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Thank you for liking the blog enough to make an account. It means a lot. I’m prettysure most of you with accounts have my e-mail so feel free to e-mail me to talk about the game at anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

I just am so stressed out with things and a bit frustrated/sad when it comes to SWTOR and time is definitely not something I have much of right now. Not to mention even having the money to justify paying a subscription for a game I’m barely even logging into lately.

In general, my faith in MMOs has completely fallen and I just can’t really look at them the same right now.

If you need me, again, just send an e-mail (heck, the contact form should still be up too). Hopefully I will feel like writing/playing again soon.

In which I am completely unprepared and this should surprise no one.

While we had planned to get some experience lined up and have the game running to start patching, due to general allergy suffering of sneezing your brain out and general craziness in real life besides that, things haven’t really worked out. I still have yet to even find a chance to go to Gamestop and Best Buy to check for cards ๐Ÿ™ Which I really want to do as everyone has been so nice and I want to throw cards at you all. T~T

As it is, several things have made me feel sad getting on, such as:
1. Incomplete pet collection
2. Feeling uncomfortable whenever I get on due to hate.
3. Just general discouragement with the way certain things are done. I’ve made enough rants on raids and how I wish HM and NM were solely for gear and didn’t have vanity items attached to them so I will resist breaking into that again.
4. Still hating the Reputation and Achievement systems. <-- this one tends to confuse people a lot, so I will explain. More or less, I do not mind them specifically, but my main issues with the reputation system are: 1. It's a late system and the fact that it had to be mixed with past things. I really wish it was just the Gree event and then continued to Makeb. I think Makeb does the system great, but them trying to force in on past things is just kind of annoying. ----This is especially apparent where with Voss, you have to repeatedly do a quest for the 4 heroics for reputation. ----I know they have quest logs. I have asked Customer Support before if I have done a quest when I can't get it to appear because there sadly are not visible quest logs for members and have gotten an answer everytime. There is no reason they couldn't have credited people based on the quests they did. 2. The Limit per week. I would think the reputation system is so you play more by torturing yourself re-doing things and the limit kind of pauses that? I get that it probably is made to extend time, but it really makes it hard to bother. Kind of like when I was hunting for pets–the 2 times a week for raids sucked–at least make story mode constant =( not like gear in those modes is anything helpful. Or you know, just stop putting vanity stuff in raids–that’d be nice. Story for the story and HM and NM for gear grinding. And then I can just do my story and never see them again ๐Ÿ˜€ Moving back to my original sentiment, I repeatedly did Lost Island all day until I got my midnight Rakling. I was motivated. I was ready. This takes my ready and tosses it out the window.
3. The fact that we can’t purchase ahead of time and just not be able to activate it until the rank. I’m a paranoid person after seeing past things be removed and due to the limit, I can’t even do a rush of urgency. It just makes me feel there’s no hope whatsoever.
4. The space missions only being for HM space missions. Ignoring that I feel it should be general Republic/Imperial stuff for any quests in relation to those, the fact that it’s not all the space missions stinks. I can’t even DO the HM space missions ๐Ÿ™

I think the Achievement system does do a better job overall–with it actually taking account of what you’ve done, but parts of it just frustrate me a lot. And I can see myself torturing myself to try and get it done.

and no, Duhtect, I won’t sell you my crate. Stop it. XP

but yes, I have my new tree up (and hopefully can rush to 55 so I can get it set). For those curious, it is as follows:
Seer: 36, Telekinetics: 5, Balanced: 0

Starting from the bottom of Seer, left to right:
2 – 3 – 2
1 – 1/2 – 2
2 – 1 – 2 – 2
1 – 2 —– 0
0 – 1 – 2 – 2
0 – 3 – 1

Telekinetics, from the bottom:
0 – 2 – 3

I plan to put my remaining 5 points in:
1 more in Pain Bearer to re-have 2/2 in it.
2 again in Will of the Jedi (the bottom row, all the way to the right in Balance)
and 2 again in Telekinetic Defense (2nd row, all the way to the right)

which will bring my tree back to what it was + new skills. I still think it’s stupid it expanded wide instead of up, but whatever… I will probably do Will of the Jedi (2), 2 in Telekinetic Defense, and then my last 1 in Pain Bearer.

Edit: Okay, can officially say I’m annoyed at achievements due to so many needing to be redone -_-

Nekarr Cats and Hutt Cartel

First of all, thank you SO MUCH Kwich for buying me one of the European Cartel cards T~T Really made my day.

I’m hoping to check a Gamestop and Best Buy around here soon, but due to some craziness happening in real life, stopping places hasn’t really been possible ATM.

Besides that, the expansion will be out on April 15th–April 9th for those with early access and I’m, unsurprisingly, so not ready.

