I got to go to 16-man HM Terror from Beyond tonight! 🙂 Got to do the first 3 bosses and we got REALLY close on Kephess! Got him to 2%. I think they’ll get it tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll get to go again (I was a fill in afterall), but I’m glad I got to go for at least a little bit :3 Plus I got new codexes! <3 And I think my healing has improved so yay T~T

2 thoughts on “Yay!

    • Kephess = the evilest. That should’ve been his title. Kephess the Evilest.

      Good luck with him though 😀

      I only need Kephess and the Terror from Beyond on HM and I have all 13 codexes from the new operation (Title for finishing, the lore object, the exploration lore thing, and the 10 epic enemy titles) @-@ So I’m REALLY hoping I get to go tonight, but who knows 🙁 On the otherhand, I’m sick anyway and could probably use the rest (how I wish I had my allergy medicine right now) of going to bed early…but I just really want to go. I’ve seen people get the final guy down easier than Kephess and seeing them get Kephess to 2%, I’d be -very- surprised if they didn’t clear tonight, especially as they will be trying to get Nightmare Pilgrim for it today. So it would just kind of suck not to be there.

      I mean, I’m not part of the main team so I shouldn’t be surprised or anything…well, surprised really isn’t the right word as I would be more surprised if I can go again than if I couldn’t…so more I guess down about it/worried? It was nice of them to take me–I should be happy to get to go, but I mostly just feel sad I may not get to go again even though I shouldn’t be since I already knew I probably wouldn’t get to go again.

      …I blame the Deep Wriggler and codexes 🙁


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