1.6 and things

So, Tuesday is 1.6. It’s also the fireworks and I’m pretty sure it’ll probably be any special Cartel Market items or Anniversary/Life Day stuff (and if not, Life Day will probably be either next week or the week after).

I’m kind of excited, but I’m mostly stressing. Still have incomplete goals (Speeders, Gear, Codexes, Dreadtooth…) and I’m going to have to add on to the codexes :/ Should probably look up and see what Ancient Hypergates has…

I’m worried they may actually remove past cartel boxes when they add in new ones which would cause more prices to raise… And with the throne finally under 2 million, I’d rather not see it shoot back up.

Shall try and stay positive @-@ but mostly just paranoid πŸ™ As it is, I have to work that day so I may not be able to see it right away. There’s a chance it may even be up early even though delays seem more common.

Anyway, Ancient Hypergate codexes:
Ancient Hypergate: Captured a Pylon
Ancient Hypergate: Took Cover from Explosion
Ancient Hypergate: Won a Match

Unfortunately, I still don’t understand Ancient Hypergates as well, but I know the warzone is going to suck as a healer :/

and now I am dragged off to EC HM T~T I guess I can hope for the mount at least…

…I wish they’d remove the ranked requirement on that one stupid speeder ._.

EDIT: EEEE πŸ˜€ I GOT THE HM EC MOUNT YAY! <3 Edit 2: ack, forgot about the new space missions... will probably pick them all up and cry

Well, that’s one way to kill someone’s mood.

Someone is accusing me of cheating in PVP. That’s…really rude and obnoxious.

I have never cheated before or anything. I have always played honestly πŸ™ So this was really frustrating and the person thinks I’m lying.

This sucks. v-v Just because I know how to get over to a thingy fast or neat ways to sneak a cap doesn’t mean I cheat πŸ™ It just means I can be a Princess-healing-Ninja.

Edit: or being accidentally flagged and killed by a bunch of Imperials

Operations, End Game, and Various other things

So, lots of random things to talk about. It makes up for me not writing anything long in a while though I suppose. We shall go a bit in order (as the first two things are connected anyhow and the last thing is pretty much everything else) as we once in a blue moon do so enjoy πŸ˜›

I’m a completionist. If you have no learned this by now…well, I don’t know how you wouldn’t so ummm… anyway, I love to 100% things. Every single thing I play I like to complete. In the case of an MMO where there is no actual finish, but I set several goals for myself.

I love collecting things so those are my main priority when it comes down to thing. For me, gear is more of an object to get me further over a necessity. I will always put not looking like an idiot before better stats. And I wouldn’t even care about getting further if it wasn’t for certain things to collect and the story parts. Like in Pokemon, I could care less about the gym leaders and Elite 4 if it weren’t for the shiny badges and title πŸ˜›

Which brings me to the points that started this. A lot of people make big deals about raiding. If they are not raiding or have new stuff to raid (as they finished all the current stuff), they get bored. Obviously, this is something I don’t really understand. For me, once I see the story, I’m good. I don’t need to do it anymore.

EXCEPT for one small problem. Each difficulty has special codexes and the hard (and nightmare–though, the same as hard) difficulties have special vanity-related items (Just speeders confirmed so far, despite the Wondrous/Wonderous Egg rumors). This annoys me. Why? Because I don’t like feeling forced to do something on another difficulty to collect things. If I feel like doing something on a harder difficulty because this was no easy, fine. But I have no interest otherwise. The only other reason I’d want to, if there were no codexes or etc., were if there were new fights or story elements or etc.

Supposedly, when/if they re-do Nightmare for operations, they will be changing some of the things gotten from it. I do not want this. If you are asking why, you may want to re-read some of the stuff I said, but in case you do not feel like it: I hate when people are forced to do something on another difficulty to collect things. If I have all my gear, I am essentially stuck trying to farm an operation (and I don’t even have many attempts–only 1 for Hard/Nightmare and 2 if it’s on both…and the only thing on both (although, for the Tirsa Elite, you could do normal of both KP and EV) is the M0-GUL Thrall Droid.

However, I hate “rare” drops to begin with. For one, you have to deal with people who just want something because it’s rare. And I can’t stand that. There are people who really want something and to see someone who just wants to show off get it sucks. And I have awful luck in nearly every game I play (whether it be online or offline) and the chances of me getting something I really want is slim to none (however, once I do have it, there is a 90% chance it will show up wherever I go to spite me).

