Dates and Things

So, if you read the forum, you’ll know the current aimed dates are May 14th for 2.1 and June 11th for 2.2.

I didn’t expect 2.1 to be so soon @-@ So I’m pretty excited about that. However, I really hope we won’t see another Cartel pack. I mean, it’s likely we will since it’s kind of a cartel coin update, but I feel there will be enough to spend Cartel Coins on without that added factor X__x now if the stores around here would actually start carrying the cards… ._. (Pets T~T)

The Gree event should also show up inbetween the two… maybe I can finally get the other pet… but I don’t know if I could deal with the repetition and PVP still makes me sad. v-v

June 11th doesn’t surprise me TOO much. That is also the day E3 starts and I’m guessing it’ll be mentioned there (lucky people going to E3 *envies*) plus be a good thing to bring up.

A lot of people think the game is dying or it’s not very good and that’s really really silly (also comparing to WoW is silly in itself because WoW copied many things from other games too–like the stuff that makes an MMO an MMO in the first place). Due to not feeling too great lately, my sleeping has been a mess–so I have been playing at quite odd times. Despite that, I can find up to about 150 people and multiple instances on some of the lower level planets and people chatting away. The game isn’t perfect, no, but I’ve never played a game that didn’t have its flaws.

If I had to pick one flaw (and let’s be honest, there’s a bunch I have–like with the reputation system or my problem with set bonuses and how they work and etc.), I would mostly say it’s with raiding.

Not everyone wants to be in a guild. After three bad experiences, I just… I don’t want to be in a guild ever again, to be blunt. And yes, Netto, Telanis, I know your doors are always opened ๐Ÿ˜› I honestly just don’t want to do it anymore though. I had my very first MMO ruined due to guild drama along with 3 friendships that will never heal. And while some people have stayed friends with me despite these guild dramas in recent time, I’d be lying if I said everything was okay because it’s not. And there’s always so many lies–so many lies on why someone left or what they were trying to do or how they did this or that. The funny part is, I was never needed in any of those–I was always a back-up and a last resort. So if something went wrong suddenly due to my leaving, I will tell you right now–it wasn’t my fault.

So, unsurprisingly, I’m more content playing with my boyfriend and some friends. Of course, you can’t do raids with 4 people (unless you get super overleveled or something and even then, certain puzzles would definitely have a problem).

But that isn’t my biggest issue either–it’s that in a story-based game, you can not access that story without a guild. I mean, recently (with the really strange gear changed), EV ad KP were just kicked off group-finder… this is a story-based game. They have story elements in them that take place before the current content. You can’t just write them off.

And people who play for the story can’t just go and do them and that stinks. This is the first game to ever make me create characters to not be just item mules. Why? Because the story interested me. I was able to create characters and this world they live in and when it comes down to it, the only one who can (and I would) raid on is my sage. But I wish I could still access that story. I wish I could see it. But I have no interest in running some crazy raid ops and doing dailies and other junk on my other 6 characters (Speederisk and Speederisk2 don’t count).

I also hate that vanity items have only been dropping on HM or higher only. Story mode is essentially for those who want to witness the story (although, you still need to find 7 people for it -_-), but I am unable to collect them all without actually raiding on harder modes and even then, it’s a lovely luck of the draw. It just really stinks. People who are doing it on harder modes are usually doing it for gear in the first place :/ so yeah, there’s my other complaint on raids.

But since I mentioned story, I guess I will mention my other big complaint during the leveling process… I’ve seen all the planet quests. Every side quest and every main quest. I do not want to do them again. And no matter how many experience boosts I buy, I will never be able to play just the class story and that’s super disappointing. They just don’t give enough experience. All 5 class story boosts, all 5 exploration boosts, and a major experience boost plus tons of rested experience just… it doesn’t do that much. You will be levels behind and get to a point where you can’t even continue without help or backtracking to do other quests and that really stinks.

