Cathar will be out in the next big update (2.1) 😀 I personally do not know if I will make them (there isn’t really any other class I’d want to play. I mean, maybe Shadow DPS but that’ll probably go horridly wrong).

But yes, some stuff about the Cathar!

-They will be unlocked through the Cartel Market (600 Cartel Coins :3). And you can even change your existing character to them! ISN’T THAT COOL?! So if you want a name that you have been saving to make a Cathar, maybe go and do that now instead 😛
—-Don’t worry, it is account-wide once you’ve unlocked it so you don’t have to pay lots if you want a family of Cathar.

-Aric will be getting a make-over! He will be updated to be more detailed like the Cathar you can create 🙂

And as I’m sure you saw in the video, they will be available for all classes and are coming with new hairstyles too! So cool <3 They will have their own special emote like other species for their Cathar pride :3 And tons of neat customization options. BUT YES, SCREENSHOTS: cathar3Cathar2cathar1

While I don’t know if I am definitely making a Cathar (mostly as I’d have no clue what to make them class-wise), I definitely will be looking at all the options 🙂

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