2.1 hits today so I’m already patched and waiting for the servers to go up now 🙂

I don’t know what I want to do first. I’ll probably check out the new appearance stuff on the fleet I guess? Then go hunting around for all the different dyes.

And if there isn’t a light pink one (I know one was shown, but I don’t know if it’ll be out at release), I will be sad.

Gonna also see how that new long hair looks on Zoara–if it’s even a choice. I really wish horn and hair selections were separated 🙁

I also wish all characters got jewelry. ._.

Besides that, may look into modifying Mari’s face slightly. I felt her face looks too long/narrow/thin for a while and it’s really supposed to be a bit rounder like Cellina’s.

but yes, time to wait. >3

Edit: It’s up!

The fact that the Dye Module thing in the Cartel Market is random makes me very sad.

Collections seems a bit glitchy. Says I don’t have the Public Test Server titles… weird.

if I made a Cathar, this would probably be her:

I’d probably want to give Cathar the 45 hair for humans if it was available :/

Edit 2: Hair is human only as I thought… which means I can’t put it on my Zabrak. Super disappointed. Hair 45 really makes me wish there was a long ponytail though… sad there is only a long braid.

Edit 3: Dye seems to be the same per security vendor… Checking reputation vendors now

Edit 4: Still going through reputation vendors. Just Gree left. Any that do have them just have a single schematic :/ Weren’t like half supposed to be crafted?

Anyway, bought some of the random crafting things from the Cartel Market. Here’s what I got:
Light Blue and Medium Blue
Medium Brown and White Dye
Dark Purple and Light Blue
Dark Brown and Medium Brown
Medium Brown and White
Deep Red and Dark Purple x2
Deep Red and White (reverse of Security Key vendor one)
Black and Black
Deep Red and Dark Blue

All the doubles are worrying me as I really just want a light pink primary :/

Edit 5: Last 7 I bought:
…apparently I accidentally bought the Human Hairstyles 1? oh well, at least they are okay… I guess.

so umm…last 6 bought then:
Deep Red and Dark Purple x2
Deep Red and White x3
Dark Brown and Medium Brown
Medium Brown and White
Dark Green and White
Medium Brown and White
Dark Brown and White
Light Blue and Medium Blue
Medium Gray and Dark Green

… ._.

Edit 6: And Inquisitor’s Vestments do not have dye module slots 🙁 very sad.

Edit 7: So Deep Pink and Dark Purple is the only Pink dye right now. I could maybe use it for my Mercenary, Commando, and Scoundrel, but it wouldn’t fit my other characters… and that still means no light pink and gold or just light pink and that makes me very sad ._.

Dates and Things

So, if you read the forum, you’ll know the current aimed dates are May 14th for 2.1 and June 11th for 2.2.

I didn’t expect 2.1 to be so soon @-@ So I’m pretty excited about that. However, I really hope we won’t see another Cartel pack. I mean, it’s likely we will since it’s kind of a cartel coin update, but I feel there will be enough to spend Cartel Coins on without that added factor X__x now if the stores around here would actually start carrying the cards… ._. (Pets T~T)

The Gree event should also show up inbetween the two… maybe I can finally get the other pet… but I don’t know if I could deal with the repetition and PVP still makes me sad. v-v

June 11th doesn’t surprise me TOO much. That is also the day E3 starts and I’m guessing it’ll be mentioned there (lucky people going to E3 *envies*) plus be a good thing to bring up.

A lot of people think the game is dying or it’s not very good and that’s really really silly (also comparing to WoW is silly in itself because WoW copied many things from other games too–like the stuff that makes an MMO an MMO in the first place). Due to not feeling too great lately, my sleeping has been a mess–so I have been playing at quite odd times. Despite that, I can find up to about 150 people and multiple instances on some of the lower level planets and people chatting away. The game isn’t perfect, no, but I’ve never played a game that didn’t have its flaws.

If I had to pick one flaw (and let’s be honest, there’s a bunch I have–like with the reputation system or my problem with set bonuses and how they work and etc.), I would mostly say it’s with raiding.