So yeah, despite those isues, I do enjoy the game–it’s why I still play it, afterall. Anyway, shall be looking forward to the next patch.

Stat Frustrations

I’m still trying to figure out what to even do now, but it’s annoying that just because I hit 55, my stats dropped due to being in level 50 gear.

That is a stupid and screwed up concept. Especially as most of the gear handed out in Makeb sucks.

Of course, the way endgame gear has been to begin with along with essentially making operations “old” is stupid in itself–especially for a story-based MMO with an actual order ๐Ÿ˜

In which I am completely unprepared and this should surprise no one.

While we had planned to get some experience lined up and have the game running to start patching, due to general allergy suffering of sneezing your brain out and general craziness in real life besides that, things haven’t really worked out. I still have yet to even find a chance to go to Gamestop and Best Buy to check for cards ๐Ÿ™ Which I really want to do as everyone has been so nice and I want to throw cards at you all. T~T

As it is, several things have made me feel sad getting on, such as:
1. Incomplete pet collection
2. Feeling uncomfortable whenever I get on due to hate.
3. Just general discouragement with the way certain things are done. I’ve made enough rants on raids and how I wish HM and NM were solely for gear and didn’t have vanity items attached to them so I will resist breaking into that again.
4. Still hating the Reputation and Achievement systems. <-- this one tends to confuse people a lot, so I will explain. More or less, I do not mind them specifically, but my main issues with the reputation system are: 1. It's a late system and the fact that it had to be mixed with past things. I really wish it was just the Gree event and then continued to Makeb. I think Makeb does the system great, but them trying to force in on past things is just kind of annoying. ----This is especially apparent where with Voss, you have to repeatedly do a quest for the 4 heroics for reputation. ----I know they have quest logs. I have asked Customer Support before if I have done a quest when I can't get it to appear because there sadly are not visible quest logs for members and have gotten an answer everytime. There is no reason they couldn't have credited people based on the quests they did. 2. The Limit per week. I would think the reputation system is so you play more by torturing yourself re-doing things and the limit kind of pauses that? I get that it probably is made to extend time, but it really makes it hard to bother. Kind of like when I was hunting for pets–the 2 times a week for raids sucked–at least make story mode constant =( not like gear in those modes is anything helpful. Or you know, just stop putting vanity stuff in raids–that’d be nice. Story for the story and HM and NM for gear grinding. And then I can just do my story and never see them again ๐Ÿ˜€ Moving back to my original sentiment, I repeatedly did Lost Island all day until I got my midnight Rakling. I was motivated. I was ready. This takes my ready and tosses it out the window.
3. The fact that we can’t purchase ahead of time and just not be able to activate it until the rank. I’m a paranoid person after seeing past things be removed and due to the limit, I can’t even do a rush of urgency. It just makes me feel there’s no hope whatsoever.
4. The space missions only being for HM space missions. Ignoring that I feel it should be general Republic/Imperial stuff for any quests in relation to those, the fact that it’s not all the space missions stinks. I can’t even DO the HM space missions ๐Ÿ™

I think the Achievement system does do a better job overall–with it actually taking account of what you’ve done, but parts of it just frustrate me a lot. And I can see myself torturing myself to try and get it done.

and no, Duhtect, I won’t sell you my crate. Stop it. XP

but yes, I have my new tree up (and hopefully can rush to 55 so I can get it set). For those curious, it is as follows:
Seer: 36, Telekinetics: 5, Balanced: 0

Starting from the bottom of Seer, left to right:
2 – 3 – 2
1 – 1/2 – 2
2 – 1 – 2 – 2
1 – 2 —– 0
0 – 1 – 2 – 2
0 – 3 – 1

Telekinetics, from the bottom:
0 – 2 – 3

I plan to put my remaining 5 points in:
1 more in Pain Bearer to re-have 2/2 in it.
2 again in Will of the Jedi (the bottom row, all the way to the right in Balance)
and 2 again in Telekinetic Defense (2nd row, all the way to the right)

which will bring my tree back to what it was + new skills. I still think it’s stupid it expanded wide instead of up, but whatever… I will probably do Will of the Jedi (2), 2 in Telekinetic Defense, and then my last 1 in Pain Bearer.

