2.1 hits today so I’m already patched and waiting for the servers to go up now 🙂

I don’t know what I want to do first. I’ll probably check out the new appearance stuff on the fleet I guess? Then go hunting around for all the different dyes.

And if there isn’t a light pink one (I know one was shown, but I don’t know if it’ll be out at release), I will be sad.

Gonna also see how that new long hair looks on Zoara–if it’s even a choice. I really wish horn and hair selections were separated 🙁

I also wish all characters got jewelry. ._.

Besides that, may look into modifying Mari’s face slightly. I felt her face looks too long/narrow/thin for a while and it’s really supposed to be a bit rounder like Cellina’s.

but yes, time to wait. >3

Edit: It’s up!

The fact that the Dye Module thing in the Cartel Market is random makes me very sad.

Collections seems a bit glitchy. Says I don’t have the Public Test Server titles… weird.

if I made a Cathar, this would probably be her:

I’d probably want to give Cathar the 45 hair for humans if it was available :/

Edit 2: Hair is human only as I thought… which means I can’t put it on my Zabrak. Super disappointed. Hair 45 really makes me wish there was a long ponytail though… sad there is only a long braid.

Edit 3: Dye seems to be the same per security vendor… Checking reputation vendors now

Edit 4: Still going through reputation vendors. Just Gree left. Any that do have them just have a single schematic :/ Weren’t like half supposed to be crafted?

Anyway, bought some of the random crafting things from the Cartel Market. Here’s what I got:
Light Blue and Medium Blue
Medium Brown and White Dye
Dark Purple and Light Blue
Dark Brown and Medium Brown
Medium Brown and White
Deep Red and Dark Purple x2
Deep Red and White (reverse of Security Key vendor one)
Black and Black
Deep Red and Dark Blue

All the doubles are worrying me as I really just want a light pink primary :/

Edit 5: Last 7 I bought:
…apparently I accidentally bought the Human Hairstyles 1? oh well, at least they are okay… I guess.

so umm…last 6 bought then:
Deep Red and Dark Purple x2
Deep Red and White x3
Dark Brown and Medium Brown
Medium Brown and White
Dark Green and White
Medium Brown and White
Dark Brown and White
Light Blue and Medium Blue
Medium Gray and Dark Green

… ._.

Edit 6: And Inquisitor’s Vestments do not have dye module slots 🙁 very sad.

Edit 7: So Deep Pink and Dark Purple is the only Pink dye right now. I could maybe use it for my Mercenary, Commando, and Scoundrel, but it wouldn’t fit my other characters… and that still means no light pink and gold or just light pink and that makes me very sad ._.

Dates and Things

So, if you read the forum, you’ll know the current aimed dates are May 14th for 2.1 and June 11th for 2.2.

I didn’t expect 2.1 to be so soon @-@ So I’m pretty excited about that. However, I really hope we won’t see another Cartel pack. I mean, it’s likely we will since it’s kind of a cartel coin update, but I feel there will be enough to spend Cartel Coins on without that added factor X__x now if the stores around here would actually start carrying the cards… ._. (Pets T~T)

The Gree event should also show up inbetween the two… maybe I can finally get the other pet… but I don’t know if I could deal with the repetition and PVP still makes me sad. v-v

June 11th doesn’t surprise me TOO much. That is also the day E3 starts and I’m guessing it’ll be mentioned there (lucky people going to E3 *envies*) plus be a good thing to bring up.

A lot of people think the game is dying or it’s not very good and that’s really really silly (also comparing to WoW is silly in itself because WoW copied many things from other games too–like the stuff that makes an MMO an MMO in the first place). Due to not feeling too great lately, my sleeping has been a mess–so I have been playing at quite odd times. Despite that, I can find up to about 150 people and multiple instances on some of the lower level planets and people chatting away. The game isn’t perfect, no, but I’ve never played a game that didn’t have its flaws.

If I had to pick one flaw (and let’s be honest, there’s a bunch I have–like with the reputation system or my problem with set bonuses and how they work and etc.), I would mostly say it’s with raiding.

Not everyone wants to be in a guild. After three bad experiences, I just… I don’t want to be in a guild ever again, to be blunt. And yes, Netto, Telanis, I know your doors are always opened 😛 I honestly just don’t want to do it anymore though. I had my very first MMO ruined due to guild drama along with 3 friendships that will never heal. And while some people have stayed friends with me despite these guild dramas in recent time, I’d be lying if I said everything was okay because it’s not. And there’s always so many lies–so many lies on why someone left or what they were trying to do or how they did this or that. The funny part is, I was never needed in any of those–I was always a back-up and a last resort. So if something went wrong suddenly due to my leaving, I will tell you right now–it wasn’t my fault.

