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Cartel Progress

So, I officially have all 4 Starfighters now! Unfortunately, I still need a Flamehair Kowakian Monkey-lizard. Though, that only will take care of pets @-@

I still need the following Skip Tracer items:
Ambassador’s Meditation Chair
Emote: Backflip
Emote: Flourish
Title: The Skip Tracer
Holo-Shrub Disguise
Mood: Angered
Mood: Enraged
Mood: Disdained
Mood: Ecstatic
Mood: Fearful

And the following from the Blockade Runner’s Pack:
Dominator’s Command Throne
Diplomat’s Meditation Chair

I also technically need a White Lightsaber Crystal and a Cyan-Blue (Crit or Power) as well, but not nearly as important as everything else x-x

I just hope I can get them all before the next pack, but considering I still have stuff left from the Blockade Runner’s, my hopes are pretty down 🙁

Eeee T~T

First of all, Happy Christmas Eve to everyone! …or if you’re seeing this on the 25th, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays/Happy Life Day! 😀

I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who gave Holiday wishes T~T And Thank you Mirin for the lovely gifts! <3 I love them muchly 😀 *PUTTING ON HER NEW EARPIECE NOW* YAY FOR PET CARE PACKAGES <3 Wriggles has decided to celebrate in various ways:


And now, to work on Cellina a bit too 😀 and then head to bed to wake up to gifts from Santa! yay! <3 ...or whoever gives gifts for Life Day? (Dear Devs, I would really really really really really really really really really like a Ubrikki War Rider (because PVP is stupid) and/or a Wonderous Egg, please. Love, Mari. P.S. I will also be happy with credits of any amount because I suck at earning them and then I can run around fleet throwing credits and stuff at people. P.P.S. A Princess title or light pink version of Elegant Outfit = also acceptable. :P)

More Speedering~

So, I got the rest of the speeders I needed that could be bought T~T Which just leaves:
Ubrikkian War-rider – 1,000 Ranked Warzone Commendations and Rank 2200 in Ranked Warzones
Avalanche Heavy Tank – NM EC
Praxon Firaxa – NM EC Timed Run
Dominator’s Command Throne – Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack
Diplomat’s Meditation Chair – Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack

Can’t be gotten right now:
Korrealis Prince – From Imperial PVP Vendor on Fleet. Technically, a friend got me one stupid bound-ness. *hopes for a bound remover in the Cartel Shop*

Nice to see the list so much smaller… but the Ubrikkian War-rider still makes me angry 🙁 I don’t know how I will ever get that ranking and even though supposedly you will be able to get a rank solo come Season 1, I worry it may not be there anymore… .__.

Plans for the Day + Christmas-ness

Today, I will probably mostly be stalking the GTN as items should start showing up at about 6:30PM EST. You may have noticed I did not properly update my trade page yet–this is due to certain items being BoP and I just want to see if those are being fixed and yeah… @-@ so for now, just leaving them rather than doing parts is easier for me to keep track. Regardless, I did edit this post where I mention all the items with details on if I am keeping them or not so :3 …not that I really got anything people want ._.

Also, I am willing to sell them so if you’d rather offer credits over items on my list, that is fine.

Besides that, I STILL need to win a match of Ancient Hypergate so I will most likely be queuing up for PVP when I’m not stalking the GTN. Of course, I don’t know why I will stalk the GTN considering I never have credits in the first place 🙁

which makes me sad. I’d love to just like…go around the fleet and hand out random gifts and things to people if I could afford to :/ But I seem to be a failure in that whole sense of area ._.

