Some Progress on Miisha

Decided to work on Miisha with Mar-gon’s DPS Vanguard yesterday. Originally, we had planned to level them with a friend of his…but let’s just say that didn’t end well.

Thanks to Telanis, Miisha now has the Ice Scrabbler Jerky recipe ๐Ÿ˜€ so once she gets up more, hopefully I will be able to hand those out randomly to pet collectors <3 Anyway, we finished up Taris and will probably skip the bonus series there... Taris and Balmorra are our least favorite planets so... less time we need to spend there, the better. In the meantime, I did buy some Grade 7 Ship Parts as they have gone down a lot (all were under 100K)... Only one I still need is the Laser Cannons, but I didn’t see that up sadly. It costs 500 Fleet Commendations to get (or is 550 Cartel Coins for the Offensive Bundle). Found one on the GTN ๐Ÿ˜€ (also for under 100K) Yay!

Diplomat’s Meditation Chair is staying anywhere between 2.5 million to 3 million. Similarly, the Dominator’s Command Throne is staying around 1.5-2 million so I’ll need to just save up for those as it doesn’t look like they will drop anytime soon.

The White Crystal’s price doesn’t really surprise me considering it was originally 2.5 million to get one anyway. But yeah, chances are I never will get one.

Stupid expensive things ๐Ÿ™

Dreadtooth, Alts, and things

First of all, I am starting to give up hope on the Tundra Nekarr Cat ever going down ๐Ÿ™ WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME? Oh, you have money finally? NOW YOU WILL STILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT (and/or never see it in the first place).

Moving on, I really wish I could stalk Dreadtooth for groups. See, these are the things I’d usually do, but he has that stupid debuff to everyone outside the group that pulls and has pretty big aggro range (he chased after me at least 3 times now) so it’s just…not really a great area to watch ๐Ÿ™ I still need all his codexes though and haven’t even gotten to fight him once… just bleh. If I could camp him and solo him, I’d spend the day doing that–fighting him from 1-5 or maybe higher for testing loot and theories and things. But finding a group of 24 to do that is fairly unlikely. Nobody really cares about those things and I’m sure the cave would be solved if people were up for more experimenting

I don’t really like depending on people so I don’t ask for favors very much. Mostly because there isn’t much I can usually do to repay the person in the first place. Of course, MMOs require a lot of working together…but I’ve noticed most of the time, nobody has that same curiousity that I do. They just shrug it off and that’s it which means I’ll be alone again. Maybe it may be silly, but is there anything wrong with partaking in an adventure every now and then?

Regardless, hopefully we’ll get Amidaia and Revenent done and then we will probably get on Cellina and Valda…. or maybe I can convince him to help Speederisk 1 and 2 *bricked*

But yes, just trying to keep my hopes up… TUNDRA NEKARR CAT GO DOWN ALREADY GOD.

and I still have to finish space missions too…but…space missions ._.

Livestreaming :P`

So after streaming a weird glitch, I have decided to also stream myself sucking miserably at space missions ๐Ÿ˜› And whatever other junk I try.

I even talk a little bit while Prongs lets me know I am horrible at them! ๐Ÿ˜› (I’m so sorry)

Edit: Done unless a queue pops up @-@ Then I shall start it again.

1.6 up on PTS

Well…that was fast. Was surprised to see that appear in my inbox! Sadly, no transfers again :/ Regardless, this is the new PVP Warzone–Ancient Hypergates and new space missions…the new space missions sound scary ๐Ÿ™ Anyway, here’s some highlights from the Patch notes!:

Added a new Level 50 “Introduction to Group Finder” mission to the Daily Mission Terminal on the Republic and Imperial Fleets. This will be granted when players complete the Advanced Gear mission for their Class.

I kind of hope we can do this~ I like new quests and I’m sad when I can’t do a new quest because it’s limited to a lower level :/

Increased Black Hole Commendations awarded by Story Mode Operations in Group Finder from 5 to 10.

I’m sure people will be excited about this. I would be if I didn’t hate dailies with a passion.

Added a new Level 50 “Advanced Gear” mission for each Class to the Daily Mission Terminal on the Imperial and Republic Fleets.

More quests <3

Tionese gear available from the Tionese vendor no longer costs Tionese Crystals, and their commendation costs have been reduced for most items.

…but I have so many crystals ๐Ÿ™

Ancient Artifact Storage Boxes can now be purchased for 25 Tionese Crystals from all Tionese vendors.