Not everyone wants to be in a guild. After three bad experiences, I just… I don’t want to be in a guild ever again, to be blunt. And yes, Netto, Telanis, I know your doors are always opened 😛 I honestly just don’t want to do it anymore though. I had my very first MMO ruined due to guild drama along with 3 friendships that will never heal. And while some people have stayed friends with me despite these guild dramas in recent time, I’d be lying if I said everything was okay because it’s not. And there’s always so many lies–so many lies on why someone left or what they were trying to do or how they did this or that. The funny part is, I was never needed in any of those–I was always a back-up and a last resort. So if something went wrong suddenly due to my leaving, I will tell you right now–it wasn’t my fault.

So, unsurprisingly, I’m more content playing with my boyfriend and some friends. Of course, you can’t do raids with 4 people (unless you get super overleveled or something and even then, certain puzzles would definitely have a problem).

But that isn’t my biggest issue either–it’s that in a story-based game, you can not access that story without a guild. I mean, recently (with the really strange gear changed), EV ad KP were just kicked off group-finder… this is a story-based game. They have story elements in them that take place before the current content. You can’t just write them off.

And people who play for the story can’t just go and do them and that stinks. This is the first game to ever make me create characters to not be just item mules. Why? Because the story interested me. I was able to create characters and this world they live in and when it comes down to it, the only one who can (and I would) raid on is my sage. But I wish I could still access that story. I wish I could see it. But I have no interest in running some crazy raid ops and doing dailies and other junk on my other 6 characters (Speederisk and Speederisk2 don’t count).

I also hate that vanity items have only been dropping on HM or higher only. Story mode is essentially for those who want to witness the story (although, you still need to find 7 people for it -_-), but I am unable to collect them all without actually raiding on harder modes and even then, it’s a lovely luck of the draw. It just really stinks. People who are doing it on harder modes are usually doing it for gear in the first place :/ so yeah, there’s my other complaint on raids.

But since I mentioned story, I guess I will mention my other big complaint during the leveling process… I’ve seen all the planet quests. Every side quest and every main quest. I do not want to do them again. And no matter how many experience boosts I buy, I will never be able to play just the class story and that’s super disappointing. They just don’t give enough experience. All 5 class story boosts, all 5 exploration boosts, and a major experience boost plus tons of rested experience just… it doesn’t do that much. You will be levels behind and get to a point where you can’t even continue without help or backtracking to do other quests and that really stinks.

So yeah, despite those isues, I do enjoy the game–it’s why I still play it, afterall. Anyway, shall be looking forward to the next patch.

Collecting (About Collections in 2.1)

Now, if you have read this blog whatsoever or know me at all, besides my incredible love for pets, you will also know I love collecting. Collecting is a big part of any MMO for me, whether it be lore, pets, mounts, or whatever I decide to collect. Of course, as a collector, I know it can be hard. Especially if you play multiple characters–or worse, finally get that special item, but not on the character you wanted it. That is one of the worst feelings ever.

Which is why I’m incredibly happy to talk about one of the new upcoming features in Patch 2.1–Collections. What is Collections, you may ask? The answer to a lot of people’s needs.

To start, Collections is a special new interface that will show you well, things you collected! Stuff you got from the Cartel Market (Packs and not in packs) and Special Promotions, things you still need, how much percent you’ve completed, and even let you preview these items. You will even be able to track certain items.


So yes, you essentially have a portable checklist–but that’s not all. Let’s say you wanted to have an army of characters with the Revan Mask, but were only able to get one. Well, with Collections, one is all you need. For a fee in Cartel Coins (depending on the item), you can unlock this item account-wide. Yes, ACCOUNT-wide. Not faction-wide, not server-wide, ACCOUNT.

From then on, you can duplicate as many of that item as you want for your characters. Of course, these are bound to you so get any ideas of crazy money grinding out of your head–that’s not what collecting is about.

Not only that though, once you have earned something, it’s there forever. Tired of having your Ball Toss or Republic Banner on you at all times? Simply discard the item and when you feel like using it again, just grab it from Collections later.

