Another Dreadtooth down!

Thanks to Telanis, I got invited along and got him down at 4 stacks! 😀 It took a few tries (I think we could’ve gotten it in 2 if it wasn’t for some of the glitches we had), but we did it! And I got a new codex: CORRUPTED.

Now, after speaking to Netto, he said he didn’t get any new codex with 2 but got Corrupted with 3. So, I believe Normal is 1-2 Stacks, Corrupted is 3-4 stacks, 5-6 Stacks is Frenzied, and 7 Stacks is Nightmareish. He can’t have more than 7 stacks so… I know this was kind of debated on, but I feel it’s a bit more confirmed now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the 7 stack is also where the amulet may drop, if it does drop from him.

SO MUCH SPECULATION T~T I do wonder if a team of 24 right now could get Dreadtooth down on 7 stacks or if they have been planning for that level increase this entire time…

2 thoughts on “Another Dreadtooth down!

  1. 😀

    I already toldja how the codices work! 😛

    I bet a good team could get it down now, but I also bet they did plan on the level increase being required.


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