Points can as well).

    Signed Up (Character names):
    1. Marilea – Healer
    2. Mar-gon – DPS (Does not mind getting a pet last/later on)

    People in the Pet Channel:

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