2.1 hits today so I’m already patched and waiting for the servers to go up now 🙂

I don’t know what I want to do first. I’ll probably check out the new appearance stuff on the fleet I guess? Then go hunting around for all the different dyes.

And if there isn’t a light pink one (I know one was shown, but I don’t know if it’ll be out at release), I will be sad.

Gonna also see how that new long hair looks on Zoara–if it’s even a choice. I really wish horn and hair selections were separated 🙁

I also wish all characters got jewelry. ._.

Besides that, may look into modifying Mari’s face slightly. I felt her face looks too long/narrow/thin for a while and it’s really supposed to be a bit rounder like Cellina’s.

but yes, time to wait. >3

Edit: It’s up!

The fact that the Dye Module thing in the Cartel Market is random makes me very sad.

Collections seems a bit glitchy. Says I don’t have the Public Test Server titles… weird.

if I made a Cathar, this would probably be her:

I’d probably want to give Cathar the 45 hair for humans if it was available :/

Edit 2: Hair is human only as I thought… which means I can’t put it on my Zabrak. Super disappointed. Hair 45 really makes me wish there was a long ponytail though… sad there is only a long braid.

Edit 3: Dye seems to be the same per security vendor… Checking reputation vendors now

Edit 4: Still going through reputation vendors. Just Gree left. Any that do have them just have a single schematic :/ Weren’t like half supposed to be crafted?

Anyway, bought some of the random crafting things from the Cartel Market. Here’s what I got:
Light Blue and Medium Blue
Medium Brown and White Dye
Dark Purple and Light Blue
Dark Brown and Medium Brown
Medium Brown and White
Deep Red and Dark Purple x2
Deep Red and White (reverse of Security Key vendor one)
Black and Black
Deep Red and Dark Blue

All the doubles are worrying me as I really just want a light pink primary :/

Edit 5: Last 7 I bought:
…apparently I accidentally bought the Human Hairstyles 1? oh well, at least they are okay… I guess.

so umm…last 6 bought then:
Deep Red and Dark Purple x2
Deep Red and White x3
Dark Brown and Medium Brown
Medium Brown and White
Dark Green and White
Medium Brown and White
Dark Brown and White
Light Blue and Medium Blue
Medium Gray and Dark Green

… ._.

Edit 6: And Inquisitor’s Vestments do not have dye module slots 🙁 very sad.

Edit 7: So Deep Pink and Dark Purple is the only Pink dye right now. I could maybe use it for my Mercenary, Commando, and Scoundrel, but it wouldn’t fit my other characters… and that still means no light pink and gold or just light pink and that makes me very sad ._.

12 thoughts on “2.1

  1. Probably the most disappointing update so far for me, all I see is a lot of clown colored item bloat :\


  2. I too am very disappointed with this update. I was very excited to play a Cathar, I wanted to much to model one after that Cathar nurse you see on Ord Mantel. No matter what I tried you can’t get that look and they don’t have the hairstyle to match it anyway. In fact there are no manes, or cute short hair at all. The ones you can choose are not that great. La Sigh…


  3. Darn, I was afraid the hair was for human only. So none for Cathar or any other race.
    Can’t wait to try re-customizing my toons & changing the names of one or two


  4. It’s weird though, why is there only hairstyles on the market for humans? And itsn’t the cyborg “species” humans underneath the tech?

    Anyway, you got a cool blog! =)


    • Honestly, all characters have the same facemolds more or less so it’s an odd choice. I can understand like the Rattaki not having them because they are bald but… :/

      Aww T~T Thanks <3


  5. I’m disappointed that the “Unify Colours” option takes the dye (primary or secondary) over every other colour, even from the chestplate.
    For example, a white/orange chest dyed with a secondary purple would only have the purple transferred across other pieces, with the white being left only on the chest. Not a problem if all the other pieces are primary white, but if they are all primary green (like the Trooper Legacy gear) then it just looks like a hideous mess.

    That said, some of the colour combinations are alright – the white/deep red and deep green/white, for example, but I too am disappointed that it’s a random drop. Shame that we can’t pick and choose pimary/secondary combintions either.

    Which are the schems available from the Reputation vendors?


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