So, unsurprisingly, I’m more content playing with my boyfriend and some friends. Of course, you can’t do raids with 4 people (unless you get super overleveled or something and even then, certain puzzles would definitely have a problem).

But that isn’t my biggest issue either–it’s that in a story-based game, you can not access that story without a guild. I mean, recently (with the really strange gear changed), EV ad KP were just kicked off group-finder… this is a story-based game. They have story elements in them that take place before the current content. You can’t just write them off.

And people who play for the story can’t just go and do them and that stinks. This is the first game to ever make me create characters to not be just item mules. Why? Because the story interested me. I was able to create characters and this world they live in and when it comes down to it, the only one who can (and I would) raid on is my sage. But I wish I could still access that story. I wish I could see it. But I have no interest in running some crazy raid ops and doing dailies and other junk on my other 6 characters (Speederisk and Speederisk2 don’t count).

I also hate that vanity items have only been dropping on HM or higher only. Story mode is essentially for those who want to witness the story (although, you still need to find 7 people for it -_-), but I am unable to collect them all without actually raiding on harder modes and even then, it’s a lovely luck of the draw. It just really stinks. People who are doing it on harder modes are usually doing it for gear in the first place :/ so yeah, there’s my other complaint on raids.

But since I mentioned story, I guess I will mention my other big complaint during the leveling process… I’ve seen all the planet quests. Every side quest and every main quest. I do not want to do them again. And no matter how many experience boosts I buy, I will never be able to play just the class story and that’s super disappointing. They just don’t give enough experience. All 5 class story boosts, all 5 exploration boosts, and a major experience boost plus tons of rested experience just… it doesn’t do that much. You will be levels behind and get to a point where you can’t even continue without help or backtracking to do other quests and that really stinks.

So yeah, despite those isues, I do enjoy the game–it’s why I still play it, afterall. Anyway, shall be looking forward to the next patch.

The Imperial issue

So, after the immense failure that is trying the car quest on our imperial side again I’m not really sure what to do.
The problem with the quest is:
1. Our companions do not do enough DPS to get rid of the Observation Probes
2. Our Imperial characters are much less geared which makes a Heroic 4 a bit more complicated for them.
3. We can’t find any DPS to do the quest anytime we ask (of course, people end up doing it RIGHT AFTER)
4. Nobody can just come into the quest later. If someone has done it already or you are further along, they can not access the launch pad which means you can’t get help later and have to restart and that sucks.

So bleh.

Thus, to cheer up, I’m going to be working on Miisha a bit with my boyfriend’s vanguard and a friend of mine. I’ve been looking forward to her story and should get my mind off continue failure with my Sorcerer v-v

Edit: And done for now due to the server going down @-@ Thank you to those who showed up and chatted :3 Was fun <3

In which Mari plays her Sorcerer

THAT FIGHT WAS SO NOT FOR TWO PEOPLE 😐 So many things to hit and evil red circles…

I still love the Brontosaurus-bots though. I want to ride one. And have one as a pet.

Anyway, continuing with the imperial Makeb storyline…

Edit 1: YAY IT LOOKS LIKE WE ARE SAVING MAKEB! No wonder the Republic side didn’t.

Edit 2: Doing binocular and seeder droid quests now! So many puzzles already @-@ SO EXCITING.

2.1 Customization

Well, I’m sure most of you have already seen this, but regardless, since I really love customization, I’m going to talk about it for a bit! 😛

So, the Appearance Kiosk! It’ll essentially be the barber and other stuff people have wanted, but better! Not only will it allow you to change your haircolor, but also your eye color and entire appearance. There will even be new hairstyles and colors so even if you may be happy with your character, you may want to take a look!

The appearance kiosk will be Cartel Only, but there will be a huge discount for Subscribers (Like 50% off everything).

It’ll look very similar, if not exactly, like the character creator 🙂 With all the options there. It’s charged on a per slider basis so adding a scar or just changing eye color is very cheap. You can even preview making a character of another species to see how you like it and unlock stuff through there.