Ancient Hypergate, a new Warzone, is available for play! Travel to an ancient ruin built around a Gree Hypergate and battle to control the precious lost technology for your faction.
New incredibly challenging Weekly [HEROIC] Space Combat missions are available!
All new Grade 7 Artifact Quality Starship Upgrades are now available

1. Yay…. ๐Ÿ˜ I hate PVP ._. and this one encourages a death match. Talk about unfun for healers.

2. … ๐Ÿ™ I’m so bad at space missions.

3. I wonder if this means I don’t need fleet commendations now? I guess I shall see.

Regardless, Test server is done patching so time to check it out :3 Shall edit with stuff~

Edit: At the fleet vendor, there’s the finally Grade 7 Ship stuff:
Blast Condensor – Beam Generator – 500 Fleet Commendations
Durasteel Armor – Ship Armor – 500 Fleet Commendations
Laser Cannons – Beam Charger – 500 Fleet Commendations

Then there’s 2 schematics for Cybertechs (requires 400) for 700 Fleet Commendations each. Concussion Missile Magazine and the Deflector Shield.

Got mail about the Advanced Gear mission… gave me a use item to talk to someone on Carrick Station and gave me the new game rule: Advanced Gear. Had to speak to Master Zua, the Tionese vendor for Consulars. Got 99 Tionese Commendations as a reward.

Opened up a bunch of the Ancient Artifact Boxes… no crate, but I think if I did get it on the Test Server, I’d cry. I did manage to get 2 inheritance kits though (Main Hand and Chest).

Was able to get the Introduction to Ground Finder quest… requires me to complete 1 Random HM flashpoint using it.

Suddenly got another mail which was about the finishing the Advanced gear mission and the Group finder thing… but I already got the mission (which using the item told me, though, it was still consumed). Also received a Black Hole commendation,.

Anyway, queued for PVP (and PVE I guess to see the reward for the quest)… shall see what happens. Gonna try doing the space missions… can’t find where to buy space stuff with BH Commendations though :/

There’s 6 new Space Missions I believe… gonna go fail miserably.

Edit 2: Well, that didn’t go well…got greeted by a black screen (although, could see some stuff at the borders)… :/ Would submit a bug report, but I can’t see anything so… shall close the game for now and try again later @-@

The Credit Factor

As most people should know by now, I am awful at earning credits (or any currency of any game/site really). There’s several reasons as to why, but the #1 reason has come down to the fact that in general, I am “too nice”. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but I am a goodie-two shoes if you couldn’t figure that out either for some reason.

So, let’s go over the ways people tend to make money:


If you have ever looked over at my Characters page, you will see I have given every single character one of the crew skills (with the exception of Roseria who has just ones to get her through flashpoints quicker and regardless, there’s only 6 different crew skills so). Two of them are actually at 400–Marilea who has 400 in Synthweaving, Slicing, and Underworld Trading and Amidaia who has 400 in Cybertech and Scavenging.

Due to the fact that I do not raid on Amidaia, she doesn’t actually have the ability to make anything anyone would care about. And I find nobody ever really wants anything my Synthweaver can make (besides Augments I suppose). Besides that, I do not think of crafting as something that just runs in the background and thus, do not use it unless:
A. I need something.
B. I know someone needs something and can make it for them.

And then I just give it to them. The idea of running it constantly and selling things doesn’t dawn on me at all. Part of this is probably because it is the first game I have ever crafted in. That isn’t to say I’ve never made things in games (MySims comes to mind), but it was in that format–make something as I need it and that was it. I never made it again.

Not to mention I know with Amidaia, I can send her some stuff through Legacy, but besides wondering if that is even supposed to work that way… I don’t take extras. I will always feel really bad if I take extras because:
1. Someone may need it more
2. I’m just…not a big crafter

I would hate to take something away from someone who really wanted. I don’t care if it’s about the roll. Being “fair” doesn’t always justify breaking someone’s art and crushing their soul.

So, that’s something I just can’t really wrap my head around. And when it comes to figuring out prices for things…well, we’ll cover that more in one of the other sections.

Dailies, Weeklies, Flash Points, Operations, and Space Missions

Also known as…the repeat until you want to smash your head against walls and never have to think about things again.

Now, a lot of people do their Dailies and Weeklies every day. This gets them several hundred thousand credits every day and even more with the weeklies each week. I am, obviously, not one of those people.

