Everyone loves puzzles and mysteries 😀 Or well, at least I do.

Anyway, this is a page for some of the more hidden things in the game…and no, not datacrons. There’s plenty of guides for those.

1. The Cave in TfBSOLVED (Old Speculation)
—Mystery Summary: This cave, on 16-man HM only, when entered causes the following message to show up: “You feel a strange and chilling presence.” Going in there with the Dread Mask on and using the Dread tooth Amulet will cause a boss called the “Dreadful Entity” to spawn. He drops unique loot called the “Dreadful Orb”.

2. Dreadful OrbUNSOLVED
—Mystery Summary: This item dropped from the Dreadful Entity. While it is possible it could be an aesthetic item, the fact that it has a 24 hour cooldown after use like the Dreadful Amulet hints it may be a secret to something more.

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