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Cartel Pack Sum-up

Because apparently I hate myself and love to torture myself :/ (especially considering I’ll have to go buy cartel coin cards anyway unless I give up altogether…)

Pack #1:
Genteel Dress Shoes
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves

Pack #2:
Mood: Furious
Relaxed Jumpsuit Boots

Pack #3:
Sublime Blurrg
Darth Malak’s Chestguard

Pack #4:
Sublime Blurrg
Organa Stateman’s Lower Body Armor

Pack #5:
Mood: Furious
Darth Malaks Wristguards

Pack #6:
Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Lightsaber
Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Saberstaff

Pack #7:
Rascal’s Toothpick
Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Saberstaff

Pack #8:
Sublime Blurrg
Relaxed Jumpsuit Boots

Pack #9:
Tarisian Head Hunter Aurek
Organa Loyalist Auxillary Body Armor

Pack #10:
Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Lightsaber
Mantellian Peacemaker Aurek

Pack #11:
Aratech Nethian
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves

Pack #12:
Tarisian Head Hunter Aurek
Emote: Boo-Hoo

Pack #13:
Balmorran Hand Cannon Aurek
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves

Pack #14:
Mood: Furious
Recovered Hero Boots

Pack #15:
Mood: Furious
Corellian Bunker Buster Aurek

Pack #16:
Jawagram: “Good Job”
Recovered Hero Gauntlets

Pack #17:
Credit Boom (44K)
Genteel Dress Sash

Pack #18:
Genteel Dress Shoes
Relaxed Jumpsuit Jacket

Pack #19:
Emote: Xantha
Jawagram: “Party On!”

Pack #20:
The Last Handmaiden’s Boots
Jawagram: Awesome!

Pack #21:
Emote: Kloo
Mantellian Peacemaker Aurek

Pack #22:
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves
Organa Statesman’s Lower Body Armor

Pack #23:
Corellian Bunker Buster Aurek
Mood: Furious

Pack #24:
Emote: Kloo
Relaxed Jumpsuit Jacket

Pack #25:
Emote: Boohoo
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves

so out of 50 items, I got 3 items I actually wanted, 10 items I’ll probably keep/use, and 3 items my boyfriend will be taking for a total of 16/50… aka only 32% of it were items I’m not going to just try and sell. Lovely -_- (I also reached friend rank –)

edit: and for the record, things I failed to get that I wanted from this pack:
The Last Handmaiden Chest
The Last Handmaiden Legs
Genteel Dress Top
Genteel Dress Bottom
Genteel Dress Bracers
Genteel Dress Gloves
Cartel Luxury Skiff
Cartel Recreation Skiff
Orlean Fortune Hunter
GS-1 Sentry Droid
Model X-70 Phantom
SP-RO Power Droid
Venomcrest Lylek

Emote: Boogie
Emote: Swing
Emote: Point and Laugh
Title: Enforcer
Title: Contraband Collector
Title: Regulator
Jawagram: Nice Try
Jawagram: May the Force be With you

Servers are up!

And people wonder why I get up early. Sheesh.

Edit: New Cartel Pack :/ Obviously new pets… will be trying soon. There is a Life Day Bundle–seems to contain everything. Worth it for everything I want. I don’t care for the Life Day Robes, but it was cheaper than buying everything else separately. Not sure what I will do with them yet…

Got the Life Day pack. There’s Grade 7 Star Parts (1,300 for all of them) up for sale. I’m tempted, but not going to get them just yet… I’d rather buy them with credits. Also, no luck on the Czerka Crate-o-Matic with my 28 boxes 🙁

SO PACK TIME. Using the wait 5-10 minutes method…

Endurance Cyan-Blue Color Crystal (VERY pretty. Tempted to give to a character.) – Not sure what I’m doing with it yet
Stylish Dancer’s Bottoms (Looks kind of like a yellow slave outfit :/) – For Trade

Emote: Bop – this… honestly looks like you’re trying to do the Club Dance while drunk – Used
Ball Toss – Looks like some other items are in here :/ That sucks. – For Trade

Pack 3:
Imperial Banner – *sighs* – For Trade
C2N2 Customization – Target Dummy. Mar-gon has claimed this. It kind of makes me think if you gave him a bit of HK’s colorization. Would screenshot but screenshots hate me… hmm… maybe I’ll livestream a bit later. – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now.