Ignoring event issues and that I still need more reputation with the gree and am probably the only one who does… I still need to buy the experience boosts ahead of time for the upcoming planet and possibly get some quests stacked up to get some experience right away.

…I also should probably finish the story with my agent as well.

now if only I didn’t feel so miserable v-v

The Collecting Aspect

A lot of people don’t really understand why I’d be so upset about certain pet things or feel maybe I’m overreacting to it. To this, I say, you do not know me very well.

While gameplay is important in some senses (if I hate the gameplay or find it boring, chances are I won’t play), a lot of it has to do with customizing the character itself. If I hate how my character looks, you will not see me wanting to play very often. Simple as that. But even then, the thing I really enjoy is collecting and exploring. I love to clear maps and collect items and look adorable. That is my thing.

SWTOR has the bonus of an engaging story that doesn’t make me hate my character. I think, even if I stopped playing, I’d probably pop on to at least see that…although, I’m sure eventually no longer being able to see the Operation story parts will eventually make me no longer look forward to that. I’ve made enough rants on how I feel about operations so I won’t be going into that here.

However, the thing that makes me play and excited to get on is collecting. Datacrons, some of the upcoming stuff in patch 2.0, and pets. I love pets and I love seeing them follow me around and it makes me super excited. When it comes down to it, if I get too behind or can’t collect, I just lose the will to play which, if you noticed my barely getting on, has been what’s happening.

The reputation and achievements system have really discouraged me along with a lot of pet things and with how it seems these 5 newest ones are… it’s hard to keep my hopes up.

On a different note, I am currently streaming using XSplit into of ProCaster to see how it looks. I’ll be on my agent soon while my boyfriend plays his Bounty Hunter, but until then, I’m just being on Ilum feeling all blah. Let me know if the quality is better than usual.

On Reputation and Achievements

In short: I just wish they were a from now on thing instead of so much back-track. And that you can buy stuff even if you can’t use them yet :/

I don’t really feel like going into detail, but right now, it’s just some of the reasons I feel really really mixed.

anyway, back to feeling like a failure now v-v

More testing

So, I’m testing in the PVP area again to see if there is a difference in size, how different the size is, and probability. So far, it’s all been the same size robot and it drops reputation.

If anyone would like to come help, let me know. I do have my flag glitch again though (why does this glitch constantly hit me–I mean, it’s not a bad glitch, but I don’t want people reporting me when I don’t even know what causes it and I’ve reported it myself X__X)

Also, thank you to the nice people in Carnage Gaming, Republic Guards, BYOB, and Remnants of the Jedi who helped me out without being complete jerks as I test things and defending me. And to the people who invited me to their group and let me rant out lots of feelings ๐Ÿ™ Sorry for the…awkward greeting.

But finally, if I hit it first and then you start hitting it and tell me “not to do that again” …well, guess what, I can solo it anyway and it’s not like I stole it from you–I hit it first to begin with.

and thank you to those who offer me guild invites, but I just…don’t think I’m ready for a guild anytime soon ._.

sfaslkf;laaf UGH.

Dear Legend Pet,
you are mean and spiteful for not letting me buy you and just letting me use you later like most requirement pets (with the exception of PVP valor).

you make me very sad.

I hate this event so much. ._.

A lot of people disliked the Acquisitions Race, but honestly, that event was my favorite :/

But yes, just…really upset because of the stupid reputation cap and so no matter how much I do and even if I save up tons of reputation, I will never have enough to purchase that pet before it goes and who knows when the event will come back (yes, I know it’s recurring so it WILL come back, but we still don’t know WHEN).

As it is, I have to work next week so this is really the only week I have.

honestly, having a pet dangle over you that nobody can even get sucks and is frustrating.

and I’d rather not see this event ever again and I already have to deal with it for the reputation.

of course, I can’t decide whether these are the 18 pets in the Cartel Pack are worse. Or the fact that the boxes buried me in clothes.

regardless… I just really don’t feel like playing anymore right now. I just can’t deal with that kind of incompletion or seeing something like that RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and knowing I can’t do anything about it.

Buying it and then working towards legend to use it = good motivation
Seeing it and not being able to do ANYTHING that will enable you to get it in the first place = the complete opposite.



So, I’ve noticed a lot of new sign ups recently… and this may partially be due to cave-related things. Thus, I will take a moment to go over some things :3

I am a girl, I love the color pink, and I pretty much only play healers. My favorite two things in games are collecting things and exploring. I am also quite fond of puzzles.

Thus, 90% of this blog will be about pets, collecting other stuff, lore, exploration, and puzzles. The rest will be me ranting about repetition, credits/money, and raiding :3

This is not a traditional SWTOR blog. I don’t write about things just to let people know unless it’s because I’m personally excited about it. More often than not, I’ll put in my own commentary or thoughts.

