Malgus’ New Power

So, apparently, Darth Malgus can bring people back from the dead.

More or less, I was helping Duhtect with his random HM Flashpoint and Mar-gon came along too 😀 So, we just needed a tank and we got a pop right away, but that tank never accepted… second pop and we went and it began!

unfortunately, our tank wasn’t too great. Mar-gon and Duhtect were constantly taking aggro and even I took it once or twice. Regardless, he tried really hard!

Anyway, we got to Darth Malgus and I asked if we were doing the pillars or stairs strategy. He says pillars so I headed over and got myself situated…only for our tank to be pushed off the bridge to his death 😐

We get the *NAME* HAS BEEN DEFEATED message and figure we can just try and 3-man it or something since Duhtect was on his Vanguard….when suddenly, the tank reappears. It was his turn first for the whole “face Malgus alone” junk and it RESURRECTED HIM FROM THE DEAD.

You learn something new everyday.

The Foundry finished

So, I was playing on Cellina and we decided to try the Foundry again… after forever (we had several people rejecting the group), we finally got a group together!

HK-47 is such a horrible fight. Seriously. Thankfully, the tank and DPS were very nice about how much I suck as an operative. Barely had to heal at all during the fight with Revan besides his rockfall attack which was kind of sad with how evil HK was. …regardless, I’m glad as I’d rather not see that fight again. Getting HK-51 on Amidaia won’t be very fun.

The Foundry definitely feels harder to me than Maelstrom does which I find interesting. @-@ Although, more frustrating if anything. At least it’s done now so we shall be focusing on Hoth!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it :3 <3

An interesting Boarding Party

So, we decided to do Boarding Party real quick before we started… We found a sniper looking for a group and invited them, but still no luck finding a tank.

After waiting for who knows how long, we decide to just try and do it with a tank companion.

When we get through several mobs after the first boss, group finder finally pops. We accept, even if it means we will be starting over and off we go…

and the person leaves IMMEDIATELY after we travel there. thus, we do it all over again and are queued for a replacement.

Sometime during several mobs after the second to last boss…we have someone join us for the final mobs and the final boss. XP

We didn’t do too bad though 3-manning so much of it. The 2nd to last boss = pure evil

Finally gloves!

Yep, I finally got my gloves from EC HM which means I have the stats I want along with a 4-set bonus. Of course, I do pretty well with my force management (I’d like to think so anyway!) so if something happens and I have to kill it… I have no problem doing so 😛 Unfortunately, no mount drop which really sucked 🙁

Anyway, I may get to do TfB on Monday! I hope we do really well and I can finally get my Deep Wriggler T~T That would be the best thing ever.

edit: and now I have to suffer through Teral V T___T darn you, Teral V.

1.4.2 Patch + Lost Island

To be honest, I’m not completely sure what took so long with this patch (I think it’s a lot of preparations for Free to Play), but it’s nice to see so many bug fixes!

However, what really excited me were the Cartel Coin stuff. You can’t see anything yet, but you can now see how many you currently have that you will get when Free to Play happens. Right now, I have 2400 2600 and considering one of the first things they stated for it are “must-have pets”…I just hope I will be ready for them.

In the meantime, I was dragged to a Lost Island HM run…not used to the new white circles before the blue ones for the robot boss, but it went okay. And now being dragged through EV story mode, but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it, to be honest… It’s going…interestingly I suppose…but not really in a good way 😐

The Credit Factor

As most people should know by now, I am awful at earning credits (or any currency of any game/site really). There’s several reasons as to why, but the #1 reason has come down to the fact that in general, I am “too nice”. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but I am a goodie-two shoes if you couldn’t figure that out either for some reason.

So, let’s go over the ways people tend to make money:


If you have ever looked over at my Characters page, you will see I have given every single character one of the crew skills (with the exception of Roseria who has just ones to get her through flashpoints quicker and regardless, there’s only 6 different crew skills so). Two of them are actually at 400–Marilea who has 400 in Synthweaving, Slicing, and Underworld Trading and Amidaia who has 400 in Cybertech and Scavenging.

Due to the fact that I do not raid on Amidaia, she doesn’t actually have the ability to make anything anyone would care about. And I find nobody ever really wants anything my Synthweaver can make (besides Augments I suppose). Besides that, I do not think of crafting as something that just runs in the background and thus, do not use it unless:
A. I need something.
B. I know someone needs something and can make it for them.

And then I just give it to them. The idea of running it constantly and selling things doesn’t dawn on me at all. Part of this is probably because it is the first game I have ever crafted in. That isn’t to say I’ve never made things in games (MySims comes to mind), but it was in that format–make something as I need it and that was it. I never made it again.

