2.1 Customization

Well, I’m sure most of you have already seen this, but regardless, since I really love customization, I’m going to talk about it for a bit! 😛

So, the Appearance Kiosk! It’ll essentially be the barber and other stuff people have wanted, but better! Not only will it allow you to change your haircolor, but also your eye color and entire appearance. There will even be new hairstyles and colors so even if you may be happy with your character, you may want to take a look!

The appearance kiosk will be Cartel Only, but there will be a huge discount for Subscribers (Like 50% off everything).

It’ll look very similar, if not exactly, like the character creator 🙂 With all the options there. It’s charged on a per slider basis so adding a scar or just changing eye color is very cheap. You can even preview making a character of another species to see how you like it and unlock stuff through there.

Now, probably the thing I am most excited for… DYE MODULES! You just open up the modification panel of whatever it is you want to dye, drop the dye in and hit accept. Be warned that not everything will dye as consistently–but thankfully, you can also preview everything first before dying.

It also recognizes unified colors so you only need to dye the chest piece if you want a single color. Many of the dyes will be available through crafting, the security key vendor, and other vendors. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Collector’s Edition vendor got some too.

Of course, not all items can be dyed. It will say if you can or not. Anything below level 15 most likely can’t be. Most green items can’t be. Hopefully the lower level social items can be dyed (PINK PRINCESS DRESSES).

Everything from crafting can be dyed. Lore outfits (Like the Last Handmaiden) can’t be dyed.

There are Primary and Secondary colors for most outfits. Some dyes come in Primary only, some dyes come in Secondary only, and some that are a mix.

I’m pretty excited to be honest. My light pink and gold princess dress is not far off T~T And maybe I can dye that one shirt for Amidaia now! …of course, I think that’s lower than level 15. Well, hopefully it’s one of the few that can be!

(seriously though, if there’s no light pink dye, I will cry >> and I mean real pink, not ugly purple-ish pink pink :P)

One thought on “2.1 Customization

  1. Woo, that sounds awesome. Especially the ability to dye armor (but I say that because I’m quite happy with how my characters look, just not always happy with their clothing options).


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