The Reputation System

Posted earlier was a post on the new reputation system. You can read more about it there–I’m just going to talk about it for a bit.

One of the odd things with the reputation system is that the reputation is earned by items you get from quests–rather than just the conversations or quest completion itself. Similarly, some of it is quite restrictive (like the space armada reputation only being tied to Hard Mode Space Missions).

I’m guessing part of this is they probably can’t add it for quests people have completed and at this point, most people have completed all the quests so those who still had the quests to go would have a bit more of an advantage.

Regardless of that, the weekly cap still seems really odd and the idea of constantly repeating the same few quests for reputation is a bit weird in itself. I mean, I guess more quests in Voss can’t really be repeated, but as for the others, that seems a bit odd.

On the bright side, since everything pools together and you can’t lose reputation, this does mean that there’s no worries of having characters on both sides or a dark side character ruining things. The legacy titles are pretty neat, although, I wish they showed along with your own legacy title. And I’m really curious as to what the items will be.

I am a bit worried about the recurring event ones though… hope I can max that out before it goes away.

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