Edit: Okay, can officially say I’m annoyed at achievements due to so many needing to be redone -_-

The Collecting Aspect

A lot of people don’t really understand why I’d be so upset about certain pet things or feel maybe I’m overreacting to it. To this, I say, you do not know me very well.

While gameplay is important in some senses (if I hate the gameplay or find it boring, chances are I won’t play), a lot of it has to do with customizing the character itself. If I hate how my character looks, you will not see me wanting to play very often. Simple as that. But even then, the thing I really enjoy is collecting and exploring. I love to clear maps and collect items and look adorable. That is my thing.

SWTOR has the bonus of an engaging story that doesn’t make me hate my character. I think, even if I stopped playing, I’d probably pop on to at least see that…although, I’m sure eventually no longer being able to see the Operation story parts will eventually make me no longer look forward to that. I’ve made enough rants on how I feel about operations so I won’t be going into that here.

However, the thing that makes me play and excited to get on is collecting. Datacrons, some of the upcoming stuff in patch 2.0, and pets. I love pets and I love seeing them follow me around and it makes me super excited. When it comes down to it, if I get too behind or can’t collect, I just lose the will to play which, if you noticed my barely getting on, has been what’s happening.

The reputation and achievements system have really discouraged me along with a lot of pet things and with how it seems these 5 newest ones are… it’s hard to keep my hopes up.

On a different note, I am currently streaming using XSplit into of ProCaster to see how it looks. I’ll be on my agent soon while my boyfriend plays his Bounty Hunter, but until then, I’m just being on Ilum feeling all blah. Let me know if the quality is better than usual.

sfaslkf;laaf UGH.

Dear Legend Pet,
you are mean and spiteful for not letting me buy you and just letting me use you later like most requirement pets (with the exception of PVP valor).

you make me very sad.

I hate this event so much. ._.

A lot of people disliked the Acquisitions Race, but honestly, that event was my favorite :/

But yes, just…really upset because of the stupid reputation cap and so no matter how much I do and even if I save up tons of reputation, I will never have enough to purchase that pet before it goes and who knows when the event will come back (yes, I know it’s recurring so it WILL come back, but we still don’t know WHEN).

As it is, I have to work next week so this is really the only week I have.

honestly, having a pet dangle over you that nobody can even get sucks and is frustrating.

and I’d rather not see this event ever again and I already have to deal with it for the reputation.

of course, I can’t decide whether these are the 18 pets in the Cartel Pack are worse. Or the fact that the boxes buried me in clothes.

regardless… I just really don’t feel like playing anymore right now. I just can’t deal with that kind of incompletion or seeing something like that RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and knowing I can’t do anything about it.

Buying it and then working towards legend to use it = good motivation
Seeing it and not being able to do ANYTHING that will enable you to get it in the first place = the complete opposite.


In which I explain some frustrations

1. As everyone knows, I hate random boxes. I really do. So random boxes that you need to buy with real money suck and I fail miserably at earning credits. That is the plain and simple truth.

Which means with more than half the pets now out being in Cartel Packs, the fact that at least one more Cartel Pack is coming, and the fact that I am not made of money, I am ridiculously screwed. I’m still stuck catching up with some things from the last pack. Heck, I still need a bunch of stuff from this pack too–all this finishes are the pets.

2. After 3 bits of guild drama, just the idea of guilds has gotten me really really down. I’m not even a big fan of raiding to be honest. It stresses me out and I cry if I screw up and I hate letting people down.

