Why must these things always happen when I am at work?!

Hutt Cartel, Makeb, Expansions, Sides… T____T need to finish with Amidaia and Cellina!

Must get home and preorder x___x eeee….

Coherent thoughts coming when I get home.

Also, dear Tundra Nekarr Cat, please go back under 1 million 🙁 and tempted to get old boxes to try for a white lightsaber crystal, but it is such a gamble x-x


HOME SO TIME TO TALK. Already pre-ordered–sadly, it seems most people aren’t as excited as I am 🙁

I do remember this was brought up on a survey a while back so bringing that up… It said it would include the following:

Increased level cap. 5 additional levels of gameplay
New planet Makeb – Explore Makeb, as the Republic and Sith Empire fight for control over this alien planet with invaluable natural resources.
First-ever Legacy Species: The Cathar. Play as the deadly, powerful, and efficient Cathar–the first-ever species obtained exclusively through the Legacy System.
Luke Skywalker’s speeder from the classic Star Wars movies. This is a 2-seat speeder capable of carrying two players.
Kowakian Monkey Lizard similar to Salacious B. Crumb from the classic Star Wars movies
Ewok companion from the classic Star Wars movies
Improved Crafting System – Acquire new recipes, weapons and armor, and experience an all-new crafting system with additional levels to hone your skills.
Exclusive vanity items (special character particle effects, unique lightsaber color, etc)

So far, some stuff has obviously been mentioned… but most of it hasn’t and I’m curious what will be done. There is a Kowakian Monkey Lizard already available, yes, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing another kind in the expansion.

Regardless, I am excited… but this also makes me want to hurry up with my goals 🙁

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