Pack 4:
DLA-13 Blaster Rifle – For Trade
Endurance Cyan-Blue Color – Haven’t decided yet

and saw someone with a Blockade Runner title… Not surprising. But yes, need it.

Pack 5:
DLA-13 Blaster Rifle – For Trade
Emote: Intimidate – For Trade

Pack 6:
Revan’s Chest Plate – Mar-gon stole it
Revan’s Mask – Mar-gon stole it
^Mar-gon has claimed this entire box.

Pack 7:
Longspur STAP Royal – Gold version of the normal Longspur STAP. – Used
2V-48 Customization – Target Dummy – Probably looks similar to C2N2’s, but can’t look at it on this side… :/ – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now…. not sure if trading or not yet if this does get fixed

Saw someone with a Mottled Blurrg…there’s one new pet. The other new pet confirmed is the one in the picture of the pack which is the Tundra Nekarr Cat.. so up to 2 now.

Pack 8:
C2N2 Customization – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now…. would trade otherwise.
Emote: Bop – For trade

Pack 9 – The Final Pack:
Credit Boom (got 50K) – Used
Emote: Bop – For trade

Once again, no pets. *cries*

Edit: Saw another new pet… Micro-Patroller Droid T__T …heard someone mention one of the Starship pets but no linkage so not listing yet.

Edit 2: Another pet… Speckled Blurrg. Also, the Starship is a “Remote Control Starship” which seems to not be an actual pet, but another toy.

Edit 3: Also a Micro-Defender Droid and a Micro-Aggressor Droid 🙁

Edit 4: Decided to buy a bit more as I wanted the Fireworks Pack anyway…

Pack 10:
Stylish Dancer’s Cap – For trade
Ubrikki Sand Devil – For Trade

Pack 11:
Ubrikki Crimson Claw – For trade
C2N2 Customization – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now…. would trade otherwise.


Edit: one more pet… Lurker Blurrg.

Edit: Another: Green-Spotted Gizka

Adventures in Customer Service :P

So, after trying for 2 days, I finally got in touch with Customer Service today! Of course, they had to forward me to someone else and then I was on hold again for like an hour…but then another person helped me and just a few clicks and done! The cartel coins I was supposed to get this month for my subscription renewing were there :3 So I bought a Crime Lord box and a Black Market box (couldn’t afford any others) and got the following rare items:
1. Slate Mouse Horranth
2. Max-Tac Precision Rifle
3. Tythonian Force-Master’s Lightsaber – My boyfriend claimed this immediately. 😛

Of course, I ran into ANOTHER glitch upon logging in… my account was suddenly free to play 😐 Upon logging out and back in, my account was back to “normal”, but I had to re-slot everything :/ Also, all items that were given through mail were gone like my Taun Fawn and Minimech CE and Tauntaun Ram and PTS titles and etc. which was very odd considering you’re not supposed to lose anything when going Preferred or Free to Play. Thankfully, all of the things you would receive in mail were re-sent to me…which I then took everything out and re-did it, but very very odd. I sent a bug report so hopefully that gets fixed as I had a heart attack twice over it >_> I’m still worried I may be missing something :/

On the bright side, I did finally get my Heroes’ Banner because of this:

Translation: Galactic Hero

Also, Thank you Telanis for the statue T~T I sent your rifle! <3 (oh, and I made this suggestion thread…timing how long until someone tells me off for it :/ )

Edit: oh and I played with some of the voiced emotes. As a quick note, they apparently have a far range on where they can be heard (I accidentally annoyed the fleet T__T) and some obviously still need to be voiced (And thus, in whatever section(s) you have emotes to be listed, it’ll say [Wordless *EMOTE* – Actor to improvise])

Cartel Coin-ness @-@

Got an e-mail with this at the top:

We appreciate your support of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. As a thank you for your loyalty to The Old Republic™, we have granted you 100.

…I hope that’s in addition to the amount I’m supposed to get according to the ledger @-@

but yes, back to stalking and hoping it is up soon!

Edit: Yeah, they messed up the e-mails according to their twitter 😛 Regardless, you should receive the correct amount.

Edit 2: I’ve received 4 of these e-mails now @-@

1.5 – November 15th

So, in a week, 1.5 will be upon us. This will bring:

1. Nightmare EC (I will have to add that stupid tank mount to my list. I also have only a week to try and get all the speeders I still need… I don’t see myself getting the Ranked Warzone one–EC HM one is iffy… but I can always try to save for the ones I need to buy*)
2. HK-51 and new dailies + new world boss. I will be on immediately when patch goes up. FYI CERTAIN PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHO THEY ARE.
3. The Cartel Market

So, in Nightmare EC, there was confirmed there would be a pet. I do feel it may be the Wonderous Egg (afterall, how did that rumor start?), but there is no confirmation… if it is though, at least it can be traded so I can just hope someone pities my sad existence outside the doorway.