Regardless, some people have been asking me what I want for Christmas… and well, for me, I just want to finish goals. The more goals I finish, the happier I get @-@

So, essentially, stuff I dream of:
Cartel Market Items I need (I will also take boxes themselves :3)
-Spaceship Parts! I bought the two you could get for 150 Daily Commendations, but I still need the rest of the parts. Speaking of which, I just noticed there’s no grade 7 Torpedo thingy O-o That’s…odd. But yeah…these can be bought in the Cartel Market. One part is available from a fleet vendor for 300K @-@ And the rest are fleet commendations… though, 3 need to be made–2 schematics are fleet commendations and 1 schematic is daily commendations 🙁
-Czerka Crate-o-Matic Eeee! Someone had it on the GTN for 1 million and Mar-gon lent me money and I got it T~T …now I have no money though 🙁
Speeders I need (Cartel Market ones not listed here)
-More storage space 🙁 (Costs 1 million or Cartel Coins X__x)
-Credits! Would be used for the above and various legacy stuff for Mari and other characters.

One day, game. One day I will be complete and I can save up for the future T~T

TfB HM @-@ + Gear Progress

So, I was taken to TfB HM tonight as the usual sage is away this week. I wish I could say I did awesome, but I know I was kind of off. My reflexes were kind of iffy due to my sinus headache so my overheal was worse than usual (I’m pretty good at healing but not so much making sure I don’t heal someone to death) 🙁 Will probably head to bed soon. Regardless, I did have fun~

Also, Drummer said something really sweet T~T <3 Which made my night~ Annnnd I got the mainhand! Which removes 3 things from my list of horribleness. We will be attempting EC NM tomorrow… I’m scared @-@

And I got another codex from Ancient Hypergate…another from the cubes @-@ Just need to win a match and I should (hopefully) be done.

Finally, going to Cartel Market-ness again… there’s also another throne: Dominator’s Command Throne -_- At least it doesn’t look like there are anymore pets… but I’m still paranoid 🙁

Anyway, new gear needed list: Continue reading

:( / Edit: T~T <3

There is always something awkward when you want to try and avoid your main character as to not run into someone :/

As it is, I will most likely be filling in for NM EC this upcoming Tuesday evening which just stresses me more EDIT: Looks like it’ll be HM EC! Still makes me nervous though 🙁 Note to self: need all 27 armorings except for legs.



YAY. …the skirt is kind of broken though. but still! yay!

but yes, speeders to go: Continue reading

1.6 and things

So, Tuesday is 1.6. It’s also the fireworks and I’m pretty sure it’ll probably be any special Cartel Market items or Anniversary/Life Day stuff (and if not, Life Day will probably be either next week or the week after).

I’m kind of excited, but I’m mostly stressing. Still have incomplete goals (Speeders, Gear, Codexes, Dreadtooth…) and I’m going to have to add on to the codexes :/ Should probably look up and see what Ancient Hypergates has…

I’m worried they may actually remove past cartel boxes when they add in new ones which would cause more prices to raise… And with the throne finally under 2 million, I’d rather not see it shoot back up.

Shall try and stay positive @-@ but mostly just paranoid 🙁 As it is, I have to work that day so I may not be able to see it right away. There’s a chance it may even be up early even though delays seem more common.

Anyway, Ancient Hypergate codexes:
Ancient Hypergate: Captured a Pylon
Ancient Hypergate: Took Cover from Explosion
Ancient Hypergate: Won a Match

Unfortunately, I still don’t understand Ancient Hypergates as well, but I know the warzone is going to suck as a healer :/

and now I am dragged off to EC HM T~T I guess I can hope for the mount at least…

…I wish they’d remove the ranked requirement on that one stupid speeder ._.

EDIT: EEEE 😀 I GOT THE HM EC MOUNT YAY! <3 Edit 2: ack, forgot about the new space missions... will probably pick them all up and cry

Progress list

Gear – No progress whatsoever and with TfB ruined for me and EC still making me feel iffy, I’m not sure how progress will ever be made. :/

Cartel Market – Down to 2 Mounts (Lhosan Manta, Throne) and 1 Pet (Monkey-lizard) but thanks to people, I should hopefully just have the throne left… Would also like the Rangehunter EE-1 Carbine Rifle. And semi-tempted to get pink lightsabers for all characters due to early pink lightsabers.

Codexes – NM EC and Dreadtooth. Stupid NM EC and stupid Dreadtooth ._.

