The Collecting Aspect

A lot of people don’t really understand why I’d be so upset about certain pet things or feel maybe I’m overreacting to it. To this, I say, you do not know me very well.

While gameplay is important in some senses (if I hate the gameplay or find it boring, chances are I won’t play), a lot of it has to do with customizing the character itself. If I hate how my character looks, you will not see me wanting to play very often. Simple as that. But even then, the thing I really enjoy is collecting and exploring. I love to clear maps and collect items and look adorable. That is my thing.

SWTOR has the bonus of an engaging story that doesn’t make me hate my character. I think, even if I stopped playing, I’d probably pop on to at least see that…although, I’m sure eventually no longer being able to see the Operation story parts will eventually make me no longer look forward to that. I’ve made enough rants on how I feel about operations so I won’t be going into that here.

However, the thing that makes me play and excited to get on is collecting. Datacrons, some of the upcoming stuff in patch 2.0, and pets. I love pets and I love seeing them follow me around and it makes me super excited. When it comes down to it, if I get too behind or can’t collect, I just lose the will to play which, if you noticed my barely getting on, has been what’s happening.

The reputation and achievements system have really discouraged me along with a lot of pet things and with how it seems these 5 newest ones are… it’s hard to keep my hopes up.

On a different note, I am currently streaming using XSplit into of ProCaster to see how it looks. I’ll be on my agent soon while my boyfriend plays his Bounty Hunter, but until then, I’m just being on Ilum feeling all blah. Let me know if the quality is better than usual.

Official SWTOR Livestream

It starts in a few minutes at 4PM EST 😀 It’ll be 30 minutes like the last one.

Shall use this post for my opinions, interesting tidbits, and highlights <3 Yay~ 4:09PM: ...I feel bad that none of this questions interest me >>

Sounds like lots of itemization adjustments will be happening when Makeb comes out though… I expect that to be the next big nerf and changes patch.

4:18PM: Cartel Market is to update more or less weekly with some items and price changes… They expect another update next week and a “very cool update” before the holidays. And a new Cartel Pack every month with all new super rare items for the next few months. Also plans for Life Day.

Some items: Czerka LD-1 Celebrator… Life Day Orb, Tinsel Ball, Life Day Robes… Life Day Cartel Pack… and Life Day Helm are some items.

Celebrator is described as red, festive, and you can ride it and “it’s amazing/awesome/super amazing”. It will “help with your celebratory and general merry-ment”.

4:26PM: Possible Legacy Revamp in the future.

…and that’s it 🙁 so few questions.

Anyway, a few other little tidbits:
-They are hoping to make match-making better in PVP.
-Makeb has no ETA yet 🙁
-Not much on the new space stuff yet. Just it’s being worked on.
-Will be able to copy to PTS before Makeb so that can be tested fully.
-On Minigames: “Makeb has some entirely new gameplay mechanics. I wouldn’t call them mini-games, but new ways to explore the world.”

Livestreaming :P`

So after streaming a weird glitch, I have decided to also stream myself sucking miserably at space missions 😛 And whatever other junk I try.

I even talk a little bit while Prongs lets me know I am horrible at them! 😛 (I’m so sorry)

Edit: Done unless a queue pops up @-@ Then I shall start it again.

Yay for servers being up~

Shall be streaming shortly 😀

Unfortunately, after buying speeder and pet plus 2 tops, I have only about 1.5K to spend on boxes 🙁 *sadness* And it seems purchasing Cartel Coins is not up yet… :/ *got 4 boxes*


BOX 1:
Energy Blade Bayonet
Black Nebula Heavy Blaster
Covert Torso Energy Armor
Smart Cells
Major Experience Boost

BOX 2:
Rendili Nightshade
Elegant Loungewear Top
Minor Experience Boost
Subelectronic Data Module
Gourmet Ration Pack

tired or writing non-Cartel items so ignoring boosts and junk now:
BOX 3:
Longspur Elite
Elegant Loungewear Top

and bought 10 dollars worth of Cartel Coins for a few more boxes… but they’re not showing up yet so…

Golden Lizardbat
Advanced Pink-Purple Eviscerating Crystal

Yay for 4. And shall end until my cartel coins update and I get more boxes.

Regardless, I feel super unlucky now 🙁 Time to update things.

