In which Mari plays her Sorcerer

THAT FIGHT WAS SO NOT FOR TWO PEOPLE 😐 So many things to hit and evil red circles…

I still love the Brontosaurus-bots though. I want to ride one. And have one as a pet.

Anyway, continuing with the imperial Makeb storyline…

Edit 1: YAY IT LOOKS LIKE WE ARE SAVING MAKEB! No wonder the Republic side didn’t.

Edit 2: Doing binocular and seeder droid quests now! So many puzzles already @-@ SO EXCITING.

Overview Opinions

So, with the main plot of Makeb done (on the Republic side anyway) and most of some of the other things, I figured I’d just talk about it without random one-liners. I also recorded EVERYTHING on Twitch and still am so if there’s something you want to see from our journeys in Makeb or any of the new quests, feel free to go there and look at past videos (or even watch us work on exploring and the dailies in Makeb).

Makeb is beautiful and has one of my new favorite areas in the game–the Sunken Pool in Frinn Mesa. Seriously, if I am online and in Makeb and you have no idea where I am, chances are I’m there. The only thing I have to say if that I wish all the enemies there were neutral. Taking in the sights and getting smacked by one of those pteradactyl-like things. Not to mention with everyone moving around and having things they do, it felt much more alive than other planets.

Anyway, the storyline was a bit shorter than I expected, but still played out well. I didn’t expect a Hutt to speak anything but Huttese.

The only disappointment I can say I had is probably at the end–that you couldn’t save the planet and that it just “stops”. I just wish we could’ve done something–I think that’d have been really cool. Although, considering what happened, I wish all the enemies were gone so we could just explore Makeb in all it’s prettiness πŸ™

The cutscenes are great though and it’s still a lot of fun. I did expect more from the Tobarro (rather than a single robot and then just him–kind of reminded me of what happened on Quest to be honest), but not a big deal.

Onto the Datacrons… I’m sad there were only 2–and they were both kind of cruel to get to. I really dislike Pipes @-@ Never was good with them. I’m not sure how long it took us for the Endurance one–maybe 2-3 hours? We actually did pretty well, considering. Mar-gon mostly had issues with bouncing off stuff (I actually had to pull him on the platform before the final stretch) while I managed to miss the scaffolding (which almost happened AGAIN during my next run back). I think I did pretty good soloing the mobs though.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to finishing the GSI stuff. Just need to find people to do the Heroics with.

Also, the Hero of Citizens quests are interesting, but I hate that you can’t just get them all. I understand why (apparently changes the end), but it’s bothering my OCPD >_>

As for the Digging and Binocular stuff, I do find them fun for the most part. Digging can get annoying sometimes though–especially the ship parts. Dread Seed areas are so creepy though :/

Going to stat stuff + skill changes, while I am still frustrated with what I had to change in my tree at first, it’s essentially fine now and my healing never really took a downfall or anything–it still seemed the same. I would say my biggest issue is the Resplendence proc which now effects Salvation and Noble Sacrifice. With my rotation, I often use Salvation and then Noble Sacrifice which means Salvation almost always gets the proc and then I lose more HP with Noble Sacrifice. Resplendence stacks up to 3 times. Noble Sacrifice uses it just once while Salvation will use all that you have. It takes off about .6-.7 seconds on Salvation so for all 3, it’ll be instant. Noble Sacrifice’s 1 is the usual of “now you won’t lose force for the force regaining move which is stupid on so many levels”. I just wish they were separate procs or maybe Salvation didn’t take ALL OF IT. v-v; Just annoying.

Also no idea what they did with crit/surge/alacrity other than that mine is a lot lower now and I’m super confused.

But yeah, overall, I am enjoying Makeb. I still think the achievement system is a mess/glitchy though and I wish it didn’t exist, although, it can be a bit fun. Also sad about another HM and higher difficulty pet. Nothing is wrong with putting one in story mode, god. I think though, once I finish all the quests and exploration though, I’ll probably be frustrated again unless I magically manage to be able to murder ops solo and not be behind anymore.

