Haven’t had much time to play lately. I’ve seen the Gree event is back up, but I don’t like it enough to want to do it even though I know I should >>

I know a new recurring event is planned for 2.3. Sad to see more mounts in Nightmare mode, although, not surprised. 2.2 doesn’t really have anything too interesting to me and of course, more pets in Cartel packs 🙁

Still wish there was a plain primary pink dye. Hopefully I can buy some in the future.

Overall though, things are just way too busy among other issues ._.

3 thoughts on “@-@

  1. Grinded out Legend, bought the speeder and pet this gree event. NEVER AGAIN.

    Never again will I set foot in that part of Ilum, this rehashing of content is ridiculous and is just stagnating, the fact that they’re specifically making the next tier’s itemization horrendous is just so we’ll have to spend more time doing it.


    • Yeah… :/ I need to hit legend, but between the PVP stuff and just the fact that it’s really no fun after the first time… bleh. (Not to mention the fact that you need a raid group for part of it–stupid extra boss)


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