In which Mari plays Makeb/The expansion stuff on her sage

Also streaming on Twitch while I play since Livestream hates me lately for recording purposes.

But yes, comments so far:


3. That robot looks scarier than he is.

4. My quick travel glitched out πŸ™ it got used, but didn’t teleport me (my game crashed instead)

18 thoughts on “In which Mari plays Makeb/The expansion stuff on her sage

  1. hey thought i would give you a heads up
    it seems that you are able to get pets from the new primevil storage box i opened 2 last night and got a birthright main hand weapon (BOL) and a hagnoffal (BOP), the boxes themselfs cost 36 planetary comms.


    • Hmm… The Hagnoffarl was from the Acquisitions Race event. I wonder if there are new pets or just old ones @-@ Either way though, it’s definitely something that needs to be looked into. Maybe for pets no longer available otherwise? Hmm…


  2. and to put your mind at ease you get a loblode from the gamestop CC card it isnt a card as such they print it out from the till, i had a freind test it out and we both have the only lobelodes on Tomb of Freedon Nadd.

    on a side note you were lucky to buy your crate o matic for 1 mil i forked out 13 mil for mine πŸ˜›


    • Good to know πŸ˜› You lucky person, you.

      Yeah, people keep telling me that XD I remember rushing to get some money and having my boyfriend lend me some as I worried as it was the first time I’d ever seen one go up. I was hoping they’d be cheaper than that…apparently, I got the cheapest there has been πŸ˜› And with the new achievement, I think it’ll go up even more.


  3. yer i got people asking if they can rent mine for the acheievment but i wont let it outta my sight its too valuable to hand around i think the only person who will get to “borrow” it will be my girlfriend πŸ˜›

    also i thing i dicovered last night was there are areas were the seeker droid is active outside mission requirements (its deactivated outside of these areas) so i did a bit of dropping the droid in random locations and seemed to have found the green versons of mettle mod 28 and 28B.

    and with using the binos the area was highlighted with a possable valuble items in the area, the 2 places are outlaws den and the crash site for the rakgoual event


  4. Kell Dragon drops from HM S&V!

    And FYI I traded someone a Gamestop EU card for a NA one so now I just need the Best Buy pet.


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