I enjoy doing an operation once–for the story and that’s it. Gear is not SUPEROMGNEED priority for me. It never has been. And yet, I constantly feel the pressure of needing have to because people are so critical. What really bothers me though is I’m forced to do it repeatedly for:
1. Codexes/titles
2. Vanity Items

I REALLY wish it was just gear. Every difficulty was just gear and none of that other stuff was in it. I hate feeling forced to do it, let alone repeatedly. People raid for the best gear in the game. They get that best gear, they will be ahead, be able to clear things the best, so I wish all that other stuff wasn’t paired with it. Not to mention with raiding comes the drama of who cleared it first or when or how they cleared it or how many people they had and WHO CARES.

If they cleared the content, good for them. Getting picky on difficulty or the amount of people is stupid and judging people by what they have or don’t have is as well. It’s mean ๐Ÿ™ And everyone should just be happy for eachother’s accomplishments–not picking on someone or saying they did it the “easy way” or whatever.

This is kind of my issue with Ranked Rating. The point of Ranked Warzones was for people to have competition (aka the people who should’ve rolled on a PVP server to begin with ๐Ÿ™ ) and to see so many exclusive items is kind of heart breaking. I think if there’s ever a ranked warzone related pet, I will just quit right there because I’ll never get it. I’m awful at PVP, I hate PVP, and everytime someone kills me, I cry.

But yes, overall, #1 is probably bothering me the most to the point where logging in is making me sad over excited. I love the game, I love the story, I enjoy playing my characters. I don’t enjoy how it feels to want to enjoy the game through collecting and the story and be slapped in the face for that.

I’m not super-uber-hardcore raider. But I’m not super-casual-play as I go. And it seems because I’m not either one, I’m getting a huge slap in the face and it’s just really really depressing.

Gold Spammers

If there’s one thing Free-to-Play has brought…it’s an increase in gold spammers. For those not familiar with them, they essentially post repeatedly in general chat about selling credits for real money which is illegal.

Normally, I’d just report them, ignore them, and move on, however, with the influx of people in the game, I was already having some issues… with the added amount of gold spammers constantly spamming, it makes it even worse and 90% of the time, my game will freeze about 5 minutes in when on the fleet.

Kind of hard to do anything. In fact, I’m hiding on my ship at the moment due to it. Sure, thanks to ship legacy stuff, I can avoid a lot of fleet stuff…but not everything. ๐Ÿ™

Just hope more will be done about it soon.

The Raiding Situation

People have said I’m trying to avoid raiding… which is kind of true. I know I need to do it due to gear-related things (and the whole thing about a pet dropping from NM EC…plus 2 mounts now :/ And the title).

however, ignoring my busy schedule (have to head out soon actually), the big thing is just not feeling good enough. As a perfectionist, if I don’t feel I can perform perfectly or manage to be the top (which I never do, I suck too much), that is already making me feel too depressed to bother.

Ignoring that part, the big thing is all the stupidity over firsts still. I don’t care about firsts–what I do care about is how people have to go and start making it personal, even to people not involved. Constantly insulting and berating–both publicly and privately and it’s not funny. It isn’t cute, you look stupid, but it’s not something I can just be all “haha, *ignores* they are so stupid”.

no, it actually makes me upset. Part of why I try so hard is I make everything very personal to me. This isn’t a front, I’m not just doing things for fun, everything is really important to me. So when people say they just want something because it’s rare, it pisses me off and I’d like to punch them in the face.

But I do not like being insulted. I do not like being criticized for something I’m not even apart of. It makes me upset and to be completely honest, has ruined raiding for me. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want anything to do with it and I just wish it didn’t exist.

If I wanted to continued being bullied, I wouldn’t have been home schooled in the first place.

in a less depressing note, yay for another Livestream Q&A tomorrow…even if it’s short and probably won’t have many questions ๐Ÿ™ I shall try and keep my hopes up.

oh, and the other new EC speeder (for defeating within 2 hours) looks like a shark and is kind of cute.