I was lucky enough to be able to ask a few more detailed questions about Collections (some especially for those who love pets and mounts like me) and am happy to be able to share them 🙂 So here you guys go!:

1. A small fee was mentioned to essentially unlock an item. Does the fee depend on the item or is it the same amount for everything?

Once you have bound an item on a character, it becomes unlocked in your Collection and you can create unlimited copies for that character. It is only the account-wide access unlock that costs Cartel Coins. For pack items, the Cartel Coin cost is based on item rarity, and ranges from 60 to 600 CC. For direct-sale items, the unlock fee is a fraction of the item’s base price.

2. Once you do unlock it, is that it? Or do you have to keep giving a fee for each version? Essentially more clarification on this would be awesome.

You’ll never pay more than a single fee per item. Once you pay for account-wide access, any character on your whole account can create additional copies of the item at no extra cost.

3. One of the things mentioned to come in the future were special promotion items and Pets (yeeeees). Is there any chance event/social items/speeders in general could be a part of that in the future as well?

We will have some special promotion items in the Collections system when it launches. We’d like to reiterate that Collections is a new system and so we will be actively trying to fit things like you mentioned above into it as best we can. This will be something we continue to improve on as the Collections system grows, and your feedback as to which items you’d like to see in Collections is invaluable to us.

4. Similarly, for items like Pets and Speeders which become abilities. Would they still be accessed through collections (once added anyway) even if you used them?

Yes. Once added to your Collection, you will have the ability to purchase account-wide access and create unlimited copies on all your characters at no additional fee. For example, if you purchase the Czerka CR-17 Incendia speeder on one character and add it to your list of Vehicles, this will unlock it in your Collections. Once you pay the Cartel Coin fee to gain account-wide access to the item, all of your other characters can get the Czerka CR-17 Incendia mount at no additional cost.

Annnnd #5. One of the examples was essentially discarding an item and being able to just pick it back up from the Collections UI. Do you have to pay to get it back/a one-time charge or is it always free to get it back on the character it was originally on/free once unlocked for characters that didn’t have it?

Great question. It will always be free to claim any number of copies of an item from Collections on the same character that originally unlocked that item. For example, if you get Revan’s Mask for one of your characters and later destroy it, you’ll be able to re-claim the item from Collections at no extra cost. Heck, you can even claim free additional copies for all of your companions! The fee will only come into effect if you wish to gain account-wide access to the item, and this will be a one-time, account-wide fee. Continuing the above example, once you’ve paid the unlock fee for Revan’s Mask, all of the characters on your account—even those on different servers—will be able to claim unlimited copies of Revan’s Mask for free.

So, I hope you guys are as excited about Collections as I am! It is definitely one of the features (if not the #1 feature) I am most excited for with 2.1 🙂 And I’m so happy I got to share it with all of you! <3 Edit: So many people and comments @-@ I shall try and add a bit more information (as I've seen questions roaming around) from what I know: 1. This is pretty much said in the Q&A, but just to say again: for pets and speeders, they are unlocked once you use them. They get added to abilities and then they unlock. 2. As for gear, whether it unlocks as soon as you get it or you need to bind it to a character first--I honestly do not know. I wouldn't be surprised if they made you bind first, but they might not considering I'd expect the percentages/interface to update when you get it. Again though, I don't know. 3. It'll start mostly with Cartel Stuff and some special promotions stuff but as mentioned to the FAQ, they DO hope to add in other things (like all the pets and mounts) so hopefully we will even see event stuff and stuff from Flashpoints too. So for those who collect orange gear as well (like my boyfriend), I hope this will be helpful to you guys too!

2.1 Customization

Well, I’m sure most of you have already seen this, but regardless, since I really love customization, I’m going to talk about it for a bit! 😛

So, the Appearance Kiosk! It’ll essentially be the barber and other stuff people have wanted, but better! Not only will it allow you to change your haircolor, but also your eye color and entire appearance. There will even be new hairstyles and colors so even if you may be happy with your character, you may want to take a look!

The appearance kiosk will be Cartel Only, but there will be a huge discount for Subscribers (Like 50% off everything).