I’ve already prepared enough gifts to get HK to 10K so yay. I’ll probably be camping myself near where the NPC will spawn the night before so I can grab the quest and head on over to Section X. I don’t really care about getting him geared out right away–I don’t expect to use him much afterall. I just want to see is story.

Still mixed feelings on the Cartel Market. Apparently it will be 5 dollars for 450 Cartel Coins so a bit under a direct transition which kind of stinks.. however, that’s been the kind of thing most cash shops have done lately :/ Still stinks though. I’ll be getting 2800 complementary though… plus a bonus 250 during the actual launch. I still feel it may be slightly off though… and well, I hope that 500 per subscribed month after launch is true. That’d be nice. I plan on buying the speeder and pet available plus 2 of the tops…rest will be spent on packs though.

I just really wish they’d make a list of everything you can get ._. Regardless, I have prepared a trade page and everyone in the Pet Channel is awesome so… shall just hope for the best.

*I have been asked a lot why I didn’t just buy these when they were cheaper. To be honest, if I could, I would have. However, my choices were between stuff that would be GONE and thus, would probably go up to ridiculous points or just the speeders sticking around. In the end, the money went towards the Koreallis Speeders, one of the Prime speeders that was rumored to be going, and to help my boyfriend get his white lightsaber crystal. Sure, I wanted one too, but I knew he wanted it more so that is where all my money went. And it sucks I couldn’t get the speeders at a lower price, but I don’t regret what I did use the credits for.


So, at my grandparents’ house because we still have no power! Thus, I will be quickly doing a livestream to play around with boxes.

I will edit when it is over :3 But recording will stay up so I can further analyze percentages~ yay~

Edit: All done. Didn’t manage to get a Gizka, Vrblett, or Monkey Lizard, sadly. Didn’t really get much new from my last one and still have yet to get a color crystal. I will go ahead and throw this under “wow, my luck sure does suck”.

Edit 2: We have power back now :3

Cartel Market up on PTS :3

Yep! The Market is already up on the PTS so here are some overviews 😀

Firstly, if you didn’t guess from the preview video, the icon is a bright golden icon outside the blue menu bar (which is kind of annoying IMO but). It has it’s own interface section and thus, can be moved. :3

The pet besides the Monkey Lizard is the Ivory Mouse Horanth. It costs 240 credits right now, but I will not be listing that officially as prices could change on release.

The Cartel Packs are random :/ Unfortunately. You have a chance at certain items and junk. Crime Lord Cartel’s Pack has “The Pack Contains 5 Items, including 1 Boost Item, 1 Companion Gift, 1 rare crafting material, and 2 rare items.”

I opened one and received: Slate Mouse Horranth and Golden Lizardbat for my rare items. The chance of those pets actually being Cartel Items seems more likely and yes, this means the pet isn’t guaranteed and the amount of anger I am feeling right now is so high, it could explode a volcano. The Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack costs 360 Cartel Coins. The other three items I received were a Personalized Holoportrait, Mutagenic Paste, and a Minor Space Mission Experience Boost.

I also have 2400 coins to spell so I will not be purchasing the speeder (which is 720). The Carbonite Chamber is also 720, but that’s 50% off and thus, is nomally 1,440. The Rancor holo is only 180.

Race Unlocks are available. Interesting color crystals: Orange-Yellow and Pink-Purple. All the armor is ugly IMO, but you can wear them on any class.

My Black Market Cartel Pack (180) contained 1 boost, 1 companion item, and 1 rare item. :/ Mine had…oh, forget the stupid companion item, nobody cares so a Minor Flashpoint XP boost and a Ubrikki Crimson Claw–a new speeder where the speed actually goes up based on the piloting level you have.

You also have a chance at a Super Rare item from both–the Crime Lord having a higher chance.

Oh, and there’s apparently two new quickbars that can be used. So yay for people who wanted more quick bars–you now have them. And you can now preview your weapon. Yay.

