Masks and Pets

Having finished my work over an hour ago and sitting in an office doing nothing, I figured I would take this time to write something I wanted to this morning. Since I am on a phone, I apologize in advance for typos.

Revan’s Mask seems to be the most-wanted thing from the Revan set. I, personally, do not care for it (although, I think the sash on the chestplate is nice. Regardless, I know several people who really wanted one 🙁 and I just wish I had one for each of them. I already planned to give them out in the order I was asked…just still feel bad.

In the pet sense, prices are all over the place. When I checked this morning, prices for those I still need:
Aggressor – 100k-500k
Lurker Blurrg – 100k-200k
Speckled Blurrg – About 1 million
Green Gizka – 500k-1 million
Nekarr – 2-3 million


Both mounts are about 5 million… Remote Control Spaceship is like 100k. Why must things be so pricey? T___T

2 thoughts on “Masks and Pets

    • I am trying REALLY hard to 🙁 just my OCPD acting up x_x also realized I forgot to check the title’s price…will have to look into maybe purchasing the starship when we get home @_@


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