But why not? I just…can’t do the repetition. It’s a bit of an odd situation as I am a very organized person, I tend to put myself on a schedule, I often go around in circles (not literally–more like I tend to do the same things every day), so what is my issue with repetition in game?

It’s not so much doing the same thing…it’s the thing not changing and/or it being the same thing over and over that kills me. I have a very good memory so it’s like a permanent phase of deja vu whenever I do something and then I just can’t bother to pay attention. In fact, that is the hardest part with my alts right now because I’ve SEEN the Republic Storyline. I’ve SEEN the Imperial Storyline. And no matter what I do, I can not get enough experience to skip those things completely, so here I am half listening to cutscenes because it’s just killing me. It isn’t new.

However, I will state right now the games that do the randomness for something are not any better for me because the end is still the same. What happens when you finish does not change–just the way to get there and maybe you take a right instead of a left and I hate those things because I get lost enough as it is and do not like not knowing where to go to get out of this horribleness as quickly as possible because once I do it once, I am done and if I have to go back, I will cry.

I have already mentioned several times my issues with the difficulties so I’ll skip that for now.

Another thing is, I have issues with many of these.

-Dailies: Just too repetitive. And Belsavis has scarred me for life.
-Weeklies: Need people. And…I’d rather not do some of the things for weeklies ever again.
-Operations: I enjoy KP a lot, but will admit I am starting to (finally) get burnt out on it. Regardless, I am willing to help people out with it. However, I need a new mouse before I can do the puzzle again ๐Ÿ™ and can’t afford one right now. I hate EV though. Just…please don’t ask me to do EV. please please please please don’t. I hate saying no. It makes me feel like such a jerk, but I just…I can’t. I can’t take doing EV at all. It has just been so permanently ruined for me that it would take me quite a long time to get over this. And each time I do it, it just makes it worse. Eventually I’m going to completely zone out doing it and everyone is going to die. As for TfB and EC…well, I have a lot of rotten memories for EC so it is another operation, like EV, which has just been completely ruined for me. Also like EV, I hate the first boss. Regardless, at least you get credits for mobs and I do still need a mount which makes it less horrifying. But I will admit everytime I do end up doing Explosive Conflict, I feel pretty depressed. Finally, TfB I’m just kind of annoyed with. Why couldn’t the Wriggler drop on Story Mode? Why? ๐Ÿ™ Overall though, it’s fun, but the pet stress is starting to kill me. I can’t really say why this bothers me more than the M0-GUL Thrall Droid did, but I would guess it’s partially because it only drops on one mode (just imagine how I’ll be with NM EC) and it’s one mode I can’t just…try and grab people and go.

I’m a shy person and no matter what it is, I hate asking people for help. In fact, unless you offer, I will most likely never ask. If I do finally ask, it’s really really REALLY important to me and when someone does say no, I usually get really sad and start blaming myself which is part of why I try not to ask in the first place. Even something as simple as asking someone if they have a schematic makes me really nervous and I just can’t do it.

Flash Points – Besides, you know, killing the chests and other things… I do not care for many of them. They were fun the first time (well, most–some were not, I’ll get to them shortly), but not so much and no, the harder difficulty means absolutely nothing. In fact, I find more fun going through the lower difficulty, not because I don’t like a challenge, but because it gets done with even quicker.

I hate Teral V, Directive 7, Kaon and Lost Island. The first two due to just…incredibly bad experiences (My first HM Teral V took about 5+ hours and my first Directive 7 (not even HM) involved us repeatedly dying to the first boss because one of our DPS kept messing up) while the latter two are due to my fear of zombies. Transformation sequences like the one at the end of Lost Island and earlier in Kaon if you don’t kill the guy really creep me out and the mutant humans were my biggest issue with the Rakghoul event and just make me start gagging. Besides that, both of them constantly make me fear for my life and I panic with healing worries.

I would say my favorite flashpoints are Esseles and False Emperor. The former due to being the first flashpoint I ever did and the latter being my first HM Flashpoint where I received my first Columni piece. They are both nostalgic for me so I am slightly less annoyed doing them.

Regardless, there isn’t a “Only do Esseles and False Emperor” weekly and doing them every day would ruin them for me so maybe it’s better that way.

