Nekarr Cats and Hutt Cartel

First of all, thank you SO MUCH Kwich for buying me one of the European Cartel cards T~T Really made my day.

I’m hoping to check a Gamestop and Best Buy around here soon, but due to some craziness happening in real life, stopping places hasn’t really been possible ATM.

Besides that, the expansion will be out on April 15th–April 9th for those with early access and I’m, unsurprisingly, so not ready.

Ignoring event issues and that I still need more reputation with the gree and am probably the only one who does… I still need to buy the experience boosts ahead of time for the upcoming planet and possibly get some quests stacked up to get some experience right away.

…I also should probably finish the story with my agent as well.

now if only I didn’t feel so miserable v-v

13 thoughts on “Nekarr Cats and Hutt Cartel

  1. I got my CC code from eBay today and thus my Nekarr Cat also 🙂

    If you do find a Gamestop and/or BestBuy one feel free to get an extra of each for me! I will of course pay you 😛


  2. You aren’t the only one still working on the Gree reputation grind. I didn’t do the first one at all, so I’ve been working on making up for that. As someone that had 150 pets in WoW long before most, all I can say is keep working at it. They’ll arrive sooner than you think (though always longer than any of us would prefer).


    • Yeah–just a bit discouraging 🙁 I’d probably be less discouraged if I didn’t have issues with the reputation system and the limits of how much you can earn (plus I still hate that part of it is PVP oriented)… and how you can’t buy them until the proper rank X__x but it’s just completely stressing me out.


  3. You are welcome Marilea.

    I do undestand how you feel as well. I was reputation farming like the devil and did so on up to 5 chars simutaneously.

    Thank god I am done now. Was able to finsih all 4 reputation grinds on Thrusday 19th.

    Hardest by far were the space missions. Doing them on 3 chars was rather tideous.

    Well still I was able to nail down most pets and mounts by now. But the rest is going to be tough.

    * Dwedtoof (this looks promising my guild is doing now finally 10 stack dreadtooth, now I just need mercy that they give him to me, because rolling dice is rather not my thing ^^)
    * Redeemer Starfighter (last seen on GTN 6 weeks ago, no luck whatsoever in packs)

    * Ranked BG Rank 2200 PvP Mount (will never get this one, hope they change that if you have PvP rank 100 you can buy it as well)
    * Win-a-friend-mount (still convincing one of my work pals to join SWTOR ^^)
    * Avalanche Tank (seen already 5 units drop, never was lucky, will farm it with 3 other guildies (doing 8 man NiM Denova) once we are lvl 55, so just a question of time)
    * Bloodline (same as above will farm it with friends once lvl 55, as we were just raiding Denova NiM now for some time havent seen it drop for months, whole raiding time 3 drops)

    So there is not much left over but I have a bad feeling about it that EAware will soon add another cartel pack =).

    Have a great day and enjoy your forest cat.



    • Hopefully the packs I’ll be able to give you later tonight will bring you some luck 🙂

      But yeah, a new pack should be coming out soon :/ Honestly, I was surprised there wasn’t one this week.

      I definitely wouldn’t be able to grind on that many characters–I can barely do so on one XD As it is, I can’t do the Space Missions at all though so I’m not looking forward to trying to get the reputation on that 🙁


    • Same for that rated and those Kephess mounts for me.
      Already killed Dreadtooth 3 times, everytime our partner guild got it. So you will need good luck as I’m rolling too 😉


    • Can you please give details.
      Lobelode is from the Gamestop card right?
      I still can’t find the card on their website.
      Did you buy it at a store or online?
      If you bought it at a store what state/city are you in?

      thanks in advance… just got my European
      Cartel Coin Card from ebay today


      • Local Gamestop in San Antonio confirmed Codes can be bought in store and there is an in store advertisement for the cards and pet.

        The store does not have physical cards.
        Upon purchasing the ‘card’ the code to redeem is on your receipt.


      • Yes, Lobelode is from Gamestop.

        From past experience with these kinds of things from other sites, Gamestop and Best Buy RARELY put up the cards on their site. You essentially have to go to their store to buy them.


        • Yes, they do not have physical cards and according to my gamestop they will not. You buy it like you buy a DLC code. They won’t be putting them up online, I don’t think they have any of their cards online..


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