It is essentially kind of like my issue of being forced to do Ranked for a Speeder. Ranked was made for PVPers who wanted a challenge. But now those who easily killed users mercilessly before are downing teams easily enough in Ranked, getting plenty of Ranked Commendations, and are killing users in normal PVP even faster. Can I just say how much I hate PVP/Expertise? Still not looking forward to getting like 25 or so more valor ranks to hit 100 for the codexes :/ And I don’t know if I will ever manage a 2200 rating for the speeder.

I kind of wish nothing was bound. Then at least I could try and buy it from someone. And maybe I would’ve gotten a M0-GUL Thrall Droid months ago because so many people I would see who didn’t even want it would get it. Talk about heart-breaking.

Continuing back to Operations though, I also don’t understand farming full on. If everyone has their gear and everyone has the best they can have of each thing (thus, no need for materials to make them), why still do it? This is something that just boggles my mind. Maybe it’s partially my hate for repetition (so much hate), but it just seems a waste for me…and we all know my stance on doing something just to earn credits 😐

I just wish the difficulties could just be made into something for when people want a challenge without all the special codexes or drops. That doesn’t mean I won’t do it (heck, EVERYTHING always feels like a challenge to me unless it can’t hit me!)–I do like challenges. I just don’t like feeling forced to (Again, while I may not be actually forced by the devs/game itself–my wanting to collect everything does kind of put me in that position). Especially as it’s just what I did before just with a few new mechanics (and most of the time, people don’t even have to change their strategy that much), bosses with more health and that can hit harder, and no new story elements. I just…don’t care.

So, in short:
I really hate the different difficulties of operations and think they’re stupid. This also goes for flashpoints.

Moving on to various other things… I forgot how much Corellia can be such a maze. We only finished the first part and the rest may take a bit. I did get Amidaia’s Mr. Robot Page half up. You can check out her wish list. The only thing is I still want an orange version of this shirt. Unfortunately, still no luck finding one. The Force Initiates Vestments shares the picture with the Inquisitor’s Vestments. There’s also the Savant Vestments which make a black version. However, that looks like…well, a orange version of this legacy top for Consulars. Part of me wonders if the Consular’s Renowned Robe is actually what the Nylite Vest would look like…of course I can’t check since:
1. It’s Jedi Consular only
2. It’s Bind on Pick-up
3. My Sith Inquisitor obviously can’t get to Coruscant.
4. I wouldn’t be able to spend that much to try and test it anyway (I may be tempted though)

Since I don’t plan to raid with her, I may just keep her in the red top (despite its suckiness) once I finish all the flash points and planets and whatnot.

I’ve also working hard on trying to get all of Amidaia’s companions up now that she is 50, but I suck at it. πŸ™ If you are on Corellian Run and have gifts you can’t use…I can actually use all of them so yeah >>

In a happier note, a friend gave me 5 Molecular Stabilizers. I checked the GTN and the Matrix thingys were actually less then the guild was selling them for so I bought them…and then, despite not really wanting to on principal, bought the last Stabilizer from the guild. However, this does mean I can get my Hilt so I sent them off and hopefully I will have a new Hilt sometime later today and then I will be DONE! Edit: HILT IS HERE YAY πŸ˜€

I technically need either the armoring for the Boots or Gloves to keep my 2-set bonus (without the ugly Columni Hat), but considering I still haven’t found a headgear I really like (come on fancy circlet) it’s not a big deal/emergency right now.

I may work on PVPing more due to Valor-ness plus trying to get some gear so maybe people actually want me on ranked and not just when they’re desperate (though, even being desperate isn’t enough). Besides that, I still need about 50 more Daily Commendations for the other daily speeder, I don’t even have a ranking yet so who knows how much I need to work on for the Ranked Speeder, and then I just have to get the Aratech Coral (1 more NP kill to go!) and the speeder HM Kephess drops and then I just need speeders you can buy (or speeders stuck bound–staring at you Korrealis Prince >___>).

Speaking of HM Kephess, I never mentioned how the raid went on Sunday. Unfortunately, nobody was on toda…well, yesterday now so we couldn’t try again, but we had gotten really close. DPS was no problem (in fact, we were DPSing a little too fast if anything) but circles seemed to throw people off, some people had a few issues with Fearful, and one of our tanks seemed to be thrown off a bit. Regardless, our closest was like 5% and 8% or something and they hadn’t even enraged. I really wish we pulled through.