Not to mention I know with Amidaia, I can send her some stuff through Legacy, but besides wondering if that is even supposed to work that way… I don’t take extras. I will always feel really bad if I take extras because:
1. Someone may need it more
2. I’m just…not a big crafter

I would hate to take something away from someone who really wanted. I don’t care if it’s about the roll. Being “fair” doesn’t always justify breaking someone’s art and crushing their soul.

So, that’s something I just can’t really wrap my head around. And when it comes to figuring out prices for things…well, we’ll cover that more in one of the other sections.

Dailies, Weeklies, Flash Points, Operations, and Space Missions

Also known as…the repeat until you want to smash your head against walls and never have to think about things again.

Now, a lot of people do their Dailies and Weeklies every day. This gets them several hundred thousand credits every day and even more with the weeklies each week. I am, obviously, not one of those people.

But why not? I just…can’t do the repetition. It’s a bit of an odd situation as I am a very organized person, I tend to put myself on a schedule, I often go around in circles (not literally–more like I tend to do the same things every day), so what is my issue with repetition in game?

It’s not so much doing the same thing…it’s the thing not changing and/or it being the same thing over and over that kills me. I have a very good memory so it’s like a permanent phase of deja vu whenever I do something and then I just can’t bother to pay attention. In fact, that is the hardest part with my alts right now because I’ve SEEN the Republic Storyline. I’ve SEEN the Imperial Storyline. And no matter what I do, I can not get enough experience to skip those things completely, so here I am half listening to cutscenes because it’s just killing me. It isn’t new.

However, I will state right now the games that do the randomness for something are not any better for me because the end is still the same. What happens when you finish does not change–just the way to get there and maybe you take a right instead of a left and I hate those things because I get lost enough as it is and do not like not knowing where to go to get out of this horribleness as quickly as possible because once I do it once, I am done and if I have to go back, I will cry.

I have already mentioned several times my issues with the difficulties so I’ll skip that for now.

Another thing is, I have issues with many of these.

-Dailies: Just too repetitive. And Belsavis has scarred me for life.
-Weeklies: Need people. And…I’d rather not do some of the things for weeklies ever again.
-Operations: I enjoy KP a lot, but will admit I am starting to (finally) get burnt out on it. Regardless, I am willing to help people out with it. However, I need a new mouse before I can do the puzzle again 🙁 and can’t afford one right now. I hate EV though. Just…please don’t ask me to do EV. please please please please don’t. I hate saying no. It makes me feel like such a jerk, but I just…I can’t. I can’t take doing EV at all. It has just been so permanently ruined for me that it would take me quite a long time to get over this. And each time I do it, it just makes it worse. Eventually I’m going to completely zone out doing it and everyone is going to die. As for TfB and EC…well, I have a lot of rotten memories for EC so it is another operation, like EV, which has just been completely ruined for me. Also like EV, I hate the first boss. Regardless, at least you get credits for mobs and I do still need a mount which makes it less horrifying. But I will admit everytime I do end up doing Explosive Conflict, I feel pretty depressed. Finally, TfB I’m just kind of annoyed with. Why couldn’t the Wriggler drop on Story Mode? Why? 🙁 Overall though, it’s fun, but the pet stress is starting to kill me. I can’t really say why this bothers me more than the M0-GUL Thrall Droid did, but I would guess it’s partially because it only drops on one mode (just imagine how I’ll be with NM EC) and it’s one mode I can’t just…try and grab people and go.

I’m a shy person and no matter what it is, I hate asking people for help. In fact, unless you offer, I will most likely never ask. If I do finally ask, it’s really really REALLY important to me and when someone does say no, I usually get really sad and start blaming myself which is part of why I try not to ask in the first place. Even something as simple as asking someone if they have a schematic makes me really nervous and I just can’t do it.

Flash Points – Besides, you know, killing the chests and other things… I do not care for many of them. They were fun the first time (well, most–some were not, I’ll get to them shortly), but not so much and no, the harder difficulty means absolutely nothing. In fact, I find more fun going through the lower difficulty, not because I don’t like a challenge, but because it gets done with even quicker.

I hate Teral V, Directive 7, Kaon and Lost Island. The first two due to just…incredibly bad experiences (My first HM Teral V took about 5+ hours and my first Directive 7 (not even HM) involved us repeatedly dying to the first boss because one of our DPS kept messing up) while the latter two are due to my fear of zombies. Transformation sequences like the one at the end of Lost Island and earlier in Kaon if you don’t kill the guy really creep me out and the mutant humans were my biggest issue with the Rakghoul event and just make me start gagging. Besides that, both of them constantly make me fear for my life and I panic with healing worries.

