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So, with the main plot of Makeb done (on the Republic side anyway) and most of some of the other things, I figured I’d just talk about it without random one-liners. I also recorded EVERYTHING on Twitch and still am so if there’s something you want to see from our journeys in Makeb or any of the new quests, feel free to go there and look at past videos (or even watch us work on exploring and the dailies in Makeb).

Makeb is beautiful and has one of my new favorite areas in the game–the Sunken Pool in Frinn Mesa. Seriously, if I am online and in Makeb and you have no idea where I am, chances are I’m there. The only thing I have to say if that I wish all the enemies there were neutral. Taking in the sights and getting smacked by one of those pteradactyl-like things. Not to mention with everyone moving around and having things they do, it felt much more alive than other planets.

Anyway, the storyline was a bit shorter than I expected, but still played out well. I didn’t expect a Hutt to speak anything but Huttese.

The only disappointment I can say I had is probably at the end–that you couldn’t save the planet and that it just “stops”. I just wish we could’ve done something–I think that’d have been really cool. Although, considering what happened, I wish all the enemies were gone so we could just explore Makeb in all it’s prettiness 🙁

The cutscenes are great though and it’s still a lot of fun. I did expect more from the Tobarro (rather than a single robot and then just him–kind of reminded me of what happened on Quest to be honest), but not a big deal.

Onto the Datacrons… I’m sad there were only 2–and they were both kind of cruel to get to. I really dislike Pipes @-@ Never was good with them. I’m not sure how long it took us for the Endurance one–maybe 2-3 hours? We actually did pretty well, considering. Mar-gon mostly had issues with bouncing off stuff (I actually had to pull him on the platform before the final stretch) while I managed to miss the scaffolding (which almost happened AGAIN during my next run back). I think I did pretty good soloing the mobs though.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to finishing the GSI stuff. Just need to find people to do the Heroics with.

Also, the Hero of Citizens quests are interesting, but I hate that you can’t just get them all. I understand why (apparently changes the end), but it’s bothering my OCPD >_>

As for the Digging and Binocular stuff, I do find them fun for the most part. Digging can get annoying sometimes though–especially the ship parts. Dread Seed areas are so creepy though :/

Going to stat stuff + skill changes, while I am still frustrated with what I had to change in my tree at first, it’s essentially fine now and my healing never really took a downfall or anything–it still seemed the same. I would say my biggest issue is the Resplendence proc which now effects Salvation and Noble Sacrifice. With my rotation, I often use Salvation and then Noble Sacrifice which means Salvation almost always gets the proc and then I lose more HP with Noble Sacrifice. Resplendence stacks up to 3 times. Noble Sacrifice uses it just once while Salvation will use all that you have. It takes off about .6-.7 seconds on Salvation so for all 3, it’ll be instant. Noble Sacrifice’s 1 is the usual of “now you won’t lose force for the force regaining move which is stupid on so many levels”. I just wish they were separate procs or maybe Salvation didn’t take ALL OF IT. v-v; Just annoying.

Also no idea what they did with crit/surge/alacrity other than that mine is a lot lower now and I’m super confused.

But yeah, overall, I am enjoying Makeb. I still think the achievement system is a mess/glitchy though and I wish it didn’t exist, although, it can be a bit fun. Also sad about another HM and higher difficulty pet. Nothing is wrong with putting one in story mode, god. I think though, once I finish all the quests and exploration though, I’ll probably be frustrated again unless I magically manage to be able to murder ops solo and not be behind anymore.

Edit: And done! The GSI quests are now done @-@ The final bosses are evil and Shroud being alive still was evil (although, not too surprising since his body disappeared). I enjoyed the speeder jumping in the quest before Shroud’s fight though.

Ilum was super creepy though and I expect to have nightmares.

Both end boss fights were kind of glitchy… but yeah, just happy to be done.

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