In which Mari talks too much on her phone

If there is one thing that comes up when raiding as an alternate, there’s always the question of the person minds in the first place.

98.9% of the time I do not mind being an alternate. I hate repeating things so being an alternate lessens the chance of me wanting to scream every coming Tuesday and not having to help farm an instance means I won’t be gone anytime soon.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t times I get a bit frustrated/disappointed. Some examples:
Vanity chance – In general, I am very competitive. I also am a completionist and perfectionist so I hate losing rolls. But I hate so even more when:
—-It is something I hate doing to begin with (Lost Island)
—-It is very hard to get a group for (Gargath; KP, “old content”)
—-I won’t get many chances in the first place (progression)

Preferring things like pets and speeders over gear, it is just a sucky situation to be in sometimes. Out of everything, this is the one that tends to get to me the most.

The Road Paver – Nothing is more disheartening then helping with content and then seeing it get finished by someone else. Just makes you feel used.

The Alternate Main – In order for you to still raid, you will usually be used in the alt run which would be great if you just ignore the fact that you are rolling for your main character with everyone’s alts 🙁

In general though, I usually don’t mind, just tend to get disappointed with vanity stuff especially with how bad my luck tends to be in the first place. If only I had better rolls 🙁

But yes, for me, I just really hate repeating things so I do think I would probably be more frustrated being a full raider (especially without Mar-gon 🙁 ) . I really am not too fond of repeating things in general (and of course people ask and I hate saying no even if I do something)

…but I wish people would stop asking about EV anything. Soa can take his pylons and shove them somewhere 🙁

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