I would say my favorite flashpoints are Esseles and False Emperor. The former due to being the first flashpoint I ever did and the latter being my first HM Flashpoint where I received my first Columni piece. They are both nostalgic for me so I am slightly less annoyed doing them.

Regardless, there isn’t a “Only do Esseles and False Emperor” weekly and doing them every day would ruin them for me so maybe it’s better that way.

Finally, that brings us to Space Missions. I can’t aim worth crud. That is pretty much the reason. I can barely do the easy space missions. I had to have my boyfriend finish them for me. I’m terrible at them. Really really terrible. The amount of time it would take me to earn any credits as I fail mercilessly on space mission after space mission is not worth it.

Play the Market – Use that GTN

I am pretty good at Math and I love numbers, but when it comes to trying to figure out pricing of something, that goes out the window. Whether it be in real life or online, I’m not great at bartering. I never know what to ask so I always ask people to offer out of fear I’d accidentally overprice it and scare them off or underprice it and rip myself off. With Markets like the GTN, that is my constant fear and thus, I usually end u just putting nothing or giving it away to someone who needs it if I do have an extra. or just selling it to a vendor to get it out of my inventory ASAP because OCPD away~

Of course, I could just look at the market and price it below someone else’s… but by how much? That is the question that plagues me. And what happens if someone prices lower than me? Then what do I do? And then I just worry and it doesn’t go well at all. And if something doesn’t sell, I can’t help but get sad and take it personal because when it comes down to it, I take everything personal (P.S. I also can’t tell when someone is joking).

Finally, I just…feel bad. Here’s something I am making for free and I’m supposed to go sell it? Not to mention the idea of buying stuff up to put it back for sale at a higher price just makes me feel so guilty. And thus, we head back to the first paragraph of this giant post.


PVP is the one exception of repetition due to the fact that the matches can be so crazy and it can be a easy win or a giant battle until the end. So in the sense of repetition, I don’t mind PVP.

My issue with PVP is PVP itself. I do not play fighting games against people. I do not battle Pokemon with people. The reason for this is I feel bad, personally, if I have defeated someone (which is rare as I get VERY nervous and usually screw up) because they worked hard.

So when I get killed in PVP, I get upset. Every single time I die or something targets me or attacks me, I get really really upset. And if I know you? I usually will want to cry (if I wasn’t already). Way to break my heart, jerk. <-- kind of a joke. sort of. Not completely, but I know it's a game and you don't mean it...hopefully ._. Thus, my issue with PVP is it essentially breaks me. It breaks my spirit and makes me really upset and I hate it. I also hate to lose and give up so just… PVP and I don’t get along in the fact that I’m not okay with what it’s all about.

I just can’t enjoy playing against another player. Whatsoever. It isn’t fun for me. (slight exception for party games and some board games though)


The last way to earn credits is to ask for tips. Whether it be as I pull people various places or guide people to pets, most people would ask for some compensation. I’d feel like a jerk as it’s no trouble for myself and it’s not like I was doing anything anyway (and even if I was or wasn’t even planning to get on, I’d probably still do so if you asked and needed help).

…yeah, this is where that first paragraph comes up again.


So there you have it. Why I will probably never find a good way to earn credits. Unless being a walking pet guide starts becoming a paying job.

…kidding, I’d feel bad if that happened too since I just like helping people 🙁 blah.

Story vs. Hard/Nightmare

If there is one thing that has come up a lot, it is people skipping story mode to go right into HM or Nightmare (or even a whole new tier) to get geared. I just…hate when people do that. I also dislike when I am personally dragged into a harder difficulty if I have not finished a lower difficulty of something. Getting dragged into HM False Emperor before I finished normal FE and Battle of Ilum was frustrating and it took us hours to find people to do the normal versions with us (in the end, we actually did most of Battle of Ilum with a companion before another friend got on and helped us out).

I don’t understand why people skip around. Sure, it may not be any of my business, but it is annoying. I don’t care if you can be carried through a harder difficulty and get geared faster. What about the differences? The chances? Do you not want to experience it?

I’ve already mentioned how I wouldn’t even do HM or NM if it wasn’t for codexes or some vanity stuff. However, some completely new experiences would make me curious–the main difference is I wouldn’t feel like I HAVE to do it or like I’m being forced to.

And honestly, I feel it is better to learn the original fights and then adjust to new mechanics rather than going in and killing yourself trying to learn the fight with a bit more difficulty added to it. There’s a reason most people start learning to ride a bike with training wheels. It doesn’t help that most people aren’t even running in because they need to hurry and gear for some reason. It is because they feel they’re too good for story mode and that makes me sad. And feel very bad for story mode. 🙁

(and really, the fact that I prefer to go in order should surprise nobody if you look at how many lists and things I make. Planet order, quest order, etc. Having to backtrack annoys me quite a bit and I’d rather pause and wait and get something done in the order it should be than skip ahead unless I’ve done it before.)