Edit: And done! The GSI quests are now done @-@ The final bosses are evil and Shroud being alive still was evil (although, not too surprising since his body disappeared). I enjoyed the speeder jumping in the quest before Shroud’s fight though.

Ilum was super creepy though and I expect to have nightmares.

Both end boss fights were kind of glitchy… but yeah, just happy to be done.

In which Mari plays Makeb/The expansion stuff on her sage

Also streaming on Twitch while I play since Livestream hates me lately for recording purposes.

But yes, comments so far:


3. That robot looks scarier than he is.

4. My quick travel glitched out πŸ™ it got used, but didn’t teleport me (my game crashed instead)

Stalking Developer Tracker for Makeb Details :D

So if you usually do not check out the Dev Tracker, I’d recommend doing so πŸ˜›

Lately, there’s been lots of interesting tidbits about Makeb and things to come like more on the story of it.

On Talent Trees:

We know you’re all very interested to hear about how the new level cap is going to affect your class, and I wanted to share a little information about the upcoming changes with you. As part of the new content, every skill tree will be expanding and you can expect significant updates. Players will earn a new skill point with each level, and new skills will be available in each skill tree. Additionally, a new active ability will be introduced for each Advanced Class. We’ll have more details about many aspects of Rise of the Hutt Cartel as we approach launch, so keep your eyes on the website and dev tracker!

Part of me is excited and part of me not so much πŸ˜› I wonder what the skill will be… and then I’d have to make room on my bars and yeah @-@ Just lots to do. Though, if I could add points to my existing skills (in case the new one sucks, I see no need for it, or just have some to spare), I’d probably just put another point in Preservation. Other possibilities (though, unlikely) are Egress (although, I’d only see this helpful in PVP), Jedi Resistance, and maybe some of the Force Lift quickness…. I guess we’ll just have to see though. Although, I’m mostly worried about how to organize my bars. And I feel like I may need to save my tree just in case.

For people worried about gear:

! While we can’t address every concern raised in this thread right now, we can reassure you that the gear you’ve obtained in our current endgame will continue to be relevant after the expansion is released, and it will provide a great bootstrap into the higher-level content offered by Rise of the Hutt Cartel. You won’t be replacing your Dread Guard gear with gear you pick up as you level, and thanks to improvements in the way item power is calculated, we won’t be handing out any entry-level gear at the new level cap.

To be honest, I’m more wondering how things may scale, if they scale at all. Will HM Flash Points and current Operations still be 50? Honestly, I’d prefer it that way (and it’d probably be more fair to people who haven’t hit 50 yet), but I’m sure a lot of people will complain about that… still, it’d make Vanity Item questing less torturous. Stupid drop rates.

On what Makeb has to offer:

To give you all a better idea of Makeb’s scope, it’s a planet of equal size to our larger planets and it contains a variety of areas – sprawling mesas, underground caverns, garden estates, and more. It introduces faction-specific storylines, new Heroic missions and bosses, repeatable mission series, and new Datacrons! The 5 new levels will occupy players for a fair amount of time, and there’s plenty of content to get you there (including a lot of stuff tucked away for the explorers out there). Keep in mind that this announcement is just the start – as we approach Makeb’s launch, you’ll see more details about the content coming with Rise of the Hutt Cartel!

OMGNEWDATACRONSYAY. DATACRONS πŸ˜€ DATACRONS. YAY FOR MORE DATACRONS. Oh and story and stuff :3 and probably new codexes~ And Garden Estates sound pretty. Especially if I can have one.

Regardless, if I wasn’t excited before, I am even more so now <3 Just hope more information (and a specific date) comes out soon. I WILL BE UP IMMEDIATELY THAT MORNING TO GET IN AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE πŸ˜€ SO EXCITED OMG.


So, I am home and now reading over the Q&A (Yay for transcripts. I shall definitely watch after). To be honest, I’m super sad that I didn’t get to watch live πŸ™ Regardless, yay for new information! If only it was longer.

