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Cathar will be out in the next big update (2.1) 😀 I personally do not know if I will make them (there isn’t really any other class I’d want to play. I mean, maybe Shadow DPS but that’ll probably go horridly wrong).

But yes, some stuff about the Cathar!

-They will be unlocked through the Cartel Market (600 Cartel Coins :3). And you can even change your existing character to them! ISN’T THAT COOL?! So if you want a name that you have been saving to make a Cathar, maybe go and do that now instead 😛
—-Don’t worry, it is account-wide once you’ve unlocked it so you don’t have to pay lots if you want a family of Cathar.

-Aric will be getting a make-over! He will be updated to be more detailed like the Cathar you can create 🙂

And as I’m sure you saw in the video, they will be available for all classes and are coming with new hairstyles too! So cool <3 They will have their own special emote like other species for their Cathar pride :3 And tons of neat customization options. BUT YES, SCREENSHOTS: cathar3Cathar2cathar1

While I don’t know if I am definitely making a Cathar (mostly as I’d have no clue what to make them class-wise), I definitely will be looking at all the options 🙂

Revisiting the old “Expansion Pack”

While responding to someone, I ended up looking this back up. While it seems the initial idea of a specified Expansion may be gone (as Makeb and Cathar being anything but just actual content updates would be surprising due to the fact that it hasn’t been mentioned as anything otherwise besides that server before they were properly announced), there’s still a lot of things we haven’t heard about though. We also know the Kowakian Monkey Lizard was going to be available from the Cartel Market instead now.

For example:
1. The two-person speeder (it was mentioned off-hand once since…but not in a long while)
2. Ewok Companion – Right now, we’re still waiting on HK-51. However, I would love to see more companions and never see Iresso again and Ewoks are adorable. This does bring up some lore issues according to my boyfriend who said that the Ewok planet shouldn’t even have been discovered yet though. However. Naboo supposedly hasn’t been discovered either and it is mentioned on Hutta during the Agent storyline.
3. More schematics. They’ve slowly been bringing these out anyway, but I’m curious to which they mentioned here.
4. More Vanity Items. Always welcomed~ Curious to see what they were planning.
5. More character slots (While still confirmed to be coming, the details are still unknown)

And there were also 90 free days and a 10 day head-start which I’m not sure if that will still be coming considering it may no longer be an expansion pack.

To be honest, if the expansion pack just includes the stuff early plus a few of these things even if Makeb, Cathar, and the Kowakian Monkey Lizard and no longer original to the expansion…I’d probably still get it. 90 free days for 10 bucks is pretty good and head starts = awesome.