…however, to be honest, I didn’t have as much fun as I’d have liked. I loved the company–everyone did a great job. They were not the problem at all. But…HM EC really has been ruined for me. I just…like I’m trying really hard to enjoy it (and seeing my boyfriend get rejuvenated from the frustration of the guild with how it went was great), but I just can’t. I just had it so killed for me so HM EC may as well just join the ranks of Taral V, Directive 7, and Eternity Vault. Not to mention while I am not surprised by deaths as we try things, repairs = expensive T__T And I just can’t afford so much.

Regardless, we’ll be trying again this Sunday (and then next Wednesday from then on) so I’m keeping my head high in hopes we succeed! It really isn’t their fault at all that EC HM got ruined for me. It’s just too bad it probably won’t get fixed. At the very least, I’m excited people will get gear even if it’s a very long way off for me to ever get gloves (or boots if I get lucky on an NP group). Hopefully I can at least win the Speeder on the first time it drops for us–then at least I’ll no longer feel like I have to do HM EC for myself. Helping other people get geared is fine–and it’ll just be a large stress reliever off my shoulders.

The best stress reliever, however, would just be knowing the truth about the Wondrous Egg. I can just continue hoping I suppose πŸ™


So, to my surprise, I got dragged into a Ranked PVP group! One of the top PVP groups on our server no less. They were…versing another group in their guild so that was interesting. Of course, then certain friends of mine also queued and just fsa’fa’;lsfal’as so much craziness. Got to do 2 matches though. Just…2 more to go and I can see my rating!

But yes, I appreciate them bringing me :3 Makes me feel like less of a loser~ I just wish I was better πŸ™

Edit: So, we were going to do 2 more… but then my laptop decided for the game to completely lag out after I accepted so I had a giant loading screen at the top of Civil War and it kicked me due to it lagging out and there are no words for how depressed I am πŸ™ this was the last they were going to do tonight too.

PVP Discussion

Due to a…depressing conversation, it came to the conclusion that you can get about 1K Ranked Commendations if you do all your dailies and your weekly each week. Technically a bit more as you’d also get 1K normal commendations (+50 on average per Warzone) and you can trade them in for Ranked…but if you do not do that, it would be about 1-3 weeks to get things.

And…one match of PVP practically breaks me. That much PVP? I think I’d go insane. I can barely do normal dailies.

So, in the meantime, I decided to make a detailed PVP list for whatever I would need:
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Cuffs (1,250 Ranked Commendations + Battle Master Cuffs (550 WC))
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Sash (1,425 Ranked Commendations + Battle Master Sash (625 WC))
Elite War Hero Force-Mystic’s Focus (3,475 Ranked Commendations + War Hero Force-Mystic’s Focus (3,475 Ranked Commendations + Battle Master Force-Master Focus (1,550 WC))
War Hero Force-healer’s MK-1 Relay (1,425 RC + 200 WC)
War Hero Force-healer’s MK-1 System (1,425 RC + 200 WC)
War Hero Force-Master’s Headgear (2,425 RC + Battle Master Hat)
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Boots (2,000 RC + Battle Master Boots)
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Gloves (2,000 RC + Battle Master Gloves)
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Robe (3,200 RC + Battle Master Robe)
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Lower Robe (2,225 RC + Battle Master Bottoms)

Commendation totals: 20,750 RC + 3,125 WC (not counting a Lightsaber)
(eventually I got tired typing it all out so RC = Ranked Commendations and WC = Warzone Commendations)

So, that’ll be like… 5 months or so. …fun 😐

Not to mention the fact that I still need the Consular’s Exalted Boots and Gloves…. v-v Which is 300K. Then, switching War Hero stuff into my Hat, Boots, Gloves, Top, and Bottom… Which is 90K per item x5 which is 450K. Then, adding augments to 12 items (already have in my top and bottom)… 30K x12 = 360K. Not to mention getting those 12 augments. I mean, yes, I can make them, but I need more of those slicing things first :/ Which are super expensive. Regardless, we are already up to 1,110,000 credits.