Anyway, I opened up another of each pack.
Crime Lord: Ignoring the stupid stuff… I got a new emote–Menace. Also an Elegant Loungewear Top. The latter is a nice way of saying Blue and White Slavegirl outfit. I was very disappointed -_-

Black Market… I got another of the Menace Emote — I’m giving up with these.

So, 3 more Crime Lord’s (as that was all I could afford):
1. ANOTHER Menace Emote and the bottom to that stupid slavegirl outfit.
2. Low Atmosphere Miniprobe 🙁 + Covert Torso Energy Armor (This will be popular for a lot of people–more or less, it’s armor that is invisible so if you want to run around naked and still be geared, this is for you)
3. Longspur Elite (It seems all Cartel Speeders work the same way–speed goes up based off your training) + Ball Toss “Throws ball at target within 30 meters that bounces harmlessly off their head”.

Overall? I’m just frustrated and upset. 40+ pets that are most likely in the Cartel Shop AND are random to get AND are bound. *sighs* Will not update the pet list just yet either for obvious reasons. The Experience boosts can be traded though and suppoedly other items may be tradeable after 5 days but… :/ *sighs* EDIT: Items can be traded after 5 days. EDIT: Even shorter once live and for subscribers! Thank god. So now I’m just annoyed with how MANY they put in…and I hate random boxes. At least hopefully I can trade with my fellow pet collectors?

Ubrikki Sand Devil is apparently another speeder (see in photos above). Darth Hater has lots of screenshots of stuff. Other items seem to be an Imperial Banner and Revan’s Cowl. Apparently you can also get a white crystal. I feel bad for anyone who really wanted one–have fun paying for it. Also items that give you credits.

Apparently the pink-purple has a PVP version though so may need to try and get that at some point. :/

Also, the Thrones are mounts and there is a title: The Cartel Collector. And there’s a Darth Malgus Holo that lets you purchase your skills as you level. That’s handy…but why Darth Malgus? 😐

Edit: Pets found so far in Cartel Shop:
Monkey Lizard

Ironically, despite being the one shown, I have yet to see anyone who has gotten a Monkey Lizard yet. One FINALLY gotten.

Some pictures of things (Special thanks to Bloodguts for some of them :3)–Slate Horranth not included as it is glitched and looks like the Hagnoffarl. Will continue to update with more: Continue reading

1.4.2 Patch + Lost Island

To be honest, I’m not completely sure what took so long with this patch (I think it’s a lot of preparations for Free to Play), but it’s nice to see so many bug fixes!

However, what really excited me were the Cartel Coin stuff. You can’t see anything yet, but you can now see how many you currently have that you will get when Free to Play happens. Right now, I have 2400 2600 and considering one of the first things they stated for it are “must-have pets”…I just hope I will be ready for them.

In the meantime, I was dragged to a Lost Island HM run…not used to the new white circles before the blue ones for the robot boss, but it went okay. And now being dragged through EV story mode, but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it, to be honest… It’s going…interestingly I suppose…but not really in a good way 😐

If this sounds confusing…

…it is because I feel really sick so I’m going to apologize in advance.

So, I remember reading this post a while back in regards to “Gambling Boxes”. For those not familiar with them, they are boxes that can have a number of items (I have seen some places have up to 60 items in a “Gambling Box”), usually with a few rare items. And usually all the items or at the very least, the rarer ones, can only be gotten through these boxes.

What bothers me is the fact that when they mention the Cartel Packs, they do not say they are not Gambling Boxes in a topic that is about them which really worries me and makes me think they really will be Gambling Boxes over random item packs.

“How are random item packs different?” You don’t really ask but I’m continuing this format anyway.

An example of a random item pack just means an item pack filled with a random collection of items–for example an armor set, a pet, and a mount. Those items are pretty different and have randomly been decided to put in a pack together, however, every time someone buys that pack, it is always the same armor set, pet, and mount. That is Cartel Pack #1 and it will never change.

Another example, however, is a mixture of a Random Item Pack and a Gambling Pack where there’s fewer options, but you are paying for more due to it coming with more. So, you’d buy the set and you will get an armor set, pet, and mount but which of each is random. So let’s just make an example:

Armor sets:

Pet sets:

Mantyke Thranta (sorry, I told you I am sick >_>)
Pod Racer

You then buy a pack and you get: Blue Armor Set, Orobird Pet, and Pod Racer Mount. You then buy another and maybe you get Rainbow Set, Lobel Pet, and Tauntaun Mount and then maybe you get one more and you get horribly unlucky and get another Blue Armor Set, another Lobel Pet, and another Pod Racer Mount. Just completely random which you get, but you will get one of each type.