Finally, that brings us to Space Missions. I can’t aim worth crud. That is pretty much the reason. I can barely do the easy space missions. I had to have my boyfriend finish them for me. I’m terrible at them. Really really terrible. The amount of time it would take me to earn any credits as I fail mercilessly on space mission after space mission is not worth it.

Play the Market – Use that GTN

I am pretty good at Math and I love numbers, but when it comes to trying to figure out pricing of something, that goes out the window. Whether it be in real life or online, I’m not great at bartering. I never know what to ask so I always ask people to offer out of fear I’d accidentally overprice it and scare them off or underprice it and rip myself off. With Markets like the GTN, that is my constant fear and thus, I usually end u just putting nothing or giving it away to someone who needs it if I do have an extra. or just selling it to a vendor to get it out of my inventory ASAP because OCPD away~

Of course, I could just look at the market and price it below someone else’s… but by how much? That is the question that plagues me. And what happens if someone prices lower than me? Then what do I do? And then I just worry and it doesn’t go well at all. And if something doesn’t sell, I can’t help but get sad and take it personal because when it comes down to it, I take everything personal (P.S. I also can’t tell when someone is joking).

Finally, I just…feel bad. Here’s something I am making for free and I’m supposed to go sell it? Not to mention the idea of buying stuff up to put it back for sale at a higher price just makes me feel so guilty. And thus, we head back to the first paragraph of this giant post.


PVP is the one exception of repetition due to the fact that the matches can be so crazy and it can be a easy win or a giant battle until the end. So in the sense of repetition, I don’t mind PVP.

My issue with PVP is PVP itself. I do not play fighting games against people. I do not battle Pokemon with people. The reason for this is I feel bad, personally, if I have defeated someone (which is rare as I get VERY nervous and usually screw up) because they worked hard.

So when I get killed in PVP, I get upset. Every single time I die or something targets me or attacks me, I get really really upset. And if I know you? I usually will want to cry (if I wasn’t already). Way to break my heart, jerk. <-- kind of a joke. sort of. Not completely, but I know it's a game and you don't mean it...hopefully ._. Thus, my issue with PVP is it essentially breaks me. It breaks my spirit and makes me really upset and I hate it. I also hate to lose and give up so just… PVP and I don’t get along in the fact that I’m not okay with what it’s all about.

I just can’t enjoy playing against another player. Whatsoever. It isn’t fun for me. (slight exception for party games and some board games though)


The last way to earn credits is to ask for tips. Whether it be as I pull people various places or guide people to pets, most people would ask for some compensation. I’d feel like a jerk as it’s no trouble for myself and it’s not like I was doing anything anyway (and even if I was or wasn’t even planning to get on, I’d probably still do so if you asked and needed help).

…yeah, this is where that first paragraph comes up again.


So there you have it. Why I will probably never find a good way to earn credits. Unless being a walking pet guide starts becoming a paying job.

…kidding, I’d feel bad if that happened too since I just like helping people ๐Ÿ™ blah.

Wardrobe Thoughts

I’ve been thinking very hard about what I’d want each of my characters to wear. While Marilea is all set in her Elegant Dress set and her Elder Seeker’s Headgear (though, I may want to find a hat that is more circlet-y/tiara-ish) along with her Righteous Harbinger’s Lightsaber, I’m still having an awful time finding Amidaia a nice shirt. She is pretty much fine with everything else though (however, I should probably try and learn to make the skirt so I can get an augment slot for it…at least those kits will be out in 1.3).

I have been checking on the awesomely helpful TOR Fashion site to try and get an idea for what I’d want to do for Miisha, my future smuggler, but it doesn’t seem there is too much up yet for Medium Armor. I did, however, find what I will probably want my future Trooper, who I finally have decided to name Zoara, to wear. I haven’t seen exactly what I want for my Imperial Agent (Cellina) or Bounty Hunter (Aurorra) yet, but I shall have to just keep checking back.

Progress vs. Gear

Now, I’m a very organized person. I like going in order and don’t like skipping ahead (I do not care how hard this quest is–I want every quest in the area done before moving to the next one) and want things done a certain way. That’s just how I am. That doesn’t mean I never cut corners (Space Missions and PVP stuff I obviously put off until the end), but in general, especially with PVE, I liked to do things in order. Planets, quests, flash points…and that includes difficulty levels.

That doesn’t mean it’s been completely followed (For example, I did Kaon Under Siege on Hard Mode before Normal Mode), but that was never my choice to do it. And despite doing False Emperor and Kaon, I still have yet to do Battle of Ilum on either difficulty because I can’t find anyone to go with. And I’d be lying to say it didn’t bug me.