Now, probably the thing I am most excited for… DYE MODULES! You just open up the modification panel of whatever it is you want to dye, drop the dye in and hit accept. Be warned that not everything will dye as consistently–but thankfully, you can also preview everything first before dying.

It also recognizes unified colors so you only need to dye the chest piece if you want a single color. Many of the dyes will be available through crafting, the security key vendor, and other vendors. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Collector’s Edition vendor got some too.

Of course, not all items can be dyed. It will say if you can or not. Anything below level 15 most likely can’t be. Most green items can’t be. Hopefully the lower level social items can be dyed (PINK PRINCESS DRESSES).

Everything from crafting can be dyed. Lore outfits (Like the Last Handmaiden) can’t be dyed.

There are Primary and Secondary colors for most outfits. Some dyes come in Primary only, some dyes come in Secondary only, and some that are a mix.

I’m pretty excited to be honest. My light pink and gold princess dress is not far off T~T And maybe I can dye that one shirt for Amidaia now! …of course, I think that’s lower than level 15. Well, hopefully it’s one of the few that can be!

(seriously though, if there’s no light pink dye, I will cry >> and I mean real pink, not ugly purple-ish pink pink :P)

Finished the Agent storyline last night! I’d probably like to continue the binocular stuff and imperial side of Makeb next, but I’d also like to see some of my other characters’ class stories. But I don’t want to do any of the planets again and there’s no way to be able to speed through just doing class stuff unless someone literally speeds you through.

You just won’t get enough experience :/ even with all the boosts. We ended up finishing at level 47.

Also ran into a weird glitch that let us (yes, us) get the Makeb quest early… reported it. Hopefully that is fixed–mostly as my boyfriend won’t be able to get the cutscene on his bounty hunter otherwise :/ Since he’s bound to it from somehow being able to witness my quest.

Anyway…new cartel packs will be out whenever they get the patch out @-@ So that’ll be interesting.


Playing my Agent and doing some Companion stuff. Really sad that I had to kill Rholl. Kaliyo needs to stop being so greedy. Wish I could’ve escaped faster and tried the other choice >< Maybe he'd still be alive then. Back to finishing Death Marks and then hopefully will finish up Belsavis with my boyfriend~ Edit: Yay for the reset button....but now I am being dragged off to Belsavis so I shall have to finish it later 🙁 Edit 2: Finished our story on Belsavis! Also got 2 datacrons. Was nice to actually walk the laser bridge (so scary) instead of crazy cliff jumping. Edit 3: WHY IS A CORTESS AFTER ME? I left your house along! AND YOUR FATHER KILLED YOUR MOTHER FOR BEING EVIL. I DID NOTHING. WHY COME AFTER ME? I've been nice and awesome. You all are liars 🙁 Edit 4: I reset and picked the Light side choice and STILL had to kill the Wookie *depressed* T___T Edit 5: HE LOVED YOU. WHY SO CRUEL, KALIYO? T____T Edit 6: Poor Ona 🙁 ...also I want The Menace's/Ona's armor. Edit 7: WATCHER X WHAT ARE YOU DOING. KEEPER NO. T___T please live. and this has been Mari playing her agent and worrying too much about fictional characters. More updates to come. Edit 8: Oh, and Hunter is a butthole.

Progressing slowly

We didn’t get too much done on our characters yesterday, though, I think Cellina is in the last stretch of her story quest on Belsavis. I was kind of confused though when I got all these letters about SCORPIO from Vector though… Vector, we don’t have her yet 🙁

I’d like to think we’ll be finished with Belsavis the next time we play [those characters].

Eeee T~T

First of all, Happy Christmas Eve to everyone! …or if you’re seeing this on the 25th, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays/Happy Life Day! 😀

I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who gave Holiday wishes T~T And Thank you Mirin for the lovely gifts! <3 I love them muchly 😀 *PUTTING ON HER NEW EARPIECE NOW* YAY FOR PET CARE PACKAGES <3 Wriggles has decided to celebrate in various ways:


And now, to work on Cellina a bit too 😀 and then head to bed to wake up to gifts from Santa! yay! <3 ...or whoever gives gifts for Life Day? (Dear Devs, I would really really really really really really really really really like a Ubrikki War Rider (because PVP is stupid) and/or a Wonderous Egg, please. Love, Mari. P.S. I will also be happy with credits of any amount because I suck at earning them and then I can run around fleet throwing credits and stuff at people. P.P.S. A Princess title or light pink version of Elegant Outfit = also acceptable. :P)