Lightsaber will be last (if I do so at all) until they add a Magenta Expertise crystal :/ (For the record though, it costs 3,475 RC + Battle Master Lightsaber (1,550 WC) so that’s 24,225 RC + 4,675 WC)

Edit: And considering how much it bothers me when I get killed in PVP (especially by someone I know), it makes it that much harder to want to bother. ._.

To-do List for 1.4?

While whether 1.4 is a full thing or not, it has been more or less confirmed by various interviews that Terror From Beyond will be out in September. Which means if they do put it on the Public Test Server (I’d think so, but who knows), it’ll probably be sometime soon.

Considering I have yet to actually get any kind of To-Do List completed 100%, I expect this to also be a failure (which actually makes me incredibly upset), but I figured I’d at least try and make this get all set up along with an average of about how much each will cost…if anything.

Continue reading

Ranked Warzones

I will be honest in the fact that I really don’t understand or know much about ranked Warzones. I do know they are essentially Warzones for 8 people put up against another 8. However, the “ranking” doesn’t seem to work too well yet as a lot of people who have yet to be ranked are being put up against teams that are ranked already and pretty high too which means you won’t really start out with anything good…which already sucks.

Having looked through some stats, you’d probably have to win quite a bit. As in like over 50-100 times and your losses would have to be pretty low. And eventually, no matter what, you will get paired against the good teams (unless you try to look them up ahead of time) and get completely obliterated. And even if you do get that high by luck of getting teams worse than you, there will always eventually be new people actually good at PVP who will also kick your butt.

Now, I’m very big on fairness. I hate exclusivity unless there is another way for someone to be able to get it. And it finally dawned on me that one of the speeders (while I mentioned they aren’t priority, I do still want them all eventually) requires 2200 Ranked Warzone Rating. I believe the highest is 2400 and that’s 2200 is what you need for the Rated stuff. So I have no clue how I’m going to get that, if ever. Not to mention that means those who are that high will continue to slaughter you with their fancy new gear.

And I’m essentially stressing as:
1. If they’re doing that with the speeder, then what? What happens if pets are also done like that? and I’m essentially freaking out.
2. They get reset every season. While this has it’s pros (not to mention, you could quickly try to get your ranked up early on), that also increases the chance of just general craziness when it does reset. Especially as Season 1 is supposed to start some of the official rankings which…I just hope, if they do prizes for that, it’s just recognition and/or credits. Because special pets or mounts for the highest in PVP will make me cry.

The thing is, people PVP because they enjoy it. Similarly, people PVE because they enjoy it. Forcing someone do one or the other really sucks. I wasn’t too fond of the giant Bantha world boss in the PVP zone because of how crazy it was, though, it was still fun, but I’d be lying if I said I wanted to have that happen again anytime soon.

I personally find Expertise a stupid stat. I know why it exists, but I still think, if they really did the whole “YOU CAN LEVEL YOUR WAY”, that it seems silly to force people to do the other to get gear for something else. And since there’s codexes and things to collect involved, if you do want to collect them all, you will have to suffer through both. And I believe I mentioned before how I wish PVP could have no kills and just stuns/push backs and solely focus on Objectives. I get that people would be all “IT’S NOT FAIR AS PVPERS CAN GET THEIR GEAR FASTER” but if they prefer to PVP, would they really be doing much PVE? Similarly

or at the very least, make it tradeable/sellable. Honestly, the amount of stuff bound in this game can be infuriating. I have seen many people roll on things accidentally and try to give them to the other person as have I seen people who have gotten the pet and/or mount drops and do not care for it and/or everyone already has it or etc. and do not want it in any case whatsoever.

And I’m still stuck with 3 Sorveigns in the bank.

But yes, I’m paranoid and stressing out and while I think Ranked Warzones are a great addition for people who really want more competition in their warzones, I wish there weren’t so many special things tied to it. I mean, they could’ve even just made the gear orange rather than having increased stats for those same people to further annihilate you. And if you’re a person who enjoys PVP, you’d want to do the Ranked anyway probably. I just don’t like feeling forced to. For now, I just need to try and stop thinking about it…but that speeder is going to haunt me :/

On the bright side, at least I finally got a Advanced Resolve Armoring 25. …now I just need to upgrade everything to 26. πŸ™

(oh, and btw, asking if a Sage is a Tank is really silly πŸ™ you can see what class someone is!)