The original purpose of this blog was to keep track of things for my own sake, but then people started finding it somehow and it’s gotten some attention for pets and puzzle solving.

Onto the cave matters, it’s still a huge mystery. I know an Orb was mentioned recently (not actually ingame, but in the data) which has spouted a lot of new theories. And with Dreadtooth going down on 5 stacks, it seems 7 stacks may need to be what we’ve been waiting to see. Of course, unless it’s a 100% drop in the first place, it doesn’t mean much. …really, I’ll just be sad I won’t get to test it out whenever someone finally gets those items ๐Ÿ™ I’ve been keeping track of theories, but haven’t put the orb up yet as I want to look into that more first. I don’t remember seeing it when the Amulet was first added and if it was an item added later, it may actually be for later content.

Regardless, with Makeb coming in Spring and the 5 level increasement, I’m sure Dreadtooth will be down then, if not sooner. At the very least, it’s always nice to try and work together for the sake of puzzle solving :3

Developer Blog, Guilds, KP, and Jokes

Lots to talk about in this entry! Some good, some bad… I’ll once again probably not talk in order.

Did a random KP story mode with Prongs and Tourch. It…didn’t go as well as it could have, but it wasn’t horrible. I ended up doing some of the puzzle by myself while occasionally throwing down heals and a battle resurrection @-@ But we got through it and the helmet dropped! And Tourch was nice and gave it to me ๐Ÿ˜€ So now I have it. I also got 2 new schematics <3 I'm also now only 30 Black Hole Commendations away from being able to get my other implant @-@ Moving on, there is a new developer’s blog! It talks about some of Makeb’s upcoming stuff so as usual, thinks I am excited about :3

Weโ€™ve got new Operations, new Flashpoints, new difficulty modes, new PvP areas, and of course, the entire Digital Expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel (which is targeted at our high level players).

Which would be more exciting if I didn’t still have so much to do ๐Ÿ˜€ I would say I probably dislike the new difficulty modes thing the most as I really hate how the difficulty modes work to begin with. I already hate doing a flashpoint/operation more than once, do I really need to do it on different difficulties too? X__x Although, it probably just means NM TfB.

Overall, weโ€™re aiming to introduce a more diverse array of activities โ€“ more stuff to do with your Companion, more challenges to tackle with groups, and more reasons for guilds to recruit. Weโ€™ll also be improving our itemization, introducing new incentives to revisit existing areas, and a lot of other exciting things that will be revealed as we move through the upcoming year.

I just hope it’s not big groups. Those are always a pain to get together *STARES AT EMPTY DREADTOOTH RESEARCH* ๐Ÿ˜ I don’t really understand itemization much, but I’m always up for new quests and more lore objects and things.

I think you will see (fairly soon) the answer to this question in the game itself – something big is coming to the Western Ice Shelf, but itโ€™s quite a departure from what was there before.

This makes me think the possible World Event on Ilum is still happening and still planned for sometime this month.

You should expect to see this come within the first part of this year. It will provide free character copies to PTS at any time (with possible restrictions dependent upon our testing needs at any given time).

Yay ๐Ÿ˜€

I want to reveal today that we are adding SGR with some NPCs on Makeb and do intend on pursuing more SGR options in the future.

^This should also make many people happy.

But yes, regardless, I am quite excited for upcoming things! Just… wish it was on better terms.

As a lot of people know, I am once again guildless. Mar-gon left so my leaving shouldn’t be a surprise. In general, certain things just made us quite upset. No matter how mad you are at someone or how much you may dislike someone, that’s just…never a reason. Ever ๐Ÿ™ And… giving me ultimatums isn’t nice either ._.

Overall, I’m pretty down about it and I just…wish guilds weren’t so important sometimes. Not to mention it makes things iffy, even with friends. There’s several people I can think of, who even if I’ve run into them and things have been fine, I’m just too shy to contact and then it eventually just doesn’t happen. There is no talking. I miss a lot of people due to that and it makes me sad that list is going to grow.

Finally, I’m a serious person. I get my feelings hurt easily, especially more so on days when I’m not feeling well or already in a bit of a down mood. I can’t tell when people are being sarcastic–I’m really dense with that. And if I say stop and you continue, it’s not funny. It never was funny. You’re just being a jerk.

And yet I end up feeling bad for not getting the joke. And when it comes down to it, I really really shouldn’t.

But that seems to be the trend. Because I’m naive and shy and serious, I should feel bad for not finding a joke funny or sticking to my morals, or being too shy to say something, or not wanting to have nightmares all night. And that really isn’t true…the person who should feel bad is the one who can’t respect how another person feels and has to make them feel like crud for existing.

That’s what is really sad.