Frustration :(

So, today has been horrible. I’ve had the game crash several times due to issues with the Video Card…which had no issues until the patch so I do not know what the heck is going on, but it sucks.

Worst part is, if it doesn’t manage to repair (and sometimes even if it does, it then immediately crashed again), it actually sometimes forces me to restart my laptop as the game then just won’t close. It refuses no matter what I do.


Between the crashes and other things, today has been absolutely awful.

6 thoughts on “Frustration :(

  1. I can actually offer you at least one way to shut down Star wars without having to reset your entire computer. If you have the game freeze and not the entire computer.

    Open up your Task Manager by doing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then go into processes (tab on top). Find one that says swtor.exe and end it. Should force close Star Wars and then you can open it again…

    Hope it gets fixed soon though.


    • Hi Prongs 🙂 That’s actually the issue. That won’t work either. It won’t let me close it through the process as well :/

      And if I try to actually do the killprocess without using that, it also doesn’t work saying access is denied (for no reason). This issue only happens when the game crashes due to one of these new graphic card issues I’ve been having :/ Thankfully, none yet today so.


        • Yep. Windows 7. Like I said, this only happens when it hard locks out and when I try to do it (without the “forced” way which does nothing) through the task manager, it pops up as microsoft windows and it’s really odd


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