General Mount List – …still a giant pile of failure. Still need EC HM mount…and EC NM mount… and Ranked PVP Mount 🙁

and pretty much everything on the collecting list ._.

Thinking of gear stuff

While I continue to fail on all speeder-related goals, I decided to calculate just how much I need for everything gear-wise.

Advanced Mettle Mod 27 x4 – 6 Durasteel, 4 Mandalorian Iron, 4 Molecular Stabilizer, 6 Zal Alloy (24 Durasteel, 16 Mandalorian Iron, 16 Molecular Stabilizers, 24 Zal Alloy for all 4)

Advanced Aptitude Mod 27 x4 – 6 Durasteel, 4 Mandalorian Iron, 4 Molecular Stabilizer, 6 Zal Alloy (24 Durasteel, 16 Mandalorian Iron, 16 Molecular Stabilizers, 24 Zal Alloy for all 4)

Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 27 x2 – 4 Corusca Gem, 4 Molecular Stabilizer, 6 Primeval Artifact Fragment, 6 Upari Crystal (8 Corusca Gem, 8 Molecular Stabilizer, 12 Primeval Artifact Fragment, 12 Upari Crystal for both)

Advanced Battle Enhancement 27 – 4 Corusca Gem, 4 Molecular Stabilizer, 6 Primeval Artifact Fragment, 6 Upari Crystal

Advanced Resolve Armoring 27 – 12 Durasteel, 8 Mandalorian Iron, 6 Molecular Stabilizer, 2 Synthetic Energy Matrix, 12 Zal Alloy

Advanced Resolve Hilt 27 – 8 Corusca Gem, 8 Molecular Stabilizer, 12 Primeval Artifact Fragment, 2 Synthetic Energy Matrix, 12 Upari Crystal

For a total of… 60 Durasteel, 40 Mandalorian Iron, 50 Molecular Stabilizers, 4 Synthetic Energy Matrix, 60 Zal Alloy, 20 Corusca Gem, 30 Primeval Artifact Fragment, 30 Upari Crystal

….I’ll just add this to my list of things that are never going to happen.

2 extra Advanced Resolve Armoring 27 for Bracers and Belt – 12 Durasteel, 8 Mandalorian Iron, 6 Molecular Stabilizer, 2 Synthetic Energy Matrix, 12 Zal Alloy (24 Durasteel, 16 Mandalorian Iron, 12 Molecular Stabilizer, 4 Synthetic Energy Matrix, 24 Zal Alloy for both)

so with those 2, new total: 84 Durasteel, 56 Mandalorian Iron, 62 Molecular Stabilizers, 8 Synthetic Energy Matrix, 84 Zal Alloy, 20 Corusca Gem, 30 Primeval Artifact Fragment, 30 Upari Crystal

….so going on that list. ;__;

I technically need armorings still for Head, Chest, Gloves, and Legs…but I should probably aim for the Denova ones over getting them made since I’ll have to replace them with the Denova ones anyway… unfortunately, TfB has made me sad due to all the stupid drama over it. v-v so I’d rather not see it anymore. I don’t think I’m good enough anyway.

Also still need a Hazmat Force-healer’s MK-3 Relay and one more Hazmat Force-healer’s MK-4 System x-x

1.5 to take 12 hours @-@

So, they recently updated with maintenance info and well:


All game servers, SWTOR.com, and the launcher will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to take no more than twelve hours.

Well, I’m hoping since they gave themselves such a large amount of time, it won’t be delayed. While I understand sometimes there just are…I only have a few set hours to get things done and if it gets pushed back too far, I shall be sad T~T

Regardless, I will get up early and stalk the launcher anyway. Not only to patch ASAP, but just incase. *DETERMINED*

Also, thank you to everyone who has offered to give me pets T~T I really appreciate it…especially considering how many are in the box just as rare and how many are in as super rare .__. but yes, I shall be sure to update the lists ASAP and hopefully we’ll manage to get them all T~T