…still nothing on a possible pet yet though. :/


So, we’re almost done with HK… we just need to get the item from False Emperor and Dromund Kaas, but the NM EC raid started and I was dragged along.

Normally, I’d be excited. I mean, it’s new, afterall, but Cartel Packs have murdered my mood and EC is still ruined for me even if this is a harder version.

I just hate the whole principal behind Cartel Packs. I wish they items were just available in the store, even if they were more expensive. Already spent more than I’d have liked so now I just feel double-horrible.

Will probably go to bed after the raid or after HK or something :/

If this sounds confusing…

…it is because I feel really sick so I’m going to apologize in advance.

So, I remember reading this post a while back in regards to “Gambling Boxes”. For those not familiar with them, they are boxes that can have a number of items (I have seen some places have up to 60 items in a “Gambling Box”), usually with a few rare items. And usually all the items or at the very least, the rarer ones, can only be gotten through these boxes.

What bothers me is the fact that when they mention the Cartel Packs, they do not say they are not Gambling Boxes in a topic that is about them which really worries me and makes me think they really will be Gambling Boxes over random item packs.

“How are random item packs different?” You don’t really ask but I’m continuing this format anyway.

An example of a random item pack just means an item pack filled with a random collection of items–for example an armor set, a pet, and a mount. Those items are pretty different and have randomly been decided to put in a pack together, however, every time someone buys that pack, it is always the same armor set, pet, and mount. That is Cartel Pack #1 and it will never change.

Another example, however, is a mixture of a Random Item Pack and a Gambling Pack where there’s fewer options, but you are paying for more due to it coming with more. So, you’d buy the set and you will get an armor set, pet, and mount but which of each is random. So let’s just make an example:

Armor sets:

Pet sets:

Mantyke Thranta (sorry, I told you I am sick >_>)
Pod Racer

You then buy a pack and you get: Blue Armor Set, Orobird Pet, and Pod Racer Mount. You then buy another and maybe you get Rainbow Set, Lobel Pet, and Tauntaun Mount and then maybe you get one more and you get horribly unlucky and get another Blue Armor Set, another Lobel Pet, and another Pod Racer Mount. Just completely random which you get, but you will get one of each type.

…if you couldn’t guess though, I prefer option 2. It’s just…a random collection of items. And maybe if I buy Cartel Pack #1, I can find someone who bought #2 and we can trade–like if I hate the armor set, maybe I can trade it for their pet.

The first season of Cartel packs will draw heavily on preexisting armor appearances that havenโ€™t been used for player-wearable equipment thus far. Theyโ€™ll include some new models, but we did not draw on endgame content appearances for them.

Unsurprisingly, the Cartel Packs will be limited. I just hope it’ll be a reasonable time–like a month or so. I’ve seen too many sites where they just do like a week.

Regardless, I really hope they will make the items tradeable. Gambling packs suck enough to begin with, but even more so when you’re stuck with the crud you got. I have awful luck. There is another site I go to where they, unfortunately, make their donation items random. They released about 10 items last month. There were only 2 I didn’t like. 7/10 chests I bought were one of those items. 1/10 was the other of those items. Leaving me with 2/10 that I actually wanted.

I was, thankfully, able to trade for some, but others I actually had to donate more to get and that stinks. In fact, there is another site I quit when I realized the average amount to get everything was about $300. The sad truth of these things are, they are brilliant ways to make money even if it makes more people miserable.

I’ve seen more people boycott features like that than those who buy them. The issue comes in that the people who do buy them are more than willing to spend thousands to get everything and in the end, they pay more money than the people who do not buy those items at all. And I hate gambling in real life–gambling for virtual things is just kind of infuriating to me (and having money issues right now doesn’t help).

But yes, considering the response to the topic, I am really really really worried. ๐Ÿ™ I hope, if they unfortunately do go that route, that they will at least be tradeable… but I really hope they’re not and they just didn’t think to say something.