EDIT: COINS HERE. Time for 3 more boxes:
Box 5:
Slate Mouse Horranth
Glowing Eyes – Gold

Box 6:
Glowing Eyes – Gold
Elegant Loungewear Bottoms

Box 7:
Elegant Loungewear Top
Darth Malgus Holostatue


So, at my grandparents’ house because we still have no power! Thus, I will be quickly doing a livestream to play around with boxes.

I will edit when it is over :3 But recording will stay up so I can further analyze percentages~ yay~

Edit: All done. Didn’t manage to get a Gizka, Vrblett, or Monkey Lizard, sadly. Didn’t really get much new from my last one and still have yet to get a color crystal. I will go ahead and throw this under “wow, my luck sure does suck”.

Edit 2: We have power back now :3


Playing on Cellïna for a bit with my boyfriend’s bounty hunter while waiting to start HM EC tonight. Lets hope the tanks go well.

A part I’m pretty excited for is coming up and since my screenshots love to break while in instances, I figured a recording is a good way to remember the moment 😛

Shall edit when recording has stopped~

Edit: My robot suit was invisible T_________T Regardless, looks like we need to switch now so shall end recording~

….robot suit

More TfB @-@

So, I’m helping out with healing a little in HM tonight. If only my gear didn’t suck so much on the test server… Anyway, a friend is streaming if you’d like to watch ;3 They are on the puzzle boss (aka best one).

Shall edit when it is over (or when I am done helping as I’m locked out of story mode and they plan to do that tonight at some point).

Edit: All over! 😀 Thank you to those who watched <3

  • So, SWTOR is doing an official livestream today answering questions about 1.4 and Free-to-Play. I’m pretty excited, even if I know most of the answers we hear probably won’t be too great but still.

    I just appreciate the fact that they are doing it.

    also, randomly, I will say while I will never use it in my life (nor will I be using the new oreo-themed colors though), I do kind of miss Banana!Sage. So R.I.P. May you one day reappear in the future.

    ANYWAY, back to my original topic… the Livestream they are doing starts at 5PM EST. It, sadly, will only last for 30 minutes but hopefully it will be an awesome 30 minutes. I will be sure to edit this post later with some highlights for me.

    I do expect them to say Terror from Beyond’s upcoming date, if anything–maybe even Free-to-Play’s as well. I would be surprised if TfB isn’t going to be out this Tuesday however… so I just hope I can be helpful to some people and get some goals done ASAP. In the meantime, I’m going to go update my codex list…

    EDIT: BUT BEFORE I DO THAT… I recently stumbled across this T~T I always find it nice when people find it helpful. Eeeee <3 And apparently some of my older threads had been linked in the past too! I’m just going to sit and be excited now. 😛

    Edit 2: Guess who is stuck iin the city and who’s phone apparently hates livestream? T___T keep me updated, I guess… shall watch when I get home so thoughts will be…


  • Continuing testing

    So, continuing with the cave theories, I found a nice person (Xivioke) to let me check out their story mode instance! 8-man story mode yields nothing, but going to explore a bit before checking out 16-man story mode.

    Will also stream for a bit :3 Stream closed now :3 But recording up as per usual~

    Edit: 16-man Story mode also has no message. It looks to be 16-man HM only. Very interesting.

    Terror from Beyond Codexes

    So, now that I’m re-watching a stream, figured I’d go ahead and do this to keep track.

    Lore Object: Ancient Technology. Gives you the codex entry for “Asation”.

    Boss Codexes:
    Epic Enemies: The Writhing Horror (Story Mode)
    Epic Enemies: The Writhing Horror (Hard Mode)
    Epic Enemies: The Dread Guards (Story Mode)
    Epic Enemies: The Dread Guards (Hard Mode)
    Epic Enemies: Operator IX (Story Mode)
    Epic Enemies: Operator IX (Hard Mode)
    Epic Enemies: Kephess the Undying (Story Mode)
    Epic Enemies: Kephess the Undying (Hard Mode)
    Epic Enemies: The Terror from Beyond (Story Mode)
    Epic Enemies: The Terror from Beyond (Hard Mode)

    Also, shall be having random fun on the test server so yay~. No sound this time though 🙁

    Edit: Pausing for a bit. Shall start it up again soon (and update when I do)

    Edit 2: Due to some issues, will not be continuing tonight. Shall hopefully stream a bit tomorrow though~