Mari does NM EC – Take 2!

So, I am doing NM EC tonight @-@ and am super scared. We got Zorn and Toth down but it was super scary and there were only 4 of us near the end and I was healing by myself and omgsoscary 🙁 BUT WE DID IT! So one new codex! Yay!

Now we’re going to do Nightmare Pilgrim <3 Edit: OMG T~T So, a nice person on the fleet gave me 3 pets! SO AWESOME. So now I have a Micro-Patroller Droid, a Micro-Defender Droid, and a Mottled Blurrg 😀 Shall upload with their pictures later tonight <3 So, pets still needed: -Tundra Nekarr Cat -Speckled Blurrg -Lurked Blurrg -Micro-Aggressor Droid -Green-Spotted Gizka But yay for progress T~T Edit 2: NM EC is evil and I hate it ._.

2 thoughts on “Mari does NM EC – Take 2!

  1. You did fine in Nightmare. Sorry about the “fun” healing at the end, I apparently died from a dot I don’t remember putting on the boss. You still did great.

    Remind me tomorrow to ask you about your storage as I might have some of the cartel ones spare and handy I could probably just give you a couple.


    • Aww T~T Thanks, Prongs. And it’s okay! Yeah, Elidibs mentioned that. I’m still kind of confused how you died too so. Regardless, my numbers seemed kind of low…but I’m sure part of that was still trying to figure out what the heck I was doing @-@ I’ll hopefully get it down.

      Will do :3 But don’t do that if you need them!


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