Stat Frustrations

I’m still trying to figure out what to even do now, but it’s annoying that just because I hit 55, my stats dropped due to being in level 50 gear.

That is a stupid and screwed up concept. Especially as most of the gear handed out in Makeb sucks.

Of course, the way endgame gear has been to begin with along with essentially making operations “old” is stupid in itself–especially for a story-based MMO with an actual order 😐

4 thoughts on “Stat Frustrations

  1. You should still perform better even with the auto-lowered stats. Determine what you want in 72 gear and then gear up normally 😛


  2. Welcome to MMOs. This is why spending time/money on gearing up when there’s an expansion on the horizon is always a waste.


    • Well, expansions are a stupid name for them–you’d think they’d expand what you have, not replace it :/


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