So, today was supposed to be fun and exciting and goal-getting, but it kind of hasn’t. Besides getting a bit of a late start (due to stressing), most people seemed to be upset with the expansion so my ideas of hopping on and happily talking away to guild mates about excitement over the expansion information was shot to heck in minutes as my heart shattered but people are still coming anyway

However, one nice thing happened today (plus, I finished my goal page!). Prongs surprised me with some mods 😀 And he even helped Mar-gon too! Yay! He’s supposed to help me figure out a bit with my healing and if it’d be better to switch down 5% Crit by switching my Magenta Crystal to a Power one and 3 Mettle Mods to Aptitude or to keep what I have now. Looking forward to what he says, although, I’d hate to have to change things again…

6 thoughts on “:(

    • pfft, Mirin! XP but yes, I suppose the pink has a nice happy feeling~ (although, I don’t know why other people you know are reading this as well!)


      • Well, the ups and downs we all go through every now and then, knowing your not alone. But mostly I’d say the experiences and emotions you share, which I gotta say are a boost to me or mostly likely others as well.

        Your one of the reasons I still find and have fun playing the game. Despite all the random hate people keep spewing all over general chat and what not, which some time ago made me disable it.

        Much <3


        • Aww T~T I’m glad I can. <3 Yeah, there are definitely some jerks (like I mentioned in my most recent post), but overall, there's a lot of nice things in the game too 🙂 <3 <3 <3


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