It’ll look very similar, if not exactly, like the character creator 🙂 With all the options there. It’s charged on a per slider basis so adding a scar or just changing eye color is very cheap. You can even preview making a character of another species to see how you like it and unlock stuff through there.

Now, probably the thing I am most excited for… DYE MODULES! You just open up the modification panel of whatever it is you want to dye, drop the dye in and hit accept. Be warned that not everything will dye as consistently–but thankfully, you can also preview everything first before dying.

It also recognizes unified colors so you only need to dye the chest piece if you want a single color. Many of the dyes will be available through crafting, the security key vendor, and other vendors. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Collector’s Edition vendor got some too.

Of course, not all items can be dyed. It will say if you can or not. Anything below level 15 most likely can’t be. Most green items can’t be. Hopefully the lower level social items can be dyed (PINK PRINCESS DRESSES).

Everything from crafting can be dyed. Lore outfits (Like the Last Handmaiden) can’t be dyed.

There are Primary and Secondary colors for most outfits. Some dyes come in Primary only, some dyes come in Secondary only, and some that are a mix.

I’m pretty excited to be honest. My light pink and gold princess dress is not far off T~T And maybe I can dye that one shirt for Amidaia now! …of course, I think that’s lower than level 15. Well, hopefully it’s one of the few that can be!

(seriously though, if there’s no light pink dye, I will cry >> and I mean real pink, not ugly purple-ish pink pink :P)


Cathar will be out in the next big update (2.1) 😀 I personally do not know if I will make them (there isn’t really any other class I’d want to play. I mean, maybe Shadow DPS but that’ll probably go horridly wrong).

But yes, some stuff about the Cathar!

-They will be unlocked through the Cartel Market (600 Cartel Coins :3). And you can even change your existing character to them! ISN’T THAT COOL?! So if you want a name that you have been saving to make a Cathar, maybe go and do that now instead 😛
—-Don’t worry, it is account-wide once you’ve unlocked it so you don’t have to pay lots if you want a family of Cathar.

-Aric will be getting a make-over! He will be updated to be more detailed like the Cathar you can create 🙂

And as I’m sure you saw in the video, they will be available for all classes and are coming with new hairstyles too! So cool <3 They will have their own special emote like other species for their Cathar pride :3 And tons of neat customization options. BUT YES, SCREENSHOTS: cathar3Cathar2cathar1

While I don’t know if I am definitely making a Cathar (mostly as I’d have no clue what to make them class-wise), I definitely will be looking at all the options 🙂

1.7 on February 12th

So, 1.7 will be hitting the servers on February 12th. Yep, this upcoming Tuesday.

I’d probably be more excited if I wasn’t stressed beyond all reason. I will probably do as much as I possibly can for the event that day and then work on getting reputation from various other things.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a new Cartel pack is out as well (although, I will cry)… but honestly, I just wish I wasn’t so behind already. My codexes and goals list say enough 🙁

but yes, off to go camp on Ilum

Game Update 1.7

Well, it’s coming up and it looks like having multiple characters for it may be important. (You can read about it here and here) The Ilum event is happening still it seems. I…really hope you won’t get instant flagged in the area, but I know we probably will and it will mostly be PVP centered as that was kind of what they were hoping to do.

So I guess I should be prepared to be killed repeatedly by all those hardcore PVPers 🙁 Regardless, I will do my best to finish the event as always. Hopefully I can find some people willing to do it with me (and my boyfriend better get up early >_>).

Now, I’m just going to quote the bit about reputation systems for a second:

The Galactic Reputation system lets you earn Reputation points by completing missions for factions such as the Gree or the Voss, or for military divisions within the Republic and the Empire. This new system advances characters through six ranks of increasing prestige: “Outsider”, “Newcomer”, “Friend”, “Hero”, “Champion”, and “Legend”. Galactic Reputation is also tied to a character’s Legacy, so Reputation points and ranks are shared across all the characters within the same Legacy!