I don’t really care too much about gear. I know it’s important, but when it comes to priority…it’s probably 3rd or 4th on my list. 4th if I count Codex Entries and Lore as a separate thing. But yes, so in order:
1. Completion/Progress
2. Collecting (Codexes included)
3. Gear

I do know better gear will make certain things easier…but only harder versions of raids. The level cap isn’t rising yet. The new quests that are coming in 1.2 are just level 50 dailies. Sure, it still makes things easier, but it shouldn’t be priority at this point.

And that is part of why it bothers me so much that the guild, while thankfully finally doing Karagga (even if they still aren’t listening to me completely), seems to just care about gearing up (and more so than not, the ones who are already geared to some extent. Those in the Green/blue gear? Go have fun.). I do have a good amount of Columni–in fact, all I still need are the offhand and main hand. I do not care too much for the main hand as I like my Pink Crystal, but the offhand would probably be helpful. Regardless, since we have Columni, we should apparently just go for Rakata.

But it bothers me that we’re skipping a normal difficulty mode for that kind of reason. What about learning the fight? What about codexes? What about actual progress? Can you really say you just did everything if you skip normal mode? I don’t think so.

And it could be practice. To get the titles from those, you need to be able to down them on Nightmare mode within 2 hours. While you may be the time to just rush into things on the hardest difficulty, isn’t that kind of rash?

You could learn the fight and then learn the new mechanics. Or you could learn everything new while dying much more. We’ve gotten to the 4th boss on normal. We KNOW what we need to do, but they haven’t tried. Do you really expect me to believe you’re going to want to do it on Hard Mode? Are we even going to get there with such few practices on normal?

Target of Target isn’t needed, despite pleas of saying things. Will it make it easier? Sure. But it is not needed.

And the giant fight against normal (soon to be Story mode) not only takes away from some of the experience and learning, but also from the chances to earn things. Some people DO still need Columni even if Rakata is better. And some people just want the experience or the codexes.

Why should everything constantly be put behind the “priority” of gear? Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll always find that a silly concept–after all, what’s the point of better gear if you’re not trying to complete that story in the first place?

THANK YOU! + Codex Needed list done!

So, first, I’d like to say a big Thank you to a lot of people. Just for encouraging me in my crazy journeys and even offering to help out means so much to me. I’m not great at PVP–in fact, I’m probably a bit of a hindrance if anything, but I do try my best. And I think gaining about 50 valor in like 2 weeks says something. So, when I got a bunch of good lucks and encouragement about being close (I’m 56 now–a little more than half way to 57!) and even was told by someone else if I didn’t get it, they had one for me and that’s just so awesome. It really made me feel special. And it’s funny too, as a lot of people thought I was crazy to be doing PVP for a speeder and that there was “no way” I’d get enough in time. They just don’t know how determined I can be! I just hope the thing with Heishi works out too and he manages to get a few extra Prince’s a well, because as hard as I try, I don’t think I’d be able to get my Sorcerer to 65 valor for PVP on the Imperial side (let alone get her to 50 so she’d actually be somewhat useful :P)

And even earlier that day, Cylk let me know that if I do hit 65, he will lend me the rest of the money I need for the Baron if I help his alt do the dailies T~T He knew I’d help regardless, but he wanted me to stress less and alsfk;lsfkasf;lasfl;fa everyone is so nice. <3 So, I'm doing my best! Even if I have people to help, that doesn't mean I still shouldn't try my hardest too ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, the codex needed list is done! Most of what I need is glitched (as far as I know anyway), but hopefully I can at least get everything left on it that isn't. I'd have loved to before 1.2, but I don't see that happening ๐Ÿ˜› At the very least, maybe I can get all the non-operation and non-flashpoint stuff (though, I'd love to get the Flash point stuff done too). And of course, space missions ๐Ÿ™ But yes, I plan to at least do the Hoth Bonus series this week, regardless.

PVP & Getting things done

I usually try to PVP in the late morning/early afternoon as I find them most doable then. There aren’t as many of the hardcore PVPers on and I’m just…not a PVP person. I have a hard time with PVP for many reasons–not only because it makes me nervous so I tend to mess up a bit when it comes to actually killing people, but earning medals for a healer is pretty hard. They have made it easier–I’d be lying if I didn’t say that. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely easy either.

