Warning: Ability Limits Exist

So, a while ago, I made a post trying to figure out why some users could have more pets/vehicles than others.

Today, I received a reply back from the person who inspired the post.

Quoting them momentarily:

Just a follow up.

Received an email from CS which states that pets and vehicles are considered “skills” once learned.

And SWTOR has a total skill cap including your pets/vehicles/character skills/Legacy skills/etc.

That is the reason why some have more pets/mounts than others who already are at a cap.

Different classes already have different amount of skills but I think the most difference is with legacy unlocks.

Although I was lvl 50 already I purchased for instance all exp boost character perks as well as the general legacy perks.

If ´the system counts every “step” (5) of each exp ladder as an individual passive skill than it is no wonder that I am capped.

Well I have an open ticket since 12-22 to let CS delete 20 vehicles (vendor mounts) and reinstalate those as an item for me to put on the bank. With those 20 slots free I would learn my 8 pets and 6 speeders from the newest cartel packs and have 6 slots left open for the 4 vehicles I still need to collect.

Have fun.


That is…pretty awful. Kind of glad I haven’t gotten some of the Legacy stuff now (like the cooldowns or a few other things), however, this puts a huge dent in my plans too. And new skills will be coming with Makeb so… I may end up sending an e-mail to Customer Service and having some of my vehicles turned “off” and putting them in my own bank now. :/ Only keeping limited/no longer around ones “learned” on my character along with a few favorites. As much as I want to collect mounts too, I am a bigger pet person so… 🙁 Just really sucks. However, while I haven’t gotten the Dominator’s Throne yet (which I guess is good), I actually would want the Diplomat’s Meditation Throne for the few I’d keep as I really love the flying holocrons and it matches Mari’s dress.

Overall though, I’m…kind of just depressed about this and REALLY paranoid now v-v Will at the very least see if I can learn any information on the cap.

7 thoughts on “Warning: Ability Limits Exist

  1. Complain a lot till they fix it, don’t plan on life sucking instead lol. I am filing a bug report right now, everyone else should too 😉


    • XD That’s what my boyfriend said.

      Honestly, I think it’s an oversight more than anything. Everything has to be a limit while programmed and they may just not have realized how many abilities they really have in there and thus, it’s smaller than it needs to be. Though, why they made the limit so small to begin with is another issue in itself 🙁


  2. This problem was reported as early as 1.2, you’ll never see a fix for it lol. I’m glad I’m no longer playing, since I’d say I was very close to hitting the cap.


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