Wonderous Egg has never been out and nobody has one

Yep. I got a response, they went through the information and our answer:

So I passed everything on to our dev folk for investigation, I can confirm for you that no one has ever gotten the wondrous egg. My only guess can be that folks may have gotten it mixed up with the other egg (an easy mixup for sure). I also fear that the information you received from our CS agents appears to be incorrect, at least as far as we can tell, no one has ever gotten the egg nor has it been distributed in-game.

As for why it was mentioned in the Patch Notes… I’m guessing it just changed all the data on the eggs and they just wrote them all there as it was technically updated…even if not out yet. Afterall, the white crystal has been around for how long now? 😛 Just not actually achievable.

What I would like to know though…who thought this was a good rumor to start? And why did so many sites put up this information without any facts clarified? It’s…frustrating.

At least it’s finally over. However, rumors say it may be the pet in Nightmare Explosive Conflict.

(on a happier note, got my enhancements yay~ Unfortunately, down to 180K due to ripping stuff out. Sorry, but I worked too hard on my 26’s to just replace them 🙁 )

2 thoughts on “Wonderous Egg has never been out and nobody has one

    • Yeah, it’s really bittersweet. I think I’m happier knowing though than continuing to look around like an idiot.


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