…if you couldn’t guess though, I prefer option 2. It’s just…a random collection of items. And maybe if I buy Cartel Pack #1, I can find someone who bought #2 and we can trade–like if I hate the armor set, maybe I can trade it for their pet.

The first season of Cartel packs will draw heavily on preexisting armor appearances that haven’t been used for player-wearable equipment thus far. They’ll include some new models, but we did not draw on endgame content appearances for them.

Unsurprisingly, the Cartel Packs will be limited. I just hope it’ll be a reasonable time–like a month or so. I’ve seen too many sites where they just do like a week.

Regardless, I really hope they will make the items tradeable. Gambling packs suck enough to begin with, but even more so when you’re stuck with the crud you got. I have awful luck. There is another site I go to where they, unfortunately, make their donation items random. They released about 10 items last month. There were only 2 I didn’t like. 7/10 chests I bought were one of those items. 1/10 was the other of those items. Leaving me with 2/10 that I actually wanted.

I was, thankfully, able to trade for some, but others I actually had to donate more to get and that stinks. In fact, there is another site I quit when I realized the average amount to get everything was about $300. The sad truth of these things are, they are brilliant ways to make money even if it makes more people miserable.

I’ve seen more people boycott features like that than those who buy them. The issue comes in that the people who do buy them are more than willing to spend thousands to get everything and in the end, they pay more money than the people who do not buy those items at all. And I hate gambling in real life–gambling for virtual things is just kind of infuriating to me (and having money issues right now doesn’t help).

But yes, considering the response to the topic, I am really really really worried. 🙁 I hope, if they unfortunately do go that route, that they will at least be tradeable… but I really hope they’re not and they just didn’t think to say something.


So, I am home and now reading over the Q&A (Yay for transcripts. I shall definitely watch after). To be honest, I’m super sad that I didn’t get to watch live 🙁 Regardless, yay for new information! If only it was longer.

BUT YES, ONTO THOUGHTS. I won’t comment on everything and mostly just highlight what I am excited about…but yeah XD

-Confirmed that Free to Play is coming in November.
-Some early gear sets. Also some experience boosts separate from legacy.
-New daily questing area coming soon~ (And we already knew about the Hypergates and stuff)
-Paid transfers are coming.
-” In a future update when we release Mekab there will be continuation of where the story left off.” yeeeeeeeeees.
-“you will see that a couple weeks before we launch the FTP option players can go into the PTS and our intent is for anybody that logs into PTS to get some Cartel Coins that they can play with only on PTS – those don’t xfer to the live game! We will have items for sale on PTS that people can go in, make purchase and give us feedback.” more yeeeeeeees. As for why this would excite me, it’d be nice to see stuff I’m going to want in the main game along with learning prices of things like…oh…I don’t know… PETS.
-Looks like the 350 BH Commendation Implants may be a mistake and not actually coming out immediately: “The side effect of PTS is that occasionally items that are not intended for live made it up there and unfortunately that specific item was the case of that. So that item in particular is going to be removed, reviewed, and hopefully a better version will come out in a future update.”
-While HK-51 will be out by the end of the year, Cathar may take somewhat longer: “Cathar and HK-51 are both in the works. HK-51 I am confident that you will see before the end of the year. Cathar have no definite timeframe at this point but we intend to introduce them as the first species in SWTOR.”
-Mounts and Pets for the Cartel Shop! Also some gear sets, but will have no impact on endgame. Sounds interesting: “The gear you will find will be interesting to everyone because it is not going to be restricted by class or by faction and all moddable”
-“We also have a really cool thing called Cartel packs. Cartel packs you buy give you a random assortment of really cool items and a chance to get some of the cooler items that maybe in the game (not powerful, but very cool – they going to make you look AMAZING!)” I just hope it’s just a pack of various items over some kind of random item box.
-Nightmare EC and Nightmare TfB will have various differences besides just being harder.
-Whether the XP Boosts and Rocket Boots will be overlaps of the legacy system or just alternate ways to purchase currently unknown as they couldn’t say.
-Cathar can be purchased with Cartel Coins (as well as credits I think? Wording is kind of odd). More may be available to as well over using credits.
-Hood toggle option still coming.
-More content for smaller groups of players coming.

There wasn’t really anything else in particular. Wish they answered some of the stuff I was really wondering about 🙁