Eee :D

Doing Story Mode TfB again! We just beat Kephess! So excited. We downed it on our first shot once we got a better healer @-@ I think the first healer who volunteered was actually DPS…

ANYWAY, about to start the final boss! I hope we can get him down. I also hope that maybe there is a rare chance he drops the Deep Wriggler on Story mode… I can hope anyway T~T

Edit: WE DID IT. YAY! So happy <3 And I did my first 8K heal! even if it was on myself No pet though 🙁

2 thoughts on “Eee :D

  1. That’s great! Night before last I got pulled in to help my guildies with the TfB, which was interesting since I hadn’t done the rest of the op. Took us a half dozen attempts but we downed it. Then I went back through the instance and found the lore object, but I still want to do the rest now that I know my gf’s laptop can handle it 😛


    • I would say Kephess is the worst fight, but considering the final phase on Terror from Beyond can be pretty horrible (for healers and a bit of pressure on the tanks), I am afraid how it will be on HM. Glad you got it down! 😀 This is a super fun operation so definitely try and do the full thing.


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