To explain, Bill is fighting some guy and has medium-ish health. You heal him up and he’s either full or close to and then you switch over to maybe, Anna who’s health is kind of dwindling. Bill then finishes the guy off and despite you essentially keeping him alive as he fought, you do not get credit. (I won’t even go into kill-stealing.)

While I don’t care much for my kill count, getting medals (Gotten for various achievements during PVP) isn’t that easy, especially for a healer. Quick list thanks to Old

Demolisher – 2.5k Damage Single hit
Annihilator – 5K damage from a single attack
Combatant – 75k Damage Dealt
Destroyer – 300k Damage Dealt
Commando – 10 Kills
Soldier – 25 Kills
Quick Draw – 1 Killing Blow
Assassin – 1 Solo Kill
Shield – 5k Defense
Protector – 50k Defense
Guardian – 2k Defense in 1 Life
Paladin – 10k Defense in 1 Life
Defender – 1k Defender Points
Warden – 3k Defender Points
Healer – 75k Healed
Savior – 300k Healed
Medic – 2.5k Single Heal
Trauma Surgeon – 5k Single Heal

Now, it shouldn’t be impossible to see why it’s not super super easy. Thankfully, there are heal medals too. The main thing is healers are always targetted. I often read people essentially cursing out the healers. I have had 5-6 guys on me at once trying to kill me. And if there’s one thing you’ll notice, especially on a PVE server–a lot of the same names. So, eventually, they’ll see you and they know you’re a healer.

The other issue you’ll come across is those beautiful 5K+ heals you were doing? Not existing. You do have to lower your willpower with your PVP stuff and get expertise for your heals to be more effective. I actually can’t always guarantee I’ll hit 5K which sucks, despite usually hitting it with every Deliverance. And that is where the middle part comes in too–if you are currently trying to slowly get some PVP gear, you will notice that a lot (not all–who knows, maybe some of the Champion gear will be better than what you have) of your old damage/healing output will lessen while you get geared. It’s frustrating as you go in and it’s already dropped and then you feel useless.

It’s hard to have confidence to heal if you know people are doing better than you and your heals barely do anything. It’s almost just a waste of force because they’re not going to live from it. And when you’re heal spec, your DPS isn’t exactly award-worthy either. Similarly, as mentioned, people will start to remember your name and mark you on sight and then you will be killed repeatedly before you can do much of anything. Not so easy getting a medal count when dead.

But, through seeing many names constantly, you’ll know who are the most helpful team mates, who to watch out for, who’s probably an alt of someone else… etc. However, it isn’t completely impossible. I have managed to get 8 medals before in a very crazy turret/Civil War match. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy–I do struggle sometimes justto get 4. You need at least 4 to fully max out. Also, each MVP vote gives you an extra 200 valor as well. Part of my main issue is I think strategy over killing and healing. Due to how the gear lessens it right now with the few articles I have, I tend to focus more on what I can do to help our team win over the silly kill count and rankings…unfortunately, the game doesn’t properly calculate objectives so I’m often low on the list and often do not get acknowledged.

You may even run into Republic vs Republic games (which make me feel even more awkward killing people as I may be against someone I was teamed with in the past–nobody else has this problem though ๐Ÿ˜ ).

Despite PVP’s frustrations, you do get a good amount of money from them. And valor is pretty easy to get until about the 50’s where it starts to make you need much much more. I’m currently at 54 Valor. There were points before where I could level after 1-2 matches–or at least once or twice by the time I finished PVP dailies. Now? That isn’t guaranteed. Which of course means we need to work harder and is also why medals are so important–they contribute a lot to that valor count.

At the moment, I need about 10,000 valor to hit valor level 55. I don’t even want to think of how much I’ll need for the next 10 levels. And of course, they are going much slower which means we do need to pick up the pace.

But yes, I’m definitely determined (and I don’t know what else would get me through PVP honestly), but I have been asked a lot why I am working so hard to get so many things done before 1.2…and it’s pretty simple. I do not like adding to my “To-do List”, especially when it’s something big that deserves it’s own. I like clearing it out and then preparing for that next list. Not having an even crazier list. It’s very stressful and it sucks because then you’re saving for so much at once and it’s like “what do I do first” and it is just insane. It really is.

Anyway, while I wait for my boyfriend to get up so we can start, it is time for space dailies…and dear god, am I terrible at them. ๐Ÿ™