The Imperial issue

So, after the immense failure that is trying the car quest on our imperial side again I’m not really sure what to do.
The problem with the quest is:
1. Our companions do not do enough DPS to get rid of the Observation Probes
2. Our Imperial characters are much less geared which makes a Heroic 4 a bit more complicated for them.
3. We can’t find any DPS to do the quest anytime we ask (of course, people end up doing it RIGHT AFTER)
4. Nobody can just come into the quest later. If someone has done it already or you are further along, they can not access the launch pad which means you can’t get help later and have to restart and that sucks.

So bleh.

Thus, to cheer up, I’m going to be working on Miisha a bit with my boyfriend’s vanguard and a friend of mine. I’ve been looking forward to her story and should get my mind off continue failure with my Sorcerer v-v

Edit: And done for now due to the server going down @-@ Thank you to those who showed up and chatted :3 Was fun <3

6 thoughts on “The Imperial issue

    • You never told me what spec you were and I didn’t even know if you were online XD I also couldn’t remember if I managed to add you on her or not >>

      Though, there’s still the issue of it not letting people join which is REALLY silly T__T Since no other heroics have that.


  1. You can do it with one friend. I had the same issue (almost no level 55 players on nar shaddaa) and tried it with with scoundrel (i’m sentinel) with two healing companions. It was tough, and the last battle took us nearly an hour but we pulled it off. The strategy was to put both companions in healing stance, she would chop boss piece by piece, I would help her but concentrate on the probes when they appear. Rinse and repeat. Best fight this year 🙂


    • My boyfriend and I were able to do it on our Sage and Sentinel, but not our Sorcerer and Juggernaut.

      The thing is our Imperial characters have barely any gear (And are level 54) and our companions just can’t pull the DPS. I’m always a healer and he’s tanking on the Imperial side so…


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