• So, SWTOR is doing an official livestream today answering questions about 1.4 and Free-to-Play. I’m pretty excited, even if I know most of the answers we hear probably won’t be too great but still.

    I just appreciate the fact that they are doing it.

    also, randomly, I will say while I will never use it in my life (nor will I be using the new oreo-themed colors though), I do kind of miss Banana!Sage. So R.I.P. May you one day reappear in the future.

    ANYWAY, back to my original topic… the Livestream they are doing starts at 5PM EST. It, sadly, will only last for 30 minutes but hopefully it will be an awesome 30 minutes. I will be sure to edit this post later with some highlights for me.

    I do expect them to say Terror from Beyond’s upcoming date, if anything–maybe even Free-to-Play’s as well. I would be surprised if TfB isn’t going to be out this Tuesday however… so I just hope I can be helpful to some people and get some goals done ASAP. In the meantime, I’m going to go update my codex list…

    EDIT: BUT BEFORE I DO THAT… I recently stumbled across this T~T I always find it nice when people find it helpful. Eeeee <3 And apparently some of my older threads had been linked in the past too! I’m just going to sit and be excited now. 😛

    Edit 2: Guess who is stuck iin the city and who’s phone apparently hates livestream? T___T keep me updated, I guess… shall watch when I get home so thoughts will be…


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