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Another Dreadtooth down!

Thanks to Telanis, I got invited along and got him down at 4 stacks! πŸ˜€ It took a few tries (I think we could’ve gotten it in 2 if it wasn’t for some of the glitches we had), but we did it! And I got a new codex: CORRUPTED.

Now, after speaking to Netto, he said he didn’t get any new codex with 2 but got Corrupted with 3. So, I believe Normal is 1-2 Stacks, Corrupted is 3-4 stacks, 5-6 Stacks is Frenzied, and 7 Stacks is Nightmareish. He can’t have more than 7 stacks so… I know this was kind of debated on, but I feel it’s a bit more confirmed now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the 7 stack is also where the amulet may drop, if it does drop from him.

SO MUCH SPECULATION T~T I do wonder if a team of 24 right now could get Dreadtooth down on 7 stacks or if they have been planning for that level increase this entire time…

My Codexes

As most people know, I worked really hard on getting my codexes fixed, so this is a list of all the codexes I have XD Including numbers and other things by request @-@ (YOU’RE WELCOME TELANIS). If you’ve checked my codex list and survived by list, you know I’m missing 7 Codexes from Achievements: Epic Enemies (2 which are Survived by ones I should have), 4 PVP codexes (2 which are glitched–1 from Ilum despite having done that while Ilum is still around and the other glitched one is from Novare Coast, the other 2 are from getting my valor rank up), 1 Lore (Tatooine–glitched), and all the new Space Combat ones because I suck at Space Combat.

Anyway, let’s get started :3 And remember, some of these are Jedi Consular only @-@

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Pets and Surviving

So, I logged on to discover… MAILS FILLED WITH PETS πŸ˜€ THANK YOOOOU T~T <3 Now, I just have the Speckled Blurrg and Tundra Nekarr Cat to go for pets πŸ˜€ Yay! Also got a Remote Control Spaceship <3 And the Mounts are down a bit more... to like 3 million. Title is like 200K. It's nice to feel progress <3 Besides that, due to some discussion on certain codexes... why are the "Survived" codexes so buggy? Some I obviously won't have yet, but others... not so much. Ones I am missing ( Bolded with a * means I should have it -_-): Survived: Warlord Kephess (Nightmare Mode) Survived: Terror from Beyond (Story) *
Survived: Kephess the Undying (Story) *

Survived: Colonel Vorgath (Nightmare Mode) Got it! πŸ˜€
Survived: Firebrand and Stormcaller Tanks (Nightmare Mode) Got it! Yay!
Survived: Operator IX (Hard Mode) *
Survived: The Dread Guards (Hard Mode) *

Survived: Writhing Horror (Hard Mode) *
Survived: Terror from Beyond (Hard Mode) *
Survived: Kephess the Undying (Hard Mode) *

And of course, Customer Support can’t fix achievement ones :/ Why I still have 2 bugged PVP… …I really should try and win that stupid match and hit valor rank 100 ._. but ew pvp. I know if I do the operations enough, the survived ones SHOULD activate eventually… but I hate repetition .___.

In a different note, I wish there was a good way people in the pet channel could post what pets and stuff they still need πŸ™

and now back to NM EC

Mari does NM EC – Take 2!

So, I am doing NM EC tonight @-@ and am super scared. We got Zorn and Toth down but it was super scary and there were only 4 of us near the end and I was healing by myself and omgsoscary πŸ™ BUT WE DID IT! So one new codex! Yay!

Now we’re going to do Nightmare Pilgrim <3 Edit: OMG T~T So, a nice person on the fleet gave me 3 pets! SO AWESOME. So now I have a Micro-Patroller Droid, a Micro-Defender Droid, and a Mottled Blurrg πŸ˜€ Shall upload with their pictures later tonight <3 So, pets still needed: -Tundra Nekarr Cat -Speckled Blurrg -Lurked Blurrg -Micro-Aggressor Droid -Green-Spotted Gizka But yay for progress T~T Edit 2: NM EC is evil and I hate it ._.

A Deadly Night

So, I got to go on the HM TfB run tonight! Yay! Or it would be a yay if I didn’t do absolutely horrendous.

Just…wasn’t a good night–random lag spikes, I died in nearly every fight… πŸ™ not even sure how well I did (I also forgot about combat logs for part of it…)

Despite that, we did get Kephess down which means new codex for me (as I didn’t get to be there for the kill last time) which means tomorrow will be solely dedicated to The Terror from Beyond! Yay!

…of course, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go πŸ™ Unless someone isn’t around so I’ll be replacing someone, I won’t be needed so… and regardless, I will not be around Thursday either.

…I’m not really sure how I feel right now. ._.


I got to go to 16-man HM Terror from Beyond tonight! πŸ™‚ Got to do the first 3 bosses and we got REALLY close on Kephess! Got him to 2%. I think they’ll get it tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll get to go again (I was a fill in afterall), but I’m glad I got to go for at least a little bit :3 Plus I got new codexes! <3 And I think my healing has improved so yay T~T

Eeee :D

I got to join in on 16-man HM tonight πŸ˜€ Yay! Tried some cave theories…none yet. Got the 3rd boss down (They had gotten the first two last night) and I even got boots!

So excited πŸ˜€ Shall update with how it goes~

Edit: Kephess is so evil T__T


Terror from Beyond Codexes

So, now that I’m re-watching a stream, figured I’d go ahead and do this to keep track.

Lore Object: Ancient Technology. Gives you the codex entry for “Asation”.

Boss Codexes:
Epic Enemies: The Writhing Horror (Story Mode)
Epic Enemies: The Writhing Horror (Hard Mode)
Epic Enemies: The Dread Guards (Story Mode)
Epic Enemies: The Dread Guards (Hard Mode)
Epic Enemies: Operator IX (Story Mode)
Epic Enemies: Operator IX (Hard Mode)
Epic Enemies: Kephess the Undying (Story Mode)
Epic Enemies: Kephess the Undying (Hard Mode)
Epic Enemies: The Terror from Beyond (Story Mode)
Epic Enemies: The Terror from Beyond (Hard Mode)

Also, shall be having random fun on the test server so yay~. No sound this time though πŸ™

Edit: Pausing for a bit. Shall start it up again soon (and update when I do)

Edit 2: Due to some issues, will not be continuing tonight. Shall hopefully stream a bit tomorrow though~

Terror from Beyond

Been watching some videos. It does look really interesting. Have seen up to Kephess in SM and just the first boss in HM. Kephess is SUPER creepy. X___x Looking forward to seeing someone get the final boss down.

Also, Puzzle Boss = amazing.

There is at least one lore object in there so yay for new codexes. Will have to update my list–but need to get names of all the codexes first.

(Also, a new codex about Resolve was adding too in Game Rules…shall have to see how t get that one)