I do not have much experience with Reputation Systems, but if I recall correctly, you can do stuff for everyone, but sometimes it’ll lower reputation with other sections? Since it is legacy-based, I’m guessing you could, theoretically, get all 4 up to Legend as long as you focus on certain ones per character (IE: Voss + Republic with one while Gree + Empire on another)… if I understand it correctly. …I’ll just do my best 🙁

Anyway, it sounds like there will at least be armor sets and weapons through the event vendor which should make people happy. I know there was mention of a mount in a data dump a while back that may be gotten through this. And there’s a lot of pets currently MIA so we shall see.

I do hope the Gray Secant is an instance. Last thing we need is people fighting with eachother to kill the guy in the center x__x

Quick Highlight:

Look for opportunities to join this recurring event throughout the rest of the year. More details to come!

So yay for offering people lots of chances. I do wonder if it will just be for this year though.

Anyway, if things are still going as planned, this will probably happen at the end of January at the earliest @-@ Which is like 2 weeks.

Servers are up!

And people wonder why I get up early. Sheesh.

Edit: New Cartel Pack :/ Obviously new pets… will be trying soon. There is a Life Day Bundle–seems to contain everything. Worth it for everything I want. I don’t care for the Life Day Robes, but it was cheaper than buying everything else separately. Not sure what I will do with them yet…

Got the Life Day pack. There’s Grade 7 Star Parts (1,300 for all of them) up for sale. I’m tempted, but not going to get them just yet… I’d rather buy them with credits. Also, no luck on the Czerka Crate-o-Matic with my 28 boxes 🙁

SO PACK TIME. Using the wait 5-10 minutes method…

Endurance Cyan-Blue Color Crystal (VERY pretty. Tempted to give to a character.) – Not sure what I’m doing with it yet
Stylish Dancer’s Bottoms (Looks kind of like a yellow slave outfit :/) – For Trade

Emote: Bop – this… honestly looks like you’re trying to do the Club Dance while drunk – Used
Ball Toss – Looks like some other items are in here :/ That sucks. – For Trade

Pack 3:
Imperial Banner – *sighs* – For Trade
C2N2 Customization – Target Dummy. Mar-gon has claimed this. It kind of makes me think if you gave him a bit of HK’s colorization. Would screenshot but screenshots hate me… hmm… maybe I’ll livestream a bit later. – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now.

Pack 4:
DLA-13 Blaster Rifle – For Trade
Endurance Cyan-Blue Color – Haven’t decided yet

and saw someone with a Blockade Runner title… Not surprising. But yes, need it.

Pack 5:
DLA-13 Blaster Rifle – For Trade
Emote: Intimidate – For Trade

Pack 6:
Revan’s Chest Plate – Mar-gon stole it
Revan’s Mask – Mar-gon stole it
^Mar-gon has claimed this entire box.

Pack 7:
Longspur STAP Royal – Gold version of the normal Longspur STAP. – Used
2V-48 Customization – Target Dummy – Probably looks similar to C2N2’s, but can’t look at it on this side… :/ – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now…. not sure if trading or not yet if this does get fixed

Saw someone with a Mottled Blurrg…there’s one new pet. The other new pet confirmed is the one in the picture of the pack which is the Tundra Nekarr Cat.. so up to 2 now.

Pack 8:
C2N2 Customization – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now…. would trade otherwise.
Emote: Bop – For trade

Pack 9 – The Final Pack:
Credit Boom (got 50K) – Used
Emote: Bop – For trade

Once again, no pets. *cries*

Edit: Saw another new pet… Micro-Patroller Droid T__T …heard someone mention one of the Starship pets but no linkage so not listing yet.

Edit 2: Another pet… Speckled Blurrg. Also, the Starship is a “Remote Control Starship” which seems to not be an actual pet, but another toy.

Edit 3: Also a Micro-Defender Droid and a Micro-Aggressor Droid 🙁

Edit 4: Decided to buy a bit more as I wanted the Fireworks Pack anyway…

Pack 10:
Stylish Dancer’s Cap – For trade
Ubrikki Sand Devil – For Trade

Pack 11:
Ubrikki Crimson Claw – For trade
C2N2 Customization – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now…. would trade otherwise.


