More information on Deep Wriggler :)

After getting responses from 3 very nice guilds, it seems like the Deep Wriggler is 100% drop rate or at least very high.

Lovely photos thanks to CaliKilledNox (Congrats on your 16-man kill!):

Judging by the description, this definitely seems like the Gree Larvae 🙂

Which makes me wonder, does it have something to do with the cave? It is very Gree-themed and it seems to have a very high drop rate which is the first time for a pet… VERY SUSPICIOUS.

Edit: I couldn’t resist. I’m not sorry:

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2 thoughts on “More information on Deep Wriggler :)

    • Well, someone tried taking one and nothing so idea #2 is everyone takes one… As for old school, it could either mean like Old School RPGs or just due to clue 2’s being from one of the older movies and some stuff obviously hinting towards the cave.


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