The Collecting Aspect

A lot of people don’t really understand why I’d be so upset about certain pet things or feel maybe I’m overreacting to it. To this, I say, you do not know me very well.

While gameplay is important in some senses (if I hate the gameplay or find it boring, chances are I won’t play), a lot of it has to do with customizing the character itself. If I hate how my character looks, you will not see me wanting to play very often. Simple as that. But even then, the thing I really enjoy is collecting and exploring. I love to clear maps and collect items and look adorable. That is my thing.

SWTOR has the bonus of an engaging story that doesn’t make me hate my character. I think, even if I stopped playing, I’d probably pop on to at least see that…although, I’m sure eventually no longer being able to see the Operation story parts will eventually make me no longer look forward to that. I’ve made enough rants on how I feel about operations so I won’t be going into that here.

However, the thing that makes me play and excited to get on is collecting. Datacrons, some of the upcoming stuff in patch 2.0, and pets. I love pets and I love seeing them follow me around and it makes me super excited. When it comes down to it, if I get too behind or can’t collect, I just lose the will to play which, if you noticed my barely getting on, has been what’s happening.

The reputation and achievements system have really discouraged me along with a lot of pet things and with how it seems these 5 newest ones are… it’s hard to keep my hopes up.

On a different note, I am currently streaming using XSplit into of ProCaster to see how it looks. I’ll be on my agent soon while my boyfriend plays his Bounty Hunter, but until then, I’m just being on Ilum feeling all blah. Let me know if the quality is better than usual.

8 thoughts on “The Collecting Aspect

  1. I agree with you 100%

    it makes no sense to have 5 pets that are only available
    to people who have never played swtor

    most people don’t care about pets in the first place
    and if these ‘new players’ they sent the emails to care about pets
    they are immediately confronted with the fact they can’t get the other 4

    other than this I’ve been lucky getting the pets I want
    but I agree my desire to play is discouraged like yours


  2. Have you ever tried Guild Wars 2? It’s all about clearing maps, collecting items and looking adorable.
    I love SWTOR (GW2 doesnt have lightsabers), but I have been playing GW2 so much more of late as there is just so much to do!


    • I tried it and hated it, actually.
      I found the gameplay really boring.
      The outfits were terrible.
      My character was a snob due to me picking noble which was stereotypical and made me dislike my own character.
      The way quests are handled made the game feel really un-immersive to me.
      And the way world quests were done made them annoying over special.

      Not even getting into stuff you can only earn from playing the first one… :/ or how their skills work. But I did not enjoy it at all.


      • THANK YOU. I agree on all points Marilea. I’m maxed out HoM on Guild Wars 1, was really excited preordered the DDE, etc and quit after 3 days. Most disappointing game ever.


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