Edit: one more pet… Lurker Blurrg.

Edit: Another: Green-Spotted Gizka


this excites me so 😀

Very happy they are giving out 25 fireworks too! I was worried that, if they even were giving them out (I actually thought they may be sold in the Cartel Market), it’d be sets of well…1. And then I’d be split on if I should use it or just keep it forever like some of my sparkle powder.

Now I don’t have to worry!

Eeee <3 I can't wait~ I've always loved fireworks (I used to count how many I'd see :D) (and of course, these are for next week :3 Not the patch tomorrow!)

1.6 up on PTS

Well…that was fast. Was surprised to see that appear in my inbox! Sadly, no transfers again :/ Regardless, this is the new PVP Warzone–Ancient Hypergates and new space missions…the new space missions sound scary 🙁 Anyway, here’s some highlights from the Patch notes!:

Added a new Level 50 “Introduction to Group Finder” mission to the Daily Mission Terminal on the Republic and Imperial Fleets. This will be granted when players complete the Advanced Gear mission for their Class.

I kind of hope we can do this~ I like new quests and I’m sad when I can’t do a new quest because it’s limited to a lower level :/

Increased Black Hole Commendations awarded by Story Mode Operations in Group Finder from 5 to 10.

I’m sure people will be excited about this. I would be if I didn’t hate dailies with a passion.

Added a new Level 50 “Advanced Gear” mission for each Class to the Daily Mission Terminal on the Imperial and Republic Fleets.

More quests <3

Tionese gear available from the Tionese vendor no longer costs Tionese Crystals, and their commendation costs have been reduced for most items.

…but I have so many crystals 🙁

Ancient Artifact Storage Boxes can now be purchased for 25 Tionese Crystals from all Tionese vendors.


Ancient Hypergate, a new Warzone, is available for play! Travel to an ancient ruin built around a Gree Hypergate and battle to control the precious lost technology for your faction.
New incredibly challenging Weekly [HEROIC] Space Combat missions are available!
All new Grade 7 Artifact Quality Starship Upgrades are now available

1. Yay…. 😐 I hate PVP ._. and this one encourages a death match. Talk about unfun for healers.

2. … 🙁 I’m so bad at space missions.

3. I wonder if this means I don’t need fleet commendations now? I guess I shall see.

Regardless, Test server is done patching so time to check it out :3 Shall edit with stuff~

Edit: At the fleet vendor, there’s the finally Grade 7 Ship stuff:
Blast Condensor – Beam Generator – 500 Fleet Commendations
Durasteel Armor – Ship Armor – 500 Fleet Commendations
Laser Cannons – Beam Charger – 500 Fleet Commendations

Then there’s 2 schematics for Cybertechs (requires 400) for 700 Fleet Commendations each. Concussion Missile Magazine and the Deflector Shield.

Got mail about the Advanced Gear mission… gave me a use item to talk to someone on Carrick Station and gave me the new game rule: Advanced Gear. Had to speak to Master Zua, the Tionese vendor for Consulars. Got 99 Tionese Commendations as a reward.

Opened up a bunch of the Ancient Artifact Boxes… no crate, but I think if I did get it on the Test Server, I’d cry. I did manage to get 2 inheritance kits though (Main Hand and Chest).

Was able to get the Introduction to Ground Finder quest… requires me to complete 1 Random HM flashpoint using it.

Suddenly got another mail which was about the finishing the Advanced gear mission and the Group finder thing… but I already got the mission (which using the item told me, though, it was still consumed). Also received a Black Hole commendation,.

Anyway, queued for PVP (and PVE I guess to see the reward for the quest)… shall see what happens. Gonna try doing the space missions… can’t find where to buy space stuff with BH Commendations though :/

There’s 6 new Space Missions I believe… gonna go fail miserably.

Edit 2: Well, that didn’t go well…got greeted by a black screen (although, could see some stuff at the borders)… :/ Would submit a bug report, but I can’t see anything so… shall close the game for now and try again later @-@