The Endgame Problem

Due to lots of discussion with my boyfriend about various things today–the issue came up with how the endgame system essentially copied WoW and has the whole “YOU NEED TO DO ALL THIS TO GET THIS GEAR TO MAKE IT SO YOU ARE ABLE TO DO THE FIRST PART OF THIS STUFF” when it is all level 50 content.

It is level 50 content.

And you need to go over the river, through the woods, and down a mountain to even hit the first part of it. And honestly? He’s right–that’s stupid. We hit level 50, why do we have to do all this repetitive stupidity to actually be able to do the content we should be “looking forward” to?

While I’m actually more or less completely geared out until 1.4 officially hits, I will say it is kind of annoying. I wasn’t able to play WoW long (it got boring for me fast) so I can’t comment on their End-game personally, but it seems silly that after you hit level 50, you have to go on some long silly journey to actually do something new at level 50.

HM Flashpoints are barely any different. I would say the biggest change between normal and hard (and this is probably why it has its own tier in Group Finder) is in Lost Island where many mechanics are excluded completely (Droid has no fire come up from the floor, Dr. Lorick’s second phase doesn’t even exist, etc.). HM and NM Operations do have some mechanic differences (though, some you can more or less skip—like Fabricator’s), but I think other than EC, none are really too big of a deal (unless you didn’t blow up the Lightning balls in SM Soa).

I don’t understand why end-game content can’t be special full group things without it being “YOU NEED ALL THIS GEAR OMG.”

It wouldn’t even be such a big deal if only HM and NM did that and those were solely just for a challenge. Kind of like how Ranked was supposed to be. Just a challenge for those who wanted it but they had to go and make all this special ranked requirement gear which really ruins it for me (I’m not good enough for Ranked. Nobody wants me unless they are desperate and I’m not skilled enough to ever get a 2200 rating for that speeder).

I could care less about the harder difficulties in anything. Not because I’m lazy or am looking for something easy, but because I hate repetition. If it wasn’t for the codexes and certain speeders and pets, I wouldn’t bother with different difficulties because gear isn’t my priority. I already have the outfit I plan to wear forever. But yet, I have to bother with gear because I have to. Because I’d be unable to do the content otherwise—not because it is an upgrade and would just help me kill things faster.

It’s level 50 content FOR level 50’s, yes? And yet, there’s so much farming and annoyances we have to do. And before people are all “but then we’d run out of content too fast!!!” I’m sure if they weren’t busy making different difficulties of the same stupid content and just made level 50 content without all the “gearing up” and mountains you need to climb to do so, we could get plenty of normal, story-driven, level 50 content and maybe there’d be stuff like Heroic 8’s which would be all raid-y and operationish. And then that gap wouldn’t be there in the first place. Not to mention then there wouldn’t even need to be different gear for PVP either and expertise could be kicked to the curb already.

Test server + 1.4 Patch Notes are up!

For the patch notes 🙂 Currently patching on my computer and downloading on my laptop as we speak. Only disappointment is it looks like no character transfers…which is really depressing T__T (Also, looks like no new pets officially mentioned…however, that doesn’t mean much. I kind of hope not though as we have enough mysteries on our hands with the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg/Orochick and who knows what with the Lobelode)

Regardless, some highlights and things I found interesting from the patch notes:
-Obviously Terror from Beyond is out. The new gear is “Dread Guard” (it sounds silly)

-The ground targeting reticule is no longer cleared when a channeled ability completes channeling. (Very nice. This was always a bit frustrating/confusing in PVP)

-Players no longer receive the error message “You cannot cast while moving” when moving, stopping, and then immediately using a ground-targeted ability. (Yay!)

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Glitches & Amidaia

So, had an…interesting Long Island run. It definitely didn’t go well, but what was really iffy was during Smash-lava pit guy’s Smash attack… instead of jumping up…he jumped back and knocked us all off 😐 I really need to stop glitching things. *feels like she’s bad luck*

In a different note, Amidaia is level 49! About to get back to playing her right now so hopefully level 50 isn’t far off~ We are slowly making our way through Voss and her story has definitely gotten more and more interesting (even if the betrayals aren’t a surprise).

I think I still prefer Sage more (even if I guessed Syo was evil right away–it actually surprised me when I was actually right), if only because I felt we were able to do more about it. And plus, the overall faction story I disagreed less with some of the options.