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With the update possibly coming soon, I decided to re-check some offhand stuff. With the update, those who can usually not modify their offhands will now be able to. However, you will not be able to modify the Black Hole one (which is the best for me) so I have been working hard to figure out what to do.

Each offhand that can be modded can have:
1. An Armoring
2. A Mod
3. An Enhancement
4. A Color Crystal

And of course, an Augment can be added.

So, I decided to calculate and see if what I am planning to put in mine would be better. Right, now, my Black Hole offhand (with an Advanced Resolve 22 Augment) has the following stats:
+99 Endurance
+120 Willpower
+102 Power
+649 Force Power
+57 Surge Rating

Without the Augment:

+87 Endurance
+102 Willpower
+102 Power
+649 Force Power
+57 Surge

What I am planning for mine:
-Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 (still need – 10 Durasteel, 6 Mandalorian Iron, 4 Molecular Stablizers, 2 Synthetic Energy Matrix, and 10 Zal Alloy)
-Advanced Aptitude Mod 26
-Advanced Adept Enhancement 26 (still need – 2 Corusca Gem, 2 Molecular Stabilizer, 4 Primeval Artifact Fragment, and 4 Upari Crystal)
-Advanced Magenta Hawkeye Crystal (Still need. Will probably just buy from the GTN–about 300K)
-Advanced Resolve Augment 22

That would give my offhand (without augment):
+108 Endurance
+162 Willpower
+123 Power
+57 Surge

With Augment:
+120 Endurance
+180 Willpower
+123 Power
+57 Surge

So…That is going to be amazing. And just looking at that, you can imagine the kind of stuff currently in my BH Off-hand then in comparison to what I will have come 1.4 (if I can get everything in time!). That’s really going to be…a huge improvement for a lot of classes if they use it right. (and maybe the Willpower increase will get me back to 35% Crit!)

I expect Force Power to be higher…but I don’t know how to calculate that so.

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