The Secant’s arrival has changed the terms of the battle on Ilum. This is a PvP region restricted to groups of four players competing over limited resources to achieve daily mission objectives. Operations groups are disallowed in the Southern Bowl, but on PvP servers, the Northern Bowl will still host large-scale conflicts between the Empire and the Republic.

Many repeatable missions are available at each research camp, and those that require entering the Southern Bowl are flagged as [PvP]. These [PvP] missions do not directly require killing players, but the nature of the objectives will pit your group against all others in the region as you compete for limited resources in a relatively dense area. Additionally, the Secant’s Droids™ are weaker in the Southern Bowl, making Heroic objectives easier to complete if your group risks a foray into the contested area.

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…so, I don’t think I’m looking forward to the event much anymore. I am absolutely terrified :/ Not sure if I should try and get the PVP events done ASAP so as to not worry or wait until later when maybe there won’t be so many people on… all I know is I’m scared.

dear PVPers who read this, please don’t kill Marilea and Mar-gon on the republic side or Amidaia and Revenent on the Imperial side. WE COME IN PEACE. (and I’ll cry if you do ._.)

But what is all this for, you may ask.

The Event Missions available during the “Relics of the Gree” event all grant Reputation Trophies for the Gree Enclave, in addition to commendations and credits. Access to titles, adaptive gear, and mini-pets can be unlocked with Reputation Ranks, and those who earn the trust of the Gree will be invited aboard Gray Secant itself!

Additionally, special “Gray Helix” weapons can be purchased with weapon component tokens that can be earned by completing certain missions or defeating the Operation boss at the heart of Gray Secant. These weapons are crafted from ancient Gree technology – you’ll find nothing quite like them in the known Galaxy.

so I need to get tons of reputation points for those pets T___T I really hope there’s no pets for the space missions. I can’t do the hard mode missions but I know those have reputation and bleh :/

“Relics of the Gree” is a new recurring in-game event in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Gray Secant will come and go from Ilum as it continues its millennial mission to gather and analyze infinite data. The event will end when Gray Secant achieves Red Radian and departs the planet – but look forward to its return!

At least if I screw up, it’ll be back… but I’d rather never see this event again 🙁

The event lasts between February 12th and February 26th so… time to work my butt off :/ But yes, Minipet preview from this video:

ALSO THE JAWA GRAM IS ADORABLE (I hate the cartel pack).

but bleh, I really can’t afford this right now so I probably won’t get to try with these Cartel Packs or get any of the Valentine’s Day stuff unless money suddenly hits me in the face ._.

regardless, I will be stalking the launcher all night to get this done ASAP >< Hopefully I can find a 24-person operation group as well for the boss and stuff...

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