BUT YES, ONTO THOUGHTS. I won’t comment on everything and mostly just highlight what I am excited about…but yeah XD

-Confirmed that Free to Play is coming in November.
-Some early gear sets. Also some experience boosts separate from legacy.
-New daily questing area coming soon~ (And we already knew about the Hypergates and stuff)
-Paid transfers are coming.
-” In a future update when we release Mekab there will be continuation of where the story left off.” yeeeeeeeeees.
-“you will see that a couple weeks before we launch the FTP option players can go into the PTS and our intent is for anybody that logs into PTS to get some Cartel Coins that they can play with only on PTS – those don’t xfer to the live game! We will have items for sale on PTS that people can go in, make purchase and give us feedback.” more yeeeeeeees. As for why this would excite me, it’d be nice to see stuff I’m going to want in the main game along with learning prices of things like…oh…I don’t know… PETS.
-Looks like the 350 BH Commendation Implants may be a mistake and not actually coming out immediately: “The side effect of PTS is that occasionally items that are not intended for live made it up there and unfortunately that specific item was the case of that. So that item in particular is going to be removed, reviewed, and hopefully a better version will come out in a future update.”
-While HK-51 will be out by the end of the year, Cathar may take somewhat longer: “Cathar and HK-51 are both in the works. HK-51 I am confident that you will see before the end of the year. Cathar have no definite timeframe at this point but we intend to introduce them as the first species in SWTOR.”
-Mounts and Pets for the Cartel Shop! Also some gear sets, but will have no impact on endgame. Sounds interesting: “The gear you will find will be interesting to everyone because it is not going to be restricted by class or by faction and all moddable”
-“We also have a really cool thing called Cartel packs. Cartel packs you buy give you a random assortment of really cool items and a chance to get some of the cooler items that maybe in the game (not powerful, but very cool – they going to make you look AMAZING!)” I just hope it’s just a pack of various items over some kind of random item box.
-Nightmare EC and Nightmare TfB will have various differences besides just being harder.
-Whether the XP Boosts and Rocket Boots will be overlaps of the legacy system or just alternate ways to purchase currently unknown as they couldn’t say.
-Cathar can be purchased with Cartel Coins (as well as credits I think? Wording is kind of odd). More may be available to as well over using credits.
-Hood toggle option still coming.
-More content for smaller groups of players coming.

There wasn’t really anything else in particular. Wish they answered some of the stuff I was really wondering about πŸ™

Revisiting the old “Expansion Pack”

While responding to someone, I ended up looking this back up. While it seems the initial idea of a specified Expansion may be gone (as Makeb and Cathar being anything but just actual content updates would be surprising due to the fact that it hasn’t been mentioned as anything otherwise besides that server before they were properly announced), there’s still a lot of things we haven’t heard about though. We also know the Kowakian Monkey Lizard was going to be available from the Cartel Market instead now.

For example:
1. The two-person speeder (it was mentioned off-hand once since…but not in a long while)
2. Ewok Companion – Right now, we’re still waiting on HK-51. However, I would love to see more companions and never see Iresso again and Ewoks are adorable. This does bring up some lore issues according to my boyfriend who said that the Ewok planet shouldn’t even have been discovered yet though. However. Naboo supposedly hasn’t been discovered either and it is mentioned on Hutta during the Agent storyline.
3. More schematics. They’ve slowly been bringing these out anyway, but I’m curious to which they mentioned here.
4. More Vanity Items. Always welcomed~ Curious to see what they were planning.
5. More character slots (While still confirmed to be coming, the details are still unknown)

And there were also 90 free days and a 10 day head-start which I’m not sure if that will still be coming considering it may no longer be an expansion pack.

To be honest, if the expansion pack just includes the stuff early plus a few of these things even if Makeb, Cathar, and the Kowakian Monkey Lizard and no longer original to the expansion…I’d probably still get it. 90 free days for 10 bucks is pretty good and head starts = awesome.