1.7 on February 12th

So, 1.7 will be hitting the servers on February 12th. Yep, this upcoming Tuesday.

I’d probably be more excited if I wasn’t stressed beyond all reason. I will probably do as much as I possibly can for the event that day and then work on getting reputation from various other things.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a new Cartel pack is out as well (although, I will cry)… but honestly, I just wish I wasn’t so behind already. My codexes and goals list say enough 🙁

but yes, off to go camp on Ilum

One thought on “1.7 on February 12th

  1. I wish you the best of Luck on Ilum and hopefully the imps will be too busy getting their own event done to bother the rest of us… Though I somehow don’t think that will be the case.

    At least it’s not a open open world pvp like the outlaw’s den, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your own faction ganking you! I have like no PVP gear so I will go down like a ton of bricks sadly =(
    My only hope is the items reward will not be that costly or the rep won’t be that high based on this event =(
    But most unlikely in both cases.
    Best of luck to us all!(Us as in those who don’t care for PVP much)


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