Anniversary Picture!

Sure, we TECHNICALLY started playing SWTOR the first day of Early Start (and even got in the first batch) and TECHNICALLY our real life dating anniversary is the 20th, but I had fun taking a picture anyway for their anniversary photo thingys πŸ˜›



:( / Edit: T~T <3

There is always something awkward when you want to try and avoid your main character as to not run into someone :/

As it is, I will most likely be filling in for NM EC this upcoming Tuesday evening which just stresses me more EDIT: Looks like it’ll be HM EC! Still makes me nervous though πŸ™ Note to self: need all 27 armorings except for legs.



YAY. …the skirt is kind of broken though. but still! yay!

but yes, speeders to go: Continue reading

Cartel Item notice

I’ve gotten a few mails and comments about this so I’d just like to point out that this is where you can find my Cartel Market trading list. As for getting there without a direct link, you should actually see it when hovering over the Contact Me Page!

The reason I’m bringing this up is I feel bad when people comment or ask about something that either:
A. Was never going to be for trade
B. Is no longer available anyway.

I listed everything I received–even stuff I planned to keep so…

Speaking of Cartel stuff, I’m guessing (again, it’s a guess! They may not update again for another week or 2, but they did say next week in the Q&A) they will be updating tomorrow. I will admit, as much as I hate the packs and stuff, a little part of me is excited. But I do love opening things, especially during the Holiday season πŸ˜€ (Christmas = my favorite holiday!)

And one of my special favoritest (totally a word, shut up) things about December besides snow and Christmas music and the lights and all the other wonderful things about this season because omgyay T~T is the Advent Calendar! I love those things πŸ˜€ (and they keep me going to Neopets every year)

I wonder what it’d be like if SWTOR did an Advent Calendar. A quest a day for December! …now I wish they did @-@ Even if it’d be hectic like the World Events!

Wriggles agrees:

(and yes, I know, no real life holiday stuff…but why can’t Life Day have Advent Calendars? :P)

Edit: Darn! Only one new thing…but I guess that mean the rest of it will be next week along with the fireworks.


So, unfortunately, a friend of mine couldn’t make the raid tonight suddenly. Despite the disaster of 3 sages last time, I was invited along as they’d only have 15/16 otherwise and well… WE DID IT! It ended up going well and we did it!

HM 16-man TfB DOWN! WOO.


πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I named it Wriggles and gave it a top hat:


And now I never have to do TfB again! …well, except for gear… and with Mar-gon… and if they me to fill in BUT STILL.

More information on Deep Wriggler :)

After getting responses from 3 very nice guilds, it seems like the Deep Wriggler is 100% drop rate or at least very high.

Lovely photos thanks to CaliKilledNox (Congrats on your 16-man kill!):

Judging by the description, this definitely seems like the Gree Larvae πŸ™‚

Which makes me wonder, does it have something to do with the cave? It is very Gree-themed and it seems to have a very high drop rate which is the first time for a pet… VERY SUSPICIOUS.

Edit: I couldn’t resist. I’m not sorry:

Recommended listening


The Wonderous Egg Bug Report was officially sent to the Development team. I think this means it really was a bug, but I’m honestly not positive. Essentially told they can’t say and to just keep an eye on the patch notes…so for now, let’s just hope for a fix soon :/

In the meantime, I went and took a whole new set of pictures. The ship has awesome lighting. Seriously. I will be updating the check list and detailed guide tonight with the images πŸ™‚ So just…keep an eye out I suppose :3

Edit: All up!

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A possible Terror from Beyond drop?

Okay, so I was browsing around and had this pointed out to me:

(Screenshot credit to scifigamers)

That definitely looks like a Black-Cyan crystal to me. Since there are two color options available through EC (Black-Orange and Black-Purple), I wonder (if the Black-Cyan is true of course) if there will be another crystal and if so, what?

The crystals without a black core version are, besides the previously mentioned Cyan, Magenta and White. They are the only ones left without a black version. Heck, the White isn’t even out at all. Maybe, for all we know, it could be Black-Cyan and White. However, I believe White was mentioned to be gotten in a similar way as Magenta and still a far way off, so I’d probably put a Black-Magenta over Black-White/Normal White. It’d be neat though, wouldn’t it?

Besides that, the pink and gold armor that sentinel is wearing… I wish I knew what it was πŸ™ If you recognize it, let me know please?

A Treasure Hunt

When the only stuff you need can be gotten from HM EC raids (which you’re not a part of) or Nightmare Pilgrim (who can only be done every 5 days as it is), you get to a point where you become a bit stuck. If only because people keep making rumors from the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg, you can’t level alts until someone is feeling better, and you are waiting for Customer Service to respond back about your Zabrak problem is besides the point.

There may not be a prize (or at least not for you), but sometimes the experience and adventure of something is more than enough–and if there’s one thing I really do enjoy in this game…it’s exploring. So, when I stumbled upon a certain topic by certain people I happen to know and saw a little Treasure Hunt for a prize, I was excited to try as well. It didn’t matter that it was over. It didn’t matter that the prize had been won. Just the little bit of adventure was enough for me.

So, here are the lovely 3 places that needed to be found:

Thank you for the fun~

(as for why the Hoth one is such